Amanda DiSciorio

"We are learning to use our visualization in the same way it is used in the Afterlife, and when we do, we fall into alignment with that dimension, and that helps unite Heaven and Earth." - James Redfield

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Amanda DiSciorio

Hi there! I’m Amanda. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, I had an insatiable apatite for all things metaphysical, mystical, esoteric, and spiritual. I have always craved the answers to the big questions in life – Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning and purpose of life? What happens when we die? What is beyond this world? I have always been seeking the Truth – the Ultimate Truth of everything. I have always been very sensitive to energy as well, and growing up, I felt the pain and suffering of others very acutely. As an empath, I was able to sense and see very deep pain and wounds that adults around me carried, which they themselves did not seem to be consciously able to see. I had a strong sense that there was a purpose to my life – I didn’t know how, but I knew in my heart that I came here to help people in some way. My heart told me I needed to do something to help lift all the darkness and pain I felt around me, that I felt coming from the whole world. So far, my 34 years of life have been spent searching for the answers. The answers to why the darkness, pain and suffering exist in the first place, what is the true source that is creating and perpetuating these things, and how to stop and end the cycles and heal the pain. I have sought the answers to these questions, as well as the answer to my life purpose, the Ultimate Truth of Everything, and so much more.

After high school, I went to UNLV and majored in Psychology for three years. My goal was to become a therapist. However, by my third year of college, there was no denying it anymore – the field of Psychology was not what I hoped it would be. It focused completely on labeling people with this or that “disorder” – and then offered to set them up with a lifelong legal drug addiction¬†as the ultimate “solution” for most problems.¬†The focus was on dealing with symptoms, not searching for and addressing the ultimate true source of the issue. How could that possibly truly help anyone? I saw that I could not truly help people that way. It was disillusioning and deeply heartbreaking for me, and I dropped out of school with a heavy sense of loss.

Years later, I started looking into hypnosis and past life regression, seeking to better understand myself and to heal my own wounds and my past. The more I learned about it, the more fascinated and excited I became. And then one day it hit me – here was the tool to truly help people that I had been looking for! I read so many stories from so many different people describing the power of what one hypnotherapy session did for them, how it changed their lives in one day more than years of traditional therapy. By listening to the recorded hypnosis sessions of Alba Weinman and several others, I was able to experience the incredible journey into other worlds and other lives that is possible through hypnosis. I also got to witness the powerful and deep healing that could be achieved through uncovering and remembering these memories that were stored and accessible within the subconscious. My heart knew I had finally found my calling. I began taking classes online from HMI, and after completing their program I graduated a year later with a diploma in hypnotherapy. I then went on to complete my certification as a Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis practitioner. HMI offered me a firm foundation in my knowledge and understanding of hypnosis, and through BQH I was able to take that knowledge and those skills and focus them into a deeper and more profound spiritual direction.

After having so many beautiful clients, I have witnessed first-hand the power and ability of this tool to access the subconscious mind, which opens up to us infinite portals and gateways. I have traveled with my clients into their past lives, into ancient experiences on Earth, and even past lives on other planets. I have come to find that many of us who are here on Earth at this time are Starseeds – souls who have come to Earth from other star systems and higher densities/dimensions in order to assist with the Ascension of Earth (Terra) at this time. I also identify as a Starseed, Indigo, and Lightworker.

As a child, I chose a special wishing star, and I have watched that star my whole life. I discovered in 2010 that this star is actually Arcturus, and that is when I first began to understand that I have past lives in that star system. I have since found that I have connections to the Pleiades and Lyra as well. I am so happy and excited to be able to assist other Starseeds in remembering and reconnecting with their galactic heritage and their Star families as well! I have found hypnosis to be an excellent tool for connecting and communicating with spirit guides, the Higher Self (ie the greater expanded Soul Consciousness, complete with all of its vast memory and wisdom), as well as loved ones who have passed over, and Angels and other wise and benevolent beings of higher conscious. Through these communications, there is the opportunity to receive answers to our deepest questions, as well as the opportunity for so much healing and growth.

I LOVE hypnosis because it puts the power of healing where it belongs – with the individual. All healing that ever takes place is truly Self Healing. BQH not only acknowledges this truth – it is founded upon it. As a practitioner, I am here to guide and assist you, helping you explore along the path of your journey. But the journey itself is completely unique to you. All of the answers that you seek are there inside of you. Each of us has within us the keys to every lock and any block we may encounter. All we need to do is allow ourselves to go within – take an adventure into our own imagination, explore our own unique internal landscape – and there we can each access our Higher Self, our own source of Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love.

We are all One Conscious – eternal radiant and beautiful fractals of Source. And we are each here to re-member and re-awaken to the power of who we truly are, so that we may each shine our Light, and join in the chorus ~ the Sentient Symphony ~ of the rising awakening and ascension of humanity.

I love you all, and I am so deeply grateful to be here at this time! I am profoundly thankful and uplifted and overjoyed to be walking my path, and living my purpose. And I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to assist others in remembering and awakening to their path, their purpose, and their true power and potential as well! It is truly an honor.‚Äööø


•Diploma in Hypnotherapy from HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute)
•Certified Specialist РPast Life Regression Therapist from the AHA (American Hypnosis Association)
•BQH РBeyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner



Emily Adams

October 2022

My wonderful session with Amanda was 2 months ago and I've needed this much time to process it and feel ready to write a review of her heart-centered work. I was not really familiar with this practice but her energy told me I knew this session would be worth it - on all levels. The few hours I spent in ultimate connection with myself provided new perspectives on connecting my own life's puzzle pieces together. Infinite perspectives. And truly, that's what I feel this session did for me on my life path: it helped me relax away from my human limitations for a few hours. As I've allowed time to pass and integration to happen, I'm conducting myself in a more grounded way, daily. My ability to process challenges and react from a calm center instead of a fearful mind has expanded exponentially. My life partner had his session one week before I did, so we have been able to traverse this amazing journey together. A present example of the energy shift within us since our sessions: our recent reactions to our upcoming rent increase, followed by a job loss the next day. All human emotions are presently being felt, expressed, processed and worked through in healthy ways as they arise between us both. I believe the inner work that was done during and after our individual sessions has helped us expand out of those sometimes-debilitating human responses to daily stress, and quickly choose to start seeing the infinite possibilities of positive outcomes and solutions instead.
I feel a deeper bond with myself, my life purpose, my life partner, and I also felt it with Amanda after this experience. To me, there is a deep trust required with energy work like this and I trusted her energy before I knew she offered this service.


Psychic Ryan

October 2022

My session with Amanda was phenomenal! I had the experience of fully integrating and anchoring my higher self into my body. I connected with my past life as Merlin and brought back my full authentic magical self. She has an extraordinary gift for guiding you into the most beautiful trances and energetic spaces! I highly recommend her work as she is a master in her field.


David Lion

August 2021

Hello seekers, time to have fun!

First BQH session. WOW. Amanda exceeded my expectations. Right away experience spoke of a genuine heart for people. Amanda demonstrated emotional intelligence, passion for the work, and an intuitive listening style. Mind scattered going into this session, Amanda helped generate some clarity for us. This eased the mind fluctuations quickly. We set our intention and fused this energy into glasses of drinking water.

We were ready to begin.

Amanda's induction and delivery artfully executed, lead surprisingly deep. With expanded energetic bodies, the trance was palpable. I met my higher vision guide named Elizabeth, the guardian angel of my third eye. Once we made contact, we delved into different concepts. More personal challenges around art, the joy of being, and parenthood. We received divine guidance on the spiritual path, how to let go of egoic baggage. Thanks to some great questioning, we got specific recommendations from dear Elizabeth. A divine avatar blended joyful energy into the chakra system, opening long-closed intuitive channels. We got to explore higher dimensional understandings about alien life, ethereal kingdoms, and the ascension as it relates to this present moment. Powerful induction and a wonderful facilitator.

What a lovely afternoon.
Believing is seeing.
I could not ask for more.

thank you again, Amanda
Have fun!



August 2021

Amanda is a practitioner that will guide you through the session smoothly using her highly empathetic listening skills and professionalism. Her emotional intelligence and ability to lead the session are remarkable and i would definitely suggest jumping into the (un)known and have a session with her. Much gratitude and appreciation for the help and guidance and showing me how surprisingly close the conscious actually is to the subconscious.


Gary Wagoner

August 2021

Amanda has a great knowledge of things that I am just discovering! I am grateful to meet her.

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