Ann Dwornikoski

It's not what you're eating; it's whats eating you

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Address: , , Sparta Township, New Jersey, 7871, United States.

Ann Dwornikoski



~ Member Since 2015



May 2022

Ann is a very kind and relaxed soul. She’s easy to talk to and great at what she does! She have a relaxed, peaceful and inviting environment . My Qhht session was beyond what I expected and I am so grateful to have done it with Ann!


Michele S.

March 2022

I was so pleased to meet Ann, and to experience a surrogate regression session with her and Jill. Although I wasn’t ready to be regressed myself, this process allowed for a comfortable, yet informative session. The environment felt peaceful and safe, and the insight was valuable to my growth and healing.


Kristi, Prana for Peace Studio

February 2022

Ann came to my small studio and And gave an amazing guided meditation hypnosis session. There were about seven of us and we all had different experiences. in the as we discussed our personal experiences we really came together and felt oneness as a group. It was quite a deep and emotionally fulfilling event!!


Stef K.

November 2021

I mean-- WOW! First, I would like to thank Ann for her dedication on this amazing journey! Thank you for facilitating the session! You were kind and inviting, both on the phone and upon our meeting. I couldn't have asked for a better representation!

She explained everything in detail and guided me through each step, leaving no unanswered questions. My experience went beyond my expectations! I am very grateful that I was able to work with her. She is knowledgable and very intuitive person!

I strongly recommend her services to anyone who is curious to find otherwise mysterious existential answers to their questions. :)

I wish Ann lots of success and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Thank you!! Love, Stef!



November 2021

Working with Ann I gained an insight into things I struggled with for years. She is truly an amazing practitioner.



October 2019

My experience during my past life regression session was absolutely amazing. I have never met Ann before but the guidance and warmth she brought to the session truly helped to facilitate the powerful experience. Much energy was brought into the room which remained safe and sacred. She truly has a gift in holding space as well as defining moments. She helped me visit past lives and brought closure to past karmic events.
My spiritual path will continue thanks to the supportive thrust that Ann provides...Thank you again, Ann!


Mary R

October 2019

Ann was a wonderful facilitator with a comforting sacred space. She thoroughly helped me prepare for my session and everything went so smoothly! My higher self came through to heal all of my physical ailments with the guidance of Ann!



August 2019

Ann is an amazing facilitator in the search for ultimate truth and self. She provides a safe and comforting environment to explore our many lifetimes, which can
heal and transmute of our present life. Highly recommended to anyone on the journey of self mastery.


Anne Lockwood

July 2019

I have known Ann professionally for many years. I knew that I already had strong feelings of trust that Ann would guide me through my experience in our session. I did not anticipate just how extraordinary it would be. The connection that I made with both myself and my daughter (who had passed away) is something of great awe and also comfort to me. I will never forget that experience. Anyone who reads this review should know that Ann has my absolute respect and gratitude.

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