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Bernice Cruz

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Practitioner

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When it comes to my sessions, we take a multi-dimensional approach. By connecting with your Higher Self, guides, and/or star beings, we can create a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs. We co-create a session to help you tap into your inner wisdom and uncover new insights. Whether seeking clarity around a particular issue, accessing more profound levels of healing, or simply exploring your spiritual path in more depth, our sessions are designed to support you at every step. So if you’re ready to dive deep and discover more about yourself, let’s connect and get started!

Sessions Offered:

Medical Intuitive in Training

BQH, Introspective Hypnosis, QHHT – Online Sessions

  • Surrogate sessions are also available to scan the energetic body of earthbound spirits, clear the energies in your aura, balance and align the chakras, etc.

Reiki, Quantum Energy Healing, Universal Rays Healing – Online Sessions

Akashic Records Reading and Online Sessions

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings – Online Sessions

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It will be an honor to co-create together.

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Beyond Quantum Healing, Introspective Hypnosis, QHHT, Surrogate Hypnosis Healing, Universal Rays Healing, Reiki Master, Arcturian Healing, IET, Akashic Records, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive in Training



Ad Phillips

After a very stressful 2022 career year, I had Bernice help clear my chakras to allow for healing , opportunities, and love to flow through me. Thank you Bernice!! Youre awesome!



I had my first Akashic Records Intuitive Reading with Bernice, and it was truly comprehensive. I now know where my healing needs to be focused and I resonated with everything she wrote down! If you're looking for a reading that will give you clarity and direction, I highly recommend her.



I can't praise her sessions enough. I have never felt more at peace than I did after my second session with Bernice. My chakras were all balanced and aligned. The Arcturians came through too - it was such a spiritual experience; everything around me seemed brighter somehow--and even more relaxed than before. The fact that we could connect on such an amazing level during our meeting made everything worthwhile.



I highly recommend the Psychic Chakra & Aura Reading by Bernice and Lila. The messages were delivered from the heart, and it was evident that they were connected to the Divine. Everything was explained clearly, and the reading was on point. I plan on exploring the other services that they provide.
With Love and Light,



The surrogate session was a life-changing experience. It answered questions that haunted me for a long time, and I am grateful that they were finally answered. A weight lifted off my shoulders.

Bernice is genuinely a gifted practitioner. I could sense her innate ability to do this healing work. Her soothing voice and guidance made the process comforting and safe. She has a remarkable way of navigating through the session to get more information. Petra, the surrogate, was also incredible. She connects so quickly and follows Bernice’s guidance throughout the process. The body scan at the end of the session was a fantastic added bonus.

The whole experience left me with a better understanding of who I am and why I feel the way I do. I can only give high praises to these women who have joined together to provide such extraordinary healing. I can’t wait until my next session.

Many blessings,



I have had a few URH sessions, and after each, I felt lighter, clearer, and more focused. The most recent session brought about an expansion as I've never experienced before. It felt as though I was part of the universe, and there was nothing restricting me. I've even had a couple of dreams with the spirit animal that showed itself during my healing session. I'm genuinely looking forward to my next level session. Thank you, Bernice, for your healing energies. I highly recommend her.


Dalvir Ferreira

My session with Bernice was amazing. She is extremely friendly and warm. Since the first time we talked I felt like we already knew each other. She did a surrogate session for me and I got answers to all my questions and received healing. She made it look so easy. All in a very relaxed way. I also got advice and support to carry on with my quest for self-knowledge and healing. Thank you Bernice.



Undergoing the surrogate hypnosis session was deeply validating and uplifting for me. I felt so much energy running through my body during the session. Upon listening to the session afterward, I felt deep love and compassion for myself for the abuse and trauma I had experienced in a previous life. Bernice and Lila were an awesome team together as they contacted my Higher Self to receive the answers needed for my emotional and physical healing. Thank you so much!



Bernice invited me to collaborate in a Surrogate Hypnosis session on behalf of a mother searching for insight about her adult son with Autism, with whom she had unclear communication.

Bernice and I were able to work together using hypnosis to gain insights that would address long unanswered questions and bring a greater sense of peace to the family.

It was a pleasure to work with Bernice and act as a conduit to better communication for the family.


Lila J. Cabral Acosta

She has an amazing voice, very soothing, you feel safe and I was guided beautifully.
The experience was more than I expected, I got to know that I had psychic abilities in a past life, and also I was in another planet, like a healing planet. My throat chackra was blocked, and she unblocked it. She guided me to a past life where my blockage started and healed it from there. Oh ! I think everyone should do it. It is a great experience. It is like cleaning your karma, you get to forgive and ask forgiveness, including yourself . Thanks Bernice for that wonderful experience! And Keep raising the vibration of the planet with your work ! Thank you .



You literally can't put a price tag on the things Bernice shares with you and the healing that comes working with her. We have cleared cords and attachments and released karma by revoking contracts. Every session has been transformative. She's my earth angel!


Sara Straw

My session with Bernice was life changing! She expertly guided through such a powerful healing experience... I am still feeling the positive changes today! At times it was as if she were there in the experience with me and I could feel her connecting to my energies as she guided me. She intuitively knew just what to say and where to take me next, and I felt so very safe and understood‚ô• This was definitely one of my most powerful sessions! Thank you, Bernice!


Leah C

I had been experiencing a confusing pain in my right chest for many months. The pain varied from pretty significant to very mild. It was hard to track what set it off or where exactly it was living. I saw a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist and a medical doctor but nothing consistently helped.I found Bernice through the Quantum Healers directory and intuitively contacted her to see if she could help. She got back to me right away and we set up a call. During my session with Bernice she guided me to and through three scenes from my past in this lifetime. She was encouraging and gentle and helped me feel safe. I was able to experience a tremendous release which led to a very significant shift in my energy and my outlook.
It's only been three days since my session with Bernice and I am feeling almost no pain where I used to feel it. I feel lighter and more optimistic. I'm feeling physically and energetically more alive. As an unexpected bonus, since my session with Bernice, I have received an influx of business, out of "nowhere".
I highly recommend Bernice and the work she does. She is a gifted healer.



I was not sure what to expect from my hypnosis session with Bernice. It ended up being a tremendous help to me! Bernice assisted me to connect with an ancient part of myself that still held onto feelings that needed to be resolved and healed. It was a very freeing experience! I feel much lighter within my heart. I highly recommend Bernice for her sensitive and compassionate professionalism.



I really enjoyed my hypnosis session with Bernice Cruz. Through hypnosis, I was able to release some sadness from my heart chakra that was there since early childhood. The process was very calming and healing, as Bernice has a quality that makes you feel safe and loved. Her process for quieting the mind at the beginning of the session was so effective, and I was amazed at how peaceful I felt throughout the process. I would highly recommend Bernice for any type of healing session.



While meditation and hypnosis is new to me, Bernice made me feel comfortable with the process and with the idea of just letting go. It’s hard for me to sit still so just thinking that the entire session would take as long as two hours was already daunting and nerve-racking to me, not a great start, LOL. The session allowed me to put myself first by just quieting my mind, being still and in the moment. Overall the entire experience was great I would definitely do it again; I think it’s just a matter of being open to it and practicing it. I would definitely recommend Bernice especially if this is the first time your considering hypnosis.



Bernice has this quality of reassuring you. She's very much in touch with her own mystic and that is wonderful to feel and gives you indirect also permission to do so. I had a lovely session with her!



I had an Introspective Hypnosis session with Bernice and I was very pleased with the results. I was able to explore a past life and better understand a current emotional block. I would definitely seek out her services again and recommend Bernice.


How to Connect to your Higher Self

To go into a trance or connect with your Higher Self, it is not necessary to use Hypnosis - it is simply necessary to use your imagination. Imagination is associated with the right side of the brain, the part that images create. Whenever we switch from left-brain thinking, analytical thinking to right-brain or creative thinking, we automatically go into a trance state. Thank you, Petra, for being the surrogate in this session.

Removing Entities - Surrogate Session

Are you curious about what a Surrogate session can do for you? In this edited Energy Clearing & Healing session, we removed entities that were hindering the client's energy. Prepare to be amazed by the power of hypnosis and its healing potential!

Calling All Light Workers

The Path of Light Online Course helps you shed old thoughts, forms, and patterns to awaken your soul to a higher level of consciousness. You'll learn how to work with the Ascended Masters while raising your vibration and aligning with Creator/Source - all while shining your light. You will feel a shift within yourself. If this sounds like something you'd like to explore further, click here Classes begin mid-September. Registration ends July 21st.

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