Candace Dunovant

YOU have gifts waiting to be activated. YOU are on this Earth to make a change. I am here to lovingly support and empower you to discover awakened purpose, activate sacred healing within, integrate knowledge and gifts from past lives, connect with your Highest Timeline for Ascension. SHINE your authentic, gorgeous, DIVINE LIGHT!

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Address: Eden, North Carolina, 27288, United States.


Candace Dunovant

Heal with Candace


~ Member Since 2019

Hey y’all!! I am Candace.

Welcome to my cozy corner of the BQH Universe! 

I am a Light Language practitioner, Trance Channel Medium, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner, and a Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher. 

I am honored to connect with you on your spiritual journey.

If you choose to let me walk with you on this part of your journey, I will create a sacred and safe space to hold you in love and acceptance and allow healing to take place. In this space,

You are safe

You are accepted

You are loved

We will connect with our intuition, Spirit Guides, Higher Selves, Archangels, and high vibrational Beings of Light to CLEAR, HEAL, and ALIGN with your Highest timeline.

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