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Address: 412, Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 1B6, Canada.

Carla Sheppard

My career started as an accountant and for many years, I was focused on one deadline after another.  My main hobby was riding my Harley and socializing with friends on the weekends.  I really didn’t know how else to let go of all the responsibility and tension that accumulated each week.

And then along came children.  And that was a game changer.  The long office hours and late nights were not do-able with 3 kids under 3 years old!  Especially as my daughter has Special Abilities and required a lot of medical visits in her early years.

Around this same time, I became interested in yoga and was blessed to have found a very special instructor.  She was an inspiration to me.  She sparked my interest in Spirituality and I realized the void that had been in my life all along.

I always enjoyed reading, so I grew  knowledge quickly by reading many books.  The first spiritual book that I read was a collection of stories of persons interviewed who had near death experiences.  I spent a lot of time with Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks.  As I was busy with kids a lot, I would play their content on YouTube while doing household chores.

I discovered Dolores Cannon ‘by accident’ on YouTube and was so fascinated with her stories.  I listened to her so much that after some time passed, I believed that I could be a QHHT practitioner too!  

From there, I found Beyond Quantum Hypnosis right at the time that I was wanting to further my knowledge.  This course fit nicely into my busy life schedule.  I received a very clear sign to go in this direction and I followed my guidance!

In my sessions, I utilize Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Theta healing and share how Law of Attraction can help in the clients own unique situation.

I am able to help people bring harmony into daily living by resolving physical pain, relationship struggles, trauma, financial challenges and career satisfaction.

This happens not only because of the courses that I have studied, but because I was in great need of improving my own life.  I have let go of unhealthy relationships, flourished other relationships, worked on boundaries, career change, health concerns and mindfulness.  I learned to meditate daily.  I understand first hand all of the challenges and joy that goes with spiritual and personal transformation.  

You are not stuck and you are not alone.  There is hope.  You have all the power you need!  We just need to tap into it!




Sabrina R

September 2020

I had a really great healing session with Carla. I wanted to deal with the issue of being intimidated by the male personal. I wanted to feel more comfortable around them just as I feel around women. I never had any past abuse issues with males, I just never grew up around them. In my session I experienced a past life where I had an authoritative father and realized that the intentions were loving and not intimidating. My higher self then explained I needed to balance my female and male energies and I needed to meditate on this. I had a great awareness and understanding of what I needed to do now and came out of my session with so much more clarity and confidence when confronting a male . Carla was professional and so nurturing and compassionate! I highly recommend her and so grateful for her guidance!!

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