MT. Shasta 2017


      I was on Mount Shasta at Sand Flats for the 2017 solar eclipse with a group of like-minded individuals to experience the eclipse. This group was guided by Enrique Villaneuva, a contactee, who teaches extraterrestrial contact from a universally loving, and spiritually-centered perspective.  

     Some of those present this year were newly called to this group, and had been with us the past three days meditating and  having spiritually guided discussions about planetary healing and protection.

     The previous 48 hours had been spent working in circles becoming resonant with the inner mountain energies and connecting our hearts with it's heart center and the planets' heart center; using the mountain as one beacon; joining with other groups doing the same. We worked during the day and at 3 am during the night when the sleeping world was in theta and receptive. We worked with the earth grid to convert any current negative potential, to waves of loving healing protection. It was felt that in order to provide healing we needed to self-discover and heal our patterned beliefs and thoughts.

     I want to share my personal experience on the day of the eclipse. As some of our group were documenting and recording the eclipse with technology, most of us were in circle chanting and connecting with these waves of solar energy. The power of this circle of individuals become so powerfully resonant with intention, that my awareness became even more expanded and as my body pulsed and shook with the vibration of the chant, my awareness left my body and soared out past the edges of our universe amongst the stars. I could see spirals of galaxies all around me, and I just floated there.

     In this quiet empty space I observed a distinct yellow pulsating light presence nearby. It's form's edges appeared as static charged energy with dimension and depth in a somewhat oval shape. Then a smaller dull black solid sphere appeared, and then other similar spheres began to gather, multiplying in great number grouped in front of this glowing object. I saw the black spheres all enter it and disappear from my sight. I searched for an understand of what I observed, but will need to continue to do so.

    As I returned to my body's awareness the eclipse ended and we held in prayerful intention that we were successful in our loving mission to provide the planets the most beneficial timeline for it and all its inhabitants.

   My body and spirit felt exhausted, happy and in tears I cried with waves of energy that coursed through me. As we hugged each other I resonantly gathered from each their personal inner journey; some peaceful, some joyful, but others painful. Many sensitives had been on their knees racked with the planets' pain, and I gathered this resonance.

    Afterwards, in my exhaustion, I was drawn to an invisible presence across the sand flat of a magnificent spruce tree on the edge of the forest. In front of it were a circle of rocks with an inner flat rock that was perfect for a kneeler, and I slowly, reverently made my way there. It was difficult to place my feet on the ground, as I felt I was walking on someone's skin; each small plant a pulsating life; each flower a potential for life expansion; the movement through it all, a slow-motion dance.

   There was such a feeling of reverence and humility inside of me as I approached. I felt I carried the joy, the tears, and the brokenness of humanity. Encouraged to kneel in front of it, I did; and in waves I bent forward and gave it all to the presence until I felt purged. I seem to partially recall an inner conversation between myself, my higher self, and itself but cannot relate it at this time.

    I await with the highest expectation and confidence, the echoes of the work accomplished. I hold genuine gratitude and thankfulness for the bravery of everyone who opened their hearts and souls to their mission here.

Maddie Miller


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