Catherine Chapey

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Linda R

September 2022

My session with Catherine Chapey was everything I had hoped for and more. From my first conversation to set up the appointment I felt so aligned with her. What I love most about her is her loving, nonjudgmental way. I was able to be extremely vulnerable getting to the deepest parts of myself. She helped me to get there all the while letting me lead and interjecting just enough for me to go deeper. She was able to stay on my wavelength every step of the way. When my session was complete after six hours I felt on top of the world. I look forward to seeing the changes in myself going forward. I highly recommend Catherine – she is so knowledgeable and relatable and has been doing this work for many years. She was trained by Dolores Cannon herself.


Mike Park

August 2018

Although it was not my original intention, my general anxiety disorder of 11 years has been completely healed. I feel like a completely different person. Several times a day I stop and pause and realize "Wow I haven't had any worry thoughts or had any anxiety attacks!". Catherine has changed my life, I am not exaggerating. The hypnosis part of the QHHT session ended up going for 2 hours straight. I got all of my 40+ questions for my Highest self answered and also got a crystal clear audio recording I can always listen to. Catherine put me at ease and answered all my questions I had about the whole process. I was a bit skeptical at first but it was the most healing experience I've ever had. The session was in-person at her place, 30 minutes from my house, it was quiet and she was very professional. I told her things about my personal life and she had zero judgement was always very warm and caring. I will definitely come back next year and once a year every year. Highly recommend!

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