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Carly Nichols

Quantum Healing with Carly

~ Member Since 2023

Come on a healing journey with me!  Hi, my name is Carly and I will be your Guide, Facilitator, Healer, and Space Holder.

Quantum Healing (BQH/QHHT/Past Life Regression/Hypnosis)

Journey with me to explore past lives, healing temples, faraway planets, and more! Have a conversation with your Spirit Guides and Angels, and get to know who they are and how they can help you. Receive guidance on direction and purpose in your life. Heal or understand the reason for physical ailments. Heal and release blockages such as emotional or mental blocks, or blocks to abundance, self-love, or connection with others. Understand and address relationship problems. Heal ancestral patterns and karmic issues. The possibilities are endless! I lovingly and safely take you into a deeply relaxed state where we can explore or experience any of the above and more. Prior to the session, we go through what you would like to address and I explain the process.  Whatever is meant to happen in the session will happen, so it’s best to have an open mind!

Energy Healing

Deeply relax with me as we open up a healing space to heal whatever is most needed for you at this time. Get bathed in healing energy where your body can enter a state of rest and rejuvenation. Deep relaxation, release, and sensations are very common. I typically “see” what is going on during the session, which I share with you afterwards with notes. Some people experience this as well in their own way, such as through downloads, and it can be very different than what I experience! I’ve connected with people in their past lives, Guides they work with, and usually see colours that are used for healing different areas.

Animal Healing and Communication

Have you ever wanted to speak with your pet? To find out what is going on with a particular behaviour or fear? Or perhaps provide healing for some ailment, trauma, or blockage? In these sessions, I ask the animal in advance telepathically whether they agree to connect for the session. If yes, I then connect with the animal energetically and ask them questions their guardian would like to know. The animal sends me information in a telepathic way, which I then relay to their guardian. The healing portion is similar to the remote energy healing above. It can be very fascinating and helpful to connect with your animals in this way; to know them better and establish a deeper bond. It is up to you whether you would like a (video)call or not while I connect with the animal.

About Me

I am a light-hearted, optimistic, gentle, compassionate, deep, fun-loving soul. To use labels, I am a Starseed, Lightworker, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, and Bridge between this world and Spirit. I am also an engineer, a global pet-sitter, and wanderer/adventurer! I love nature and animals, and learning about what’s beyond our five senses. I am committed to growing as a soul and see all things as purposeful and opportunities for growth. Things I resonate with that “light me up” include: galactic beings and races; elementals/fairies/nature spirits; animals and nature and their spiritual aspects; “mythical” beings; such as dragons and unicorns; and learning about all things Spiritual!

Previously, I worked as an engineer in the renewable energy field and sustainable buildings.  I have learned that I need more balance between my masculine and feminine sides (logic and intuition/flow) and doing this work is perfect for that!  My logical mind acts as an investigator, connects the dots, and digs deeper when necessary to get the most out of a session for my clients as possible.  On the other hand, I keep things open and let sessions go where they need to go.  This uses my intuition and non-judgement; spirit is not always “logical” and we cannot always fully understand it with our logical minds!

My journey to get where I am now involved, what I call, many “breadcrumb moments”. Where many seemingly little, unrelated things, throughout my life all came together for a purpose. Some were experiences or people, while others were burning desires to learn about specific topics. Things that changed my beliefs, healed things within me, or challenged me to grow. As previously stated, I am very interested in the bigger picture of things and what’s beyond our earthly senses. This has led me to accept and embrace beliefs such as reincarnation, life on other planets and in other dimensions (that this Earth school is not the only school) and that we share this planet with many unseen beings. There is consciousness in all things, and I do my best to tread softly on this beautiful Earth and respect and appreciate all. 

If you’d like a session with me or would like to learn more, please reach out!  I’d love to connect with you.



Sonya Pidutti

June 2024

As a personal friend of Carly, I was curious about her work in quantum healing. Being human, I have my own set of issues and insecurities, so was privileged to enjoy a session with this beautiful soul.
Her explanation of the process, on her website, is spot on. Carly places your mind in a state of deep relaxation, and with gentle prompts, allows the thoughts and memories to flow. Her soothing voice and acceptance of whatever is revealed is reassuring and causes one to dig even deeper, so that whatever comes out is often a surprise and consequently opens me up to acknowledging an issue and then clearing it. Carly was able to bring out old memories of both joy and pain. She prompted a sudden vision of something disturbing to me and together, we managed to clear and lighten the issue.
I highly recommend spending time with Carly and experiencing her gift. She is very good in her ability to help you find answers to your own particular questions and leading you on a healing journey.
Get ready to devote a few hours with Carly as she takes all the time you need to have a successful outcome. Your being will be the better for it.
Thank you Carly!
Sonya Pidutti


Miranda Cobb

June 2024

Carly created a healing and heart nourishing space for our session. It was such a gift to get to connect with my cat and offer her a chance to share her experiences and receive healing light. Carly brought through different layers of information that really resonated and will support our relationship going forward. So wonderful!


Liz Moris

June 2024

Amazing! This is the word I would use to sum up the beautiful BQH session I had with Carly. There are three key things that the experience did for me. First, it helped me heal and release current and past life traumas so that I can move forward in my life’s journey. Second, I received answers to questions that I had which has given me a sense of peace. Third, the session gave me confidence in who I am. I feel that Carly is a genuinely wonderful person who desires to help people understand themselves through quantum healing. What a beautiful thing, and I am grateful for the experience! You also receive a recording of the session that you can download and listen to gain more insights.


Lizzi C

May 2024

Carly was great. She took so much time getting to know me and what my intention was for our session. Carly led with compassion and grace. She has a very strong sense of how to guide a session. I would absolutely recommend working with her.


Olga Kovle

April 2024

Carly is a talented Healer, she guided me through the labyrinths of my soul journey with QHHT and helped me with her gentle Reiki healing. The work she did was profound and precise, she offered the best and the most correct way to guide me, to hold the sacred space for me and my spirit guides. I'm so grateful to meet such a beautiful soul on my path and for all her help and healing!


Sarah T

March 2024

Carly is such a kind and generous person, and is truly gifted! I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the amount of support and healing Carly has offered through the session. It was my very first time having a quantum healing hypnosis session. From the very beginning, Carly made me feel welcomed, loved and connected. She also took the time to meet with me before the session to review a list of questions/topics I wished to inquire about during our session together. I never once felt rushed throughout the process. She is very knowledgeable and makes the time for you.

Carly has helped me recalibrate and reset my body and energy fields in such a grounded and magical way that I was in complete awe throughout the experience.

The personalized hypnosis healing sessions that Carly offers are so unique and so incredibly restorative. I truly felt a difference energetically. Thank you, Carly!


Diana Stamate

March 2024

"The hypnosis session with Carly helped me in gaining clarity on what I need to let go from my past and lineage. It helped me gain confidence on my path and how to move forward in my future. Clary offered a very safe and nurturing space where healing on very deep layers of my being have been possible. Thank you very much Carly for provinding such a powerful healing container!"


Tania Marie

March 2024

Wow, the experiences and insights I received from my quantum hypnosis session were invaluable. Carly was really able to guide me into a hypnotic state and from that place I learned so much about my past lives. I also connected with my guides and received so much wisdom and guidance. I felt so safe and supported throughout the entire session. You can really feel how passionate Carly is about her work and she has an ability to connect deeply with her own intuition and higher intelligence. Highly recommend.


Tania Tassone

February 2024

Carly is a very special person. I received a distant reiki session and could truly feel her energy and the healing in my body. Carly also received downloads that she was able to relay to me after the session which provided more divine information to support my healing journey. She is so present, intuitive, and attuned during the session. I really felt supported.


Maureen Clément

February 2024

From the moment I stepped into Carly's nurturing space, I felt enveloped in warmth and compassion. Carly created a safe haven with a gentle demeanor and genuine care, where I could explore the depths of my subconscious mind without fear or judgment. I was able to uncover the root of trauma through a past life and release it. Carly's guidance and calm confidence is unforgettable. She also talked with my little pupper Chickapea and helped sooth her fears too!

Book your appointment with Carly and embark on the journey of a lifetime...many lifetimes Your soul will thank you :o)

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