Carly Nichols

Consultation Type: Online
Contact Method: Email
Payment Options: PayPal/Credit Card, E-transfer (Canada and The Netherlands)
Languages: English

Address: Ontario, Canada.

Carly Nichols

~ Member Since 2023

BQH/QHHT Practitioner, Remote Energy Healer for People and Animals, Animal Communicator



Tania Marie

March 2024

Wow, the experiences and insights I received from my quantum hypnosis session were invaluable. Carly was really able to guide me into a hypnotic state and from that place I learned so much about my past lives. I also connected with my guides and received so much wisdom and guidance. I felt so safe and supported throughout the entire session. You can really feel how passionate Carly is about her work and she has an ability to connect deeply with her own intuition and higher intelligence. Highly recommend.


Tania Tassone

February 2024

Carly is a very special person. I received a distant reiki session and could truly feel her energy and the healing in my body. Carly also received downloads that she was able to relay to me after the session which provided more divine information to support my healing journey. She is so present, intuitive, and attuned during the session. I really felt supported.


Maureen Clément

February 2024

From the moment I stepped into Carly's nurturing space, I felt enveloped in warmth and compassion. Carly created a safe haven with a gentle demeanor and genuine care, where I could explore the depths of my subconscious mind without fear or judgment. I was able to uncover the root of trauma through a past life and release it. Carly's guidance and calm confidence is unforgettable. She also talked with my little pupper Chickapea and helped sooth her fears too!

Book your appointment with Carly and embark on the journey of a lifetime...many lifetimes Your soul will thank you :o)

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