Nemo Arcane

Reincarnation, past life therapy and past-life research. In the early days this was often scoffed at by those in the professional field. But in the last few years it has become a valuable tool in the treatment of health issues, phobias, allergies, family relationship problems, etc., that do not respond to conventional types of therapy. Many psychologists now use it, admitting that it doesn't matter if they or the client believe in past existences. The important thing is that it helps the client, and as such it is a worthwhile tool for exploring the subconscious mind. The roots of many problems have been found to stem from trauma in other lives. Often they are not caused by one past life, but a repeated pattern that has been established and is so strong that it carries over into the present lifetime. —Dolores Cannon, "Five Lives Remembered"

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Address: Sedona, Arizona, 86336, United States.


Nemo Arcane

Book a BQH session with me and discover dimensions of yourself you previously only suspected existed. Access past lives, parallel existences and symbolic messages. Obtain clear and accurate information from your own Higher Self.

Information is derived in a BQH session in the opposite direction as from a psychic reading: I guide you into a state where you have access to all relevant knowledge, invite you to explore the stored mental images of the times and places that come up, then directly ask your Higher Self the questions you’ve given me in advance. Prepare to be astonished by what you uncover.

Free 15-minute pre-session consultations; 2-hour sessions priced to fit your income.

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Practitioner Certification in Beyond Quantum Healing, 2022


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