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Cindy Kim

Balanced Alchemy

QHHT, BQH, Introspective Hypnosis, Biofield Tuning, Light Language Practitioner, Channeler

I started my spiritual awakening after reading Conversations with God, but my true awakening happened after reading Dolores Cannon’s books. After experiencing so much synchronicities, I had my first QHHT® session; then one thing led to another. ¬†I had loved working in accounting at tech startups, but I felt a pull to do more, to help others on their path. After much soul searching, I embraced my new calling, enrolled in QHHT Level 1 and then QHHT Level 2 shortly thereafter.

I’ve continued to add tools to my toolbox, hence, I am also certified in BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) hypnosis and Introspective Hypnosis.

And most recently, I unlocked my Light Language ability while in beautiful Sedona, AZ, and I am excited to be offering this subtle but powerful, alchemical sound/light frequency modality. Light language activates your crystalline DNA and can balance your emotional, mental and physical states of being.

I am also a Biofield Tuning practitioner where I use alchemic sound frequencies of the tuning forks and crystals (and channel light language if I feel guided during the tuning session) to tune your mind, body and spirit. Much like how a piano needs to be tuned, we (and our Biofield/aura) need to be tuned as well. Many report feeling relaxed and lighter. I have witnessed magical transformations with this modality, and I’m super excited to be offering this to you! There are many beautiful healing modalities to choose here at from many practitioners; the question is which one resonates with you? Always choose from your heart and trust your intuition and you’ll never go wrong 🙂

In summary, currently I offer the following services: QHHT, BQH hypnosis, Introspective Hypnosis, Biofield Tuning, Crystalline Soul Healing, personalized light language sessions, customized light language art.

I’m in the process of creating my own healing modality which is akin to astral surgery where I tend to be removing artifacts related to your past life, ancestral bloodline or galactic life. I am intuitively guided and the work is done on a deep etheric level. I’m so humbled by the feedback that I’ve received from those who I’ve worked on. Many times, I channel light language and occasionally, messages from your higher self/guides will come through too. More to come with this! If you want to keep in touch, please sign up for my newsletter on my website,

In-person and online/distance sessions available; and individuals and groups.


More information can be found at and you can also schedule sessions directly on my website.  If you have any questions regarding my offerings, please email me at I would be deeply honored to assist you on your journey. My goal is to empower you!

I’m on a spiritual journey and my path is clear. I am here to help others to realize their true potential, their true self. And I can truly say: I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!

Many blessings and so much love and light to you,



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YouTube Р QHHT/BQH hypnosis sessions and Light Language (LL) transmissions are posted here

Instagram – Light Language art and short LL transmissions




QHHT® Level 1 and 2 BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Introspective Hypnosis® Biofield Tuning Crystalline Soul Healing® International School of Clairvoyance Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Golden Frequency Healing




Cindy has an incredible ability to channel and facilitate healing! Very kind and personable. She helped me many times. Highly recommend ????


Jeff L

I had my first online BQH session with Cindy last week and learned so much about myself and my life. Cindy is loving and insightful and made it easy for me to open my heart to healing.



Cindy performed an Introspective Hypnosis session on me virtually and it was a wonderful healing experience. Cindy is a very thoughtful, intentional and professional healer. I highly recommend any of her services.


Sharon S

I was visiting Mt. Shasta, on a camping trip with my husband and dogs, and was interested in a biofield tuning session. I searched for a practitioner online, and found Cindy - and I'm so glad I did. My session was amazing and I felt refreshed and renewed, balanced and beautiful. It really was a highlight of my trip. Thanks again Cindy!



Cindy was very caring and professional throughout my session. I highly recommend her as a healer she's is tremendously gifted!! In addition Cindy has outstanding customer service, if there's any questions before or after a session she's very prompt with her responses.


Michael P.

I highly recommend Cindy. It was my third experience with regression, but my first with BQH. I got a lot of great information. Naturally, I won't go into details of my session.
Check in with your intuition. If your heart resonates and it feels good. I am sure you will also have a wonderful session.


Monique Argent

I experienced a very healing and informative session with Cindy. One of my intentions was to understand why I experienced a very scary two week panic attack. During our session I was able to see two contributing past lives and I was able to provide myself with the healing that I needed to release those karmic restrictions. I am grateful for my experience with Cindy and I highly recommend her services for your healing.



Cindy is so caring, insightful, thorough and engaged. I had a BHQ distance session and I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to go under hypnosis as I had tried to do a past life regression previously with no success but Cindy's faith and confidence in me being able to do it was so reassuring. The whole experience was quite amazing. I had a tone of questions and Cindy managed to address all of them and then some extra ones that I hadn't thought of but that came up naturally during our chat thanks to her thoroughness and care. The pre-hypnosis getting to know each other and going over my questions felt like a really healing therapeutic session which was so appreciated. It felt like an added bonus. The BHQ was quite amazing. I would definitely recommend getting one if you are contemplating it. I have already noticed some physical symptoms in my body have disappeared. And I had some powerful insights from my higher self. There was a tone of energy in and around my body and I could feel a lot of dense stuck energy draining out and a complete lightness in my energy field. She also used light language which was another additional bonus! Thanks again Cindy x


Giovana Piotto

Thank you so much, Cindy! You’re so sweet, generous and helpful, your abilities helped me so much!! I just want to say that after having the Crystalline Soul Healing session I felt so much better, mostly feeling lighter as if a weight was off my shoulders, I’m feeling happier and my sleep is so much better. I’ve been going through stressful times lately and the session brought me a sense of peace somehow. I truly believe the issues I had to work on have been addressed in a different, spiritual level. I’m so thankful I had this opportunity to have a session with you, Thanks again Cindy!


Paula Marchand

My light language session with Cindy was so powerful! After I created a personal intention for the session, Cindy began to channel 4 different groups of beings. I could feel the energy surging through my body to clear, heal, and uplift. The effects of the session continued for quite some time afterwards. What a beautiful healing modality!


Kari K.

I had a wonderful experience getting a Biofield tuning from Cindy! I was skeptical if a tuning session over the phone would actually work. But, I got great results! :)

I was feeling stressed and stuck in my life situation and decided to schedule a session. During the session I felt tingling in my feet and hands, and warmth on the crown of my head at various times. My body became very light and relaxed. The sound came through very clear through the phone. After the session I felt very relaxed, my vision was improved (allowing me to see colors very vividly); similar to after an acupuncture session, all anxiety was released!

Cindy told me that I could feel the affects of the tuning for days after the session. And that is exactly what happened! I felt energized to get things done and found my voice. I have a tendency to not speak my truth and put others needs ahead of mine. However, after the session, it was as if there was an internal force that nudged me to speak my truth. I had a burning desire to speak my truth; in an honest and kind way. This felt amazing! I was standing in my own power and truth; in a way that I had avoided in the past. My chakras had been cleared and aligned! If you are looking for a Biofield practitioner, I highly recommend Cindy. She is warm, caring and very thorough. Thank you Cindy! I look forward to our next session!



I have had several different sessions with Cindy both in person and with distance. During my QHHT session I was really surprised to learn about my different past lives. It was a very visual and enlightening experience. What I learned gave me more of an understanding of who and why I am now. The fact that I was able to feel energy flowing in, through and around my whole body throughout the biofield tuning session (even over the phone) was amazing. There was definitely healing taking place. The light language sessions left me opened to the possibilities of life with a reinvigorated sense of self. After each session, regardless of distance, I felt lighter, brighter and energized mentally, physically and emotionally. I also came out of the sessions feeling more grounded, relaxed, less anxious and more hopeful. My painful menstrual cramps, my persistent back pain and my anxiety have been eased with the work that Cindy has done. Cindy is full of light and love which you will feel as she works to heal you, expand your mind, release you from whatever may be holding you back and better connect you to the universe.



I tried a general Biofield Tuning session at a distance with Cindy. I felt all kind of sensations as she was working in my field and afterwards felt a sense of homeostasis in body and energy field, very peaceful! Even my friends noticed a difference and said I looked brighter! I then wanted to try more of her offerings so did an adrenal reset and other organ tunings like heart and lungs. I experienced seeing a new color spectrum in my third eye and felt a color and vibration surrounding me during the session! It was amazing, and highly recommend everybody try it. I felt really good afterwards but noticed the first one took me a day or two to really adjust to the tuning before it integrated completely. I have also done a private light language session with Cindy and wow the high frequency beings and energy that came through was astounding! My heart knew exactly what was being communicated like a familiar lullaby. I will go back for more tune ups in the near future to make sure I’m putting my best energetic self forward in the world:) thank you Cindy!



I met Cindy in a Clairvoyant training which was offered online and then we parted. But I kept in touch with her. Finally got a Light Language healing session for a trauma that I experienced at a young age. I felt some shift right after the session. But kept listening to the recording of the session she emailed me. After about five days I had a deep shift inside me. Thank you Cindy.



Cindy is incredibly gifted healer. I have had both remote light language transmission, and QHHT session with her. Both have provided me with immense healing. Her QHHT session have provided important information have propelled me into my journey of transitions and transformation. I have had several remote light language transmissions from Cindy. I felt spiritually activated through the cellular level, and it has given me lots of strength to make the changes necessary moving forward.


Devon Miller

My remote light language session with Cindy left me with an immense sense of relief and understanding . Her light language flowed and changed rapidly , initiating an immediate sense of release . Her voice fluctuated through tones and vibration , it felt immensely powerful . Towards the end I felt lighter , like I had been instructed to let something go that was holding me back and then soothed into a peaceful understanding of my life’s path . I would highly recommend Cindy for a remote light language transmission session . She is tender and intuitive in every way . She also sends a recording of your session to you so you can go back and reflect which is an amazing bonus !


Patty S

Cindy is a very gifted practitioner--highly intuitive, open-hearted, and very much tuned into the frequencies of love and light. She is warm and friendly, and eager to help you achieve a greater sense of your Self. Her excitement for this work is palpable! You can feel her high vibration even though her correspondence! I've had an in-person QHHT session and a remote Light Language transmission, and each has brought me in closer relationship with my own consciousness and strengthened my everyday awareness, helping me to feel more expansive. The more recent LL session was incredibly powerful, providing me with several intuitive hits to propel me forward on my path. I highly recommend working with Cindy if you feel called to raise your vibration!


S. Lindsay

I wasn't sure what to expect when I booked my first Light Language Session with Cindy. But I came with an open mind and heart (based on Cindy's suggestion) and it really blew me away how I felt after.

Based on my location we had to do the session remotely which ended up being a non-issue. Cindy kindly explained the process and we set an intention together that I was happy with. She was able to connect with her guides right away and start the transmission, and I immediately felt a buzz of positivity and groundedness during the reading. The messages that emerged connected so beautifully to the elements I feel most drawn to, and even the languages and places that have had a lasting impact on me. After the reading, Cindy explained what had come through, what blockages she noticed and how to best move forward with the information she received. I felt so noticeably lifted and different after the call, and really more in tune and aligned.

Less than a week after the reading I had a dream where a family member who had passed appeared and spoke to me using the same kind of light language Cindy had used. Immediately, I felt comforted. That very day I had been trying to connect with that family member and felt like I was unable to. Now that Cindy has introduced me to light language I feel like she's given me a tool and connection to communicate with higher energy. This session has opened new doors for me and given me a new language I can use to grow spiritually.



I m french girl and I use to ask Cindy several times to do remote Light Language.
We took an appointment and we had a phone call.
Cindy takes time to ask me some questions, what’s going on at this time on my life, what’s I want improve, what’s is important for me at this time.
Then when we find the best question for me she’s beginning the remote light language transmission.
When it’s finished. Cindy takes time again to ask me what I feel and if something special is going on during the transmission.
It’s always a great experience.
And Cindy is a wonderful and compassionate and intuitive person.
It’s always a special moment for me when I share that why her.

Thank you Cindy for all what you do


Laetitia S

Cindy responded to my email at the perfect time (I had forgotten that I'd contacted her initially but DO NOT for a second believe this was her being late, it was divine timing)

We started the session and it was enlightening in the sense that the things she saw symbolically resonated with prior discoveries I had made myself, but that I could not previously corroborate because I always felt like I didn't have enough knowledge about spiritual things... The session with Cindy helped me confirm that I was actually the one standing in my own way.

Cindy noticed that my aura was a little "odd looking" and adjusted it for me, and she even did some light language work on me because she felt that I needed it! I was so amazed that she would be kind enough to deviate from the initial reading. For me it's like going to a doctor for one thing, then discovering something else was wrong and instead of insisting on booking another session, the doctor pulls out his scalpel to perform surgery right then and there because he does not want to see you "suffer" a moment longer if it's within his capacity to help you right now!

Listening to Cindy's light language stirred my soul and she also transmitted it through sign language. Although I couldn't hear the latter I could definitely feel something.

Since my session I have been more intuitive and open to trusting my inner guidance. It is also easier for me to meditate and I just feel the session was overall beneficial.

Highly recommend!!



I highly recommend Light Language therapy with Cindy! I have now done 2 sessions. Both were amazing experiences. The feelings of love and light were very strong. With the most recent one I could literally feel my vibration and was surrounded with, and by light. I actually saw and felt my heart connecting with Cindy's who is on the other side of the country. A complete feeling of peace and love - even though it was silent for the most part. I encourage you to try it! Thanks Cindy! What an awesome healing modality. I look forward to doing more. ❤️


Aimee D

I have been receiving Light Language transmissions from Cindy recently, and have found this to be quite powerful in shifting my energies, releasing old patterns, and restructuring my matrix. I felt physical sensations like jolts of electricity in my root area, a blockage of pain be released from my left sacral area, and some work in my head area leaving me feel light thruout of body and more connected cosmically... then I needed to have a nap an hour later, probably to integrate & repair even more. We'll see what tomorrow brings... thank you Cindy!


Elizabeth Ann True

It is truly difficult to describe the experience of past life regression with Cindy. I had my session months ago, and the significance of the information that I received continues to unfold in relevance. It is a process of trusting yourself and Cindy is a beautiful and loving Guide. I am so grateful!



First of all thank you Cindy for being very dedicated and professional.
Cindy took her time during the interview prior the Introspective Hypnosis session to make sure she knows me well. She asked about my family and names of all of them in case they would be mentioned during the session.
She also explained clearly the difference between Introspective Hypnosis and other hypnosis modalities. On the beginning of my first session I was interrupted by my family member taking me out of relaxed state. Cindy with accurate judgment asked me if I want to continue and if not I shouldn't feel bad. I decided not to continue and she kindly rescheduled the session. In the next session it was easy for me to fall into hypnosis. It was easy to just listen to her soft voice.
At some point in the session Cindy was asking question and I felt I was not able to answer because I was "taken" with the flow of energy by a Planet that needed healing from me. Cindy as an experienced hypnotherapist that she definitely is, knew exactly what to do. With her calm voice she was guiding me thru a new situation.
Cindy helped me hugely in my spiritual journey and with discovering my mission.
After the session my life definitely improved and I am starting my mission in this lifetime.
I am very grateful for having synchronicity to let me meet Cindy.



I had an awesome experience when I had an online BQH session with Cindy. I've had QHHT sessions before and those are also great, but this was unique since I could do it from the comfort of my own home and it's all done by video chat with her. She really cares about the quality of your experience and makes sure to find out what things you want to work on...whether it's healing, life issues, questions you need answered, etc. She is an amazing listener, and asks all the right questions before and during the session to get to the heart of things. During the session her voice was so relaxing and hypnotic I almost fell asleep, but she kept me awake by asking many questions to really dig deep. During my session I connected with multiple guides and were told and shown random things, some made sense at the time and some didn't. About an hour after the session there were so many synchronicities and strange things happening that were related to my session that I knew my guides were making sure to show me that everything that just happened was legit. It was wild! I loved this and received so many helpful answers and direction on what to do with things I had questions about. It was so great, I recommend her to a friend who also had a session with her that she throughly enjoyed as well. Highly recommend!


QHHT Transition to the New Earth Terra

#QHHT - Transitioning to the New Earth Terra - while under hypnosis, my client recalls his #futurelife on the #NewEarth called Terra, and channels what happens to old Earth. So much information was brought through in this QHHT session. BIG THANK YOU to my generous client who gave me permission to post parts of his session

Online BQH - Galactic Messenger and his Unicorn (client is female) :)

Online Quantum Healing #Hypnosis BQH: Galactic Messenger and his #Unicorn - My client recalls her #pastlife as a galactic messenger named Zeus with his unicorn in the 8th and 17th dimensions. She provides much detail about her relationship with her unicorn; creativity plays a significant role in her day-to-day.

QHHT vs BQH Differences, Session Structure, Tips, Expectations

QHHT vs BQH differences, Session Structure, #Tips, Expectations - This video will help you feel more comfortable with the process of the two popular quantum hypnosis modalities: QHHT and BQH. I explain the main differences between QHHT® and BQH, the session structure, tips on how to have the best quantum healing hypnosis session, and more. Much of what I say in this video is what I tell my potential clients and clients. Many have never been hypnotized and don't know what to expect.. and may have preconceived ideas of what it's like to be hypnotized. This video helps demystify those beliefs. I hope you find this video helpful and many blessings on your soul / healing journey. In love, light and magic, Cindy

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