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Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.


Janaya Lowery

Divine Guidance Quantum Healing

~ Member Since 2023

Janaya is a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner who is passionate about being of service to others.  As an intuitive healer, she is committed to supporting people on their healing journey by guiding them to tap into their inner healer/Higher Self.

She began her spiritual/awakening journey in 2015, which has transformed her life in many ways.  Over time, she has worked diligently to release/heal her own traumas in order to be of greater service, and to have the ability to hold space for others.  During the healing process, she began to become aware of some of her hidden spiritual gifts (medium, and intuitive abilities), while also having many supernatural experiences.  She has participated in multiple Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremonies in South America. In 2020, she was Divinely Guided to Dolores Cannon’s work and immediately had an inner knowing that she would become a Quantum Healing Practitioner.



Adrienne Chadwick

April 2024

I had such a wonderful session with Janaya. She had me do a deep breathing exercise before we started the BQH session. I was so relaxed, was able to drop into trance more easily, and intend to use the same technique for myself in the future. The session itself was awesome and I was able to receive the healing and answers I was looking for from my Higher Self. I recommend Janay for anyone looking for a guide on a self-healing journey.


Raven L

November 2023

I had an incredible experience. I went in not knowing what to expect and feeling a little nervous. Janaya took the time to explain everything thoroughly prior to starting and made sure I was comfortable throughout my hypnosis session. I learned so much about myself during the session. I was introduced to one of my guides who now makes constant, meaningful appearances in my everyday life. You won’t be disappointed!


Don H

November 2023

I had a quantum healing session with Janaya a few weeks ago. It was amazing! The session was in person in a quiet and comfortable setting. I went into the session with an open heart and open mind. I felt as though parts of myself I had hints at, or questions about, were brought into light, and I was left feeling more whole. The session was recorded and I am able to go back and revisit the information that I received. As time goes on I connect more and more to the information that was shared. Janaya has a special gift she is sharing, I highly recommend working with her!

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