Aleksandra Milusheva

Mobile Phone: 07825592833
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: Predominantly weekends
Languages: English, Bulgarian, Japanese

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Address: 11, Harding Close, Cambridge, England, CB25 9RH, United Kingdom.


Aleksandra Milusheva

~ Member Since 2020

Welcome to Healing Kokoro! I am absolutely thrilled, honoured and humbled to have you here. Thank you for making me a part of your journey back to your Eternal Self , of ¬†remembering who you truly are, and, ultimately, of coming home…There could hardly be a greater acknowledgment than this, and my heart flutters with joy and awe at the prospect of facilitating your journey and ‘co-journeying’ with you in the process.¬†

Since early childhood I was fascinated with the non-physical, the spiritual realms, and had a series of experiences which felt so natural, yet seemed so ‘out of the ordinary’… Without fully understanding what was happening at the time, these experiences fostered in me the unconscious understanding that ‘there is much more to our reality than meets the eye’; and also that ‘Spirit is my friend’.¬†

It was decades later, after my affinity to and thirst for metaphysical and esoteric knowledge had blossomed fully, and I had gained the vocabulary to be able to put the proper name to the experience (as happens with so many of us), that I could recognise in my childhood experiences aspects of ‘astral travel’, ‘past life’ recalls and ‘memories’ from the spirit world prior to my soul incarnating in the manifest, ¬†physical reality…¬†

It was much later too that the significance of these early experiences was revealed to me – I was allowed to ‘remember’ these events and to hold them in my awareness as a constant reminder of the ‘realness’ of the non-physical and of my future path as a healer.

My academic path took me from my homeland Bulgaria to faraway Japan where I spent 11 years, first studying obtaining a bachelors degree in law and international relations, followed by a masters degree in international public policy, and then working in the corporate world. 

Japan was a turning point for me in many ways – it was my ‘spiritual crucible’. It was during my time in Japan that I ‘awoke’ to my calling as a healer… an awakening fuelled by my own struggles and inner strife for answers and healing. I awoke to the meaning of ‘active surrender’, the concept of quantum healing / mind-body-spirit connection, and the power of forgiveness.¬†

While continuing to work in the corporate world, ¬†I felt a deep calling for ‘tending’ to the human heart. This calling stayed with me over the next few years as my corporate career and life path took me to the Netherlands, the US and finally – to the UK where I am currently based… feeling all the while that every grain of experience I gained along the way was being divinely orchestrated to place me on the path of the healer.¬†The increasing frequencies of Gaia since 2012 acted as the perfect catalyst, and I consciously stepped on this path in early 2019.

Naturally, I chose the word Kokoro to represent my practice – due to its multifaceted meaning and also as a testament to my second homeland and spiritual crucible, Japan.¬†Although often translated as ‘heart’ or ‘mind’ in English, Kokoro¬†means much more – it is the very seat of our mental-emotional apparatus. I, therefore, regard it as an utmost privilege to have your Kokoro¬†entrusted in my care.

Personal and professional integrity are at the heart of my work ethics and interaction with my clients. Being a global citizen and a dedicated A Course in Miracles (‚ÄòACIM’) student, I am able to relate to fellow humans from all walks of life, and do my very best to hold a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space for my clients.¬†

Spiritual counselling is an integral part of all services I offer and is therefore not listed as a stand-alone offering.

Due to my extensive corporate background having worked in various countries around the world (including perfectionist societies such as Japan), I feel particularly drawn to assisting people coming from the same background. The reason is simple Рbeing able to relate to the struggles and joys of the corporate worker makes me a better healer-facilitator. 

In my own QHHT session as a client some time ago my Higher Self encouraged me to work with people with a corporate background Рmuch healing was required in the corporate world, and my journey to-date was meant to prepare me for this very task. 

How very wonderful to have something confirmed that I had always suspected in the core of my being…

I also have a deep interest in the origins of psychosomatic disorders, due to my own personal experiences from the past. I am, therefore, keen to work with and support individuals struggling with psychosomatic issues or tendencies. 

On a very fundamental level we are all psychosomatic creatures given that mind, body and spirit / soul are connected (in fact, psychosomatics is a clear proof this is so!). But while we may all exhibit a psychosomatic reaction in our hectic everyday lives from time to time (oftentimes due to high stress levels), in some cases the mind-body-soul connection is so pronounced that it may disrupt an individual’s life. It it in these circumstances that an individual would often seek external help and guidance. ¬†

Of course, my practice is open to any and all regardless of nature of medical history or life journey, professional occupation, ethnicity, creed, religious or political affiliation, or any other aspect of your self-image or definition of self you may have created. 

After all, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience…!

I continue to hold a corporate job, alongside my mission in the healing field – it was revealed to me not long ago that as a light worker I currently had a mandate to ‚Äòshine the light’ in the corporate world.¬†

I honour and respect this responsibility. This is why at present I predominantly offer services over the weekend; however, please enquire about availability at other times too.

I also recently discovered my connection to the Blue Avian race of highly evolved extraterrestrial beings, and my mission of acting as a conduit for Blue Avian healing energy to reach humanity as we move through the transformations associated with Gaia’s ascension to 5D consciousness (the blue bird in my soul portrait is no coincidence, it seems!)¬†

I have since embraced a more conscious approach to exploring and developing the healing capacities ‘inherited’ from other incarnations, under the watchful eye of my Blue Avian team of co-creators.¬†

In closing, I’d like to remind you that all healing is self-healing – the healing power is already within you!¬†My job is only to help you unlock the treasure trove!¬†Like you, I am also on my own journey of healing and forgiveness, and you are a part of it!¬†

Thank you for choosing to co-journey with me to uncover and explore expansive new ‘vistas’ together.¬†

As ACIM says, “Healing is an act of thought by which two minds perceive their oneness and become glad”; and further Р“When minds are joined as one mind, there can be no separation, and no sickness.” 

I look forward to meeting you and working with you. All services are offered in English, Japanese and Bulgarian.


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