Past Life Regression and Quantum Leaps


There is nothing more important than discovering your true self. Your true self, in my experience, is so far beyond your ego conception of self that, upon encountering elements of it, you will find it impossible to believe that you are a being as vast as you are. In my eight years’ experience as a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), working with hundreds of clients I have seen that people resist their talents and their unique genius more than they ever question their faults and deficiencies.

People looking for a quantum leap in their own lives usually look outside of themselves for greatness, thinking that the goal lies outside of themselves. Even practicing past life regression in places rife with huge egos like New York and Los Angeles, I find that the biggest resistance to past lives comes not when the lifetime is poverty-stricken and torturous, but when the past life is filled with some form of grandeur.

The quantum leap in consciousness that comes from past life regression hypnosis is all about integrating lost and forgotten aspects of yourself. Sometimes those aspects hold trauma. Sometimes those aspects hold amazing talents. To take the quantum leap in consciousness we need to clear trauma and we need to integrate and strengthen our talents.

I always say that if you have past lives and don’t remember them, it’s like having a case of amnesia. Past life regression hypnosis helps cure this amnesia. It also opens a path for integrating the higher self into your daily life and your consciousness. It shows where we keep repeating the same dramas and it shows areas where we have succeeded in other lives in ways we could only dream of now. Integrating not only the information, but the experience and self-image of past lives can put us on a whole new level of conscious manifestation and creativity in this life. And after all, this is the life that matters. We only dig up the past to help us in the now.

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