Brigith Poelerands

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Time Zone: (GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburg

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Address: Ericeira, Lisboa, 2655, Portugal.


Brigith Poelerands

Soul Empowermnent

Welcome, I AM Brigith

It was my wish to be free. I wished for more peace and meaning in life. I saw and felt a world that was not right. A world that makes us sick and keeps us from our natural BEING and what we really need. At a certain point I knew very well what I no longer wanted. I started following my heart and traveled a lot in Asia. I have overcome countless fears, transformed unnecessary ballast and limiting beliefs and left behind. Chronic fatigue and back pain are gone. I have learned to forgive and accept in order to let the magic of life fully flow again. Although these are always on-going processes, I feel myself getting closer to my real Self…. In the meantime I have been able to make many inner journeys, and have peeled off layers within myself, so that I have come to stand more and more in my truth and my own SOUL POWER.

I remember how I always tried to fit in, adapt and do what was expected of me. A few years ago, when I came home from a wonderful trip and needed to go ‘back to work’, I thought: “How am I going to survive this?”.

The Universe was apparently with me and arranged a settlement that eventually ended my permanent contract. Happiness in an accident, that’s how I see it now. I was free and it was time to choose what I really wanted and what to do here.

How can I help you?

I see myself as a down-to-earth, Quantum Guide and Inspirator. Ocean and surf enthusiast. My life is anything but mainstream. I like adventure, nature, (distant) travel to unknown places and pushing boundaries. I am open-minded, energetic, but also highly sensitive. I like to go ahead and get fast results. That’s why Quantum Healing. There is so much to gain from a session! I have turned my rebellious life experience into a source of wisdom and am now serving those who need help. Also to contribute to broadening the collective consciousness. That is especially important NOW. Working with me means going in depth, making space and really choosing the change. Recognizing that all healing is healing ITSELF. Peel off all those layers of what you are not really. Dare to look at your shadow sides, break through patterns and then, especially on the deeper layers of energy, get them moving again. During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session you always get exactly what you need at that moment and I will lovingly guide you through that process. HEAL yourself through insight and stand back in your own SOUL POWER.


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