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Barbie Sears

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Hello and thank you for taking time to discover a bit more about me.  I look forward to learning more about you, too!

COMING SOON – “Writing a book…getting excited!

Want to zoom and get clarity?

CHAKRA/ENERGY CLEANSE/RECHARGE Р$77 We dive right in with a simple 30-minute Chakra Balance over ZOOM.   You will receive the recording which can be used over and over as it will be specific to you.  A great alternative if you struggle with meditation.

EFT – aka TAPPING – $88 We will spend 45 minutes together and create a Recorded Tapping Statement for you to Tap along to in your private time. ¬†Tapping is a technique used following pressure points along our body surface while stating TRUTH’s about a specific topic, situation, relationship, etc. ¬†Tapping helps release stored or looping emotions we no longer need in our life.

QUANTUM HEALING CONSULTATION Р$99 Perhaps your body is talking to you, Anxiety/Heart Medication/Diabetes, etc.  We could spend 1-hour on ZOOM and discuss WHAT was going on when that ailment first started?  A safe, private place to discuss Quantum Healing possibilities.  Completely confidential. )

QUANTUM HYPNOSIS SESSION – $333 A session includes the 1-hr Quantum Healing Consultation and a 2-hr Quantum Hypnosis where we ask for the greatest outcome for your highest good. ¬†We begin by Dropping to Love in a simple Water Alchemy to blend our remote energies and expand the possibilities of connecting directly with our spirit guides. ¬†Followed by a Heart to Mind Coherence Meditation where we turn off our Left Brain and Tune-in to our Heart Energy Space. ¬†And by now we are on our way to a wonderful 2-hr Hypnosis Session where you will be completely aware at all times, unless you Drop to Sleep then know we always record the session for you to play back any time to gain more understanding of the answers to the questions focused upon. ¬†Example: ¬†What is my Life Purpose?; ¬†Why was I born with this “insert here” condition. ¬†Up to Eight Questions can be asked during a session. ¬†


Peace, Love and Light





QHHT – In-Person Quantum Healing Hypnosis (5 or more hours per session)
BQH – Remote Quantum Healing Hypnosis (Approximately 3 hours per session)
Energy Balancing – In-Person or Remote (Individual or Remote 30 minutes per session)




August 2021

i do Healing work myself and have had other types of healing done for me, i have been told by intuitive.s that i needed to go deep and have a good cry, i have never been able to do that, Barbie, got me there, it was a wonderful release for my soul , thank you Barbie so much, Namaste



August 2021

Barbie made me feel at ease from the beginning. She really took the time to listen to me and to understand my intention for the session. She also explained every step of the session and thus guided me through the whole process. She helped me let go of so many things and my Higher Self felt comfortably enough to share a lot of things that I just needed to hear.



Shelly Grayson

July 2021

My first Hypnosis and my session with Barbie was a success. She was easy to understand and very personable. Will definitely use her again in the future and recommend her service.

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