Aakashh Chaudhary

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Address: Arbor Lane, Austin, Texas, 78745, United States.

Aakashh Chaudhary

~ Member Since 2015

Hello, I’m Aakashh Chaudhary, a dedicated Quantum Healing practitioner. From a young age, I felt an inexplicable inclination towards healing, a calling that began as a whisper in my heart and soon became the defining journey of my life. It has been a miraculous expedition, filled with self-discovery, growth, and unending wonder, as I ventured into the depths of the human spirit and the quantum world.

My personal quest for understanding my true self has been a beacon, guiding me to assist hundreds of clients on their healing journeys. This personal transformation, a blend of intellectual curiosity and intuitive understanding, has allowed me to resonate with others on a profound level. It has gifted me the ability to create a safe, empathetic space for others to embark on their paths towards healing and self-discovery.

With years of experience, I’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of individuals heal from various forms of trauma – be it physical, psychological, or emotional. Using the principles of Quantum Healing, I’ve witnessed extraordinary transformations as my clients have rediscovered their authentic selves and accessed their inherent healing abilities. The joy and fulfillment I derive from seeing them conquer their pain and fear, to emerge stronger, happier, and healed, is truly immeasurable.

My practice thrives on empathy, compassion, and an earnest belief in the healing potential within each of us. I consider it my life’s mission to guide others as they navigate the journey to self-discovery, health, and wellbeing. As we work together, you’ll find a partner who is committed to supporting your growth and transformation.

The human spirit’s resilience continues to amaze me every day, and I am deeply humbled and grateful to be a part of these miraculous healing journeys. Whether you’re dealing with physical discomfort, emotional distress, or seeking a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose, I’m here to assist. Together, let’s explore your healing potential and unlock the door to your true self.


Certified QHHT Healer
Certified Beyond Quantum Healer

Sound Healer – Certification Pending




January 2023

This was truly a groundbreaking experience for me. Akash is a very genuine person. He appears very basic; wait till he gets into his beans and the healing modality begins. A whole new person emerges who is like this saviour ready to dive n and save you..I shared details about my life n journey and he kinda seem to walk me thru- helping me navigate, giving context and reality, seeing my journey thru a spiritual and an awakened lens. He woke up the real me. After my session with him, I have seen a new me.. a more confident outgoing and a much grounded person. I see things come to me naturally with less efforts. I have had many past and past life experiences. Akash helped me steer in the right direction. I would recommend akash for anyone who is looking to get healed, deal with past trauma or just looking for a balanced grounded happy existence. If you need things with ease.. Akash is your man in the calling. Go for it!


D. Frazier (Musician and Teacher from Austin, TX)

January 2023

Akash is a wonderful guide. His method for helping me travel through my subconscious is both compassionate and effective. We all have questions that are difficult to answer. We may not even be able to articulate what questions are appropriate to ask. Our lives are affected by external and internal forces. Arguably it is the internal forces that we have the most agency over, but at the same time they remain the most mysterious. It is these deep inner workings that Mr. Chaudhary's Hypno-meditation helps to reveal in order to bring the individual to a deeper understanding of themselves. Life is richer, fuller, and more vibrant when we can be honest about who we are and where we are going. If one is ready for this kind of exploration, it would be difficult to find a more open and generous soul to help you on your journey.

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