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Banchan Bamba

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Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine



Elena B

October 2021

I have had a few QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) sessions over the years and Banchan Bamba’s facilitation of two BQH sessions stands out for me.

They took time to understand my questions and guided me to become clear with my intention for the sessions and what was of higher priority for me.

I have the tendency to be left-brained and I must say I was impressed with how Banchan approached the sessions. I can recall a few aspects about the sessions that made me feel safe and thoroughly relaxed. I felt the sacredness and their full attention on me throughout the whole call - while discussing my questions and intention and during the hypnosis itself. I felt immersed in a safe container and I felt that Banchan was present with every single word I shared, even when just describing a colour or a feeling. They so naturally expressed curiosity through further questions that I didn’t even have the time to go into my head and start questioning myself. Everything just flowed. During one of the sessions they could sense that I was feeling tense and they took me through a guided muscle relaxation which helped me go deeper with ease. Their voice reminded me of shamanic chanting or a lullaby and I even remember that I wasn’t really hearing the words consciously but I was letting the ‘melody’ of their voice take me deeper and deeper. Banchan shared with me later on that they had not had a session induction quite like that in the past and that they were not fully aware with what they were saying themselves. I felt however that that was exactly what I needed to go deeper. I thought that their Higher Self must have felt that and guided them in that way and I felt grateful they were so in touch with their Higher Self to allow me to have that experience. I connect mostly through feeling or knowing rather than visual or direct wording and I felt that Banchan allowed me enough time to ‘translate’ what I was receiving. I did not feel any pressure during the whole session. For me it was an extraordinary experience to feel so in tune with my Higher Self, to receive such detailed guidance. I had detailed questions about trauma and emotional inner work and it helped hugely that Banchan was able to understand me and my journey so that they could ask the right clarifying questions during the session.

Both sessions proved to be such an unforgettable experience. I received a lot of confirmation of what I had already felt as my own internal guidance prior to the sessions and it really helped me trust my connection with my own Higher Self and inner guidance.

I have rarely experienced such level of safety with a practitioner, which I feel is so important for the success of a hypnosis session. I highly recommend having a BQH session with Banchan.

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