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Corinna Vigil

~ Member Since 2019

My first contact with another realm happened when my spiritually touched brother took me to a meeting with Dr. Frank Stranges, founder of the National Investigations Committee of Unidentified Flying Objects. He was an old white haired and bearded guy that was in contact with an Alien names Valiant Thor who was connected to the White House and basically walking in and out of it. He told us how aliens can de-materialize and how he was taken to an UFO and talking to them telepathic. He passed away in Van Nuys in 2008. Little did I know that he lived so close to me as I was living in Los Angeles at the time. I wish I would have known and visit him while he was still with us…The adventure of meeting someone who was actually in contact with aliens made me open my mind and on the path to my spiritual awakening I was! Since, I have been reading books and visiting workshops about channeling, working with and seeing energies and learning more and more about the fascinating things you can't ‚Äúsee‚Äù. ¬†I got my Reiki II certificate and also did some courses in psychometry, where I learned how to see energies like aura or living objects like trees and how to locate water veins with a rod. Living in Los Angeles I also visited a workshop with Deborah King, before she became popular. I managed to get on stage with her and have her do some chakra work on me. While living in Los Angeles I also went to a workshop with Dr. Eric Pearl from ‚ÄúThe Reconnection‚Äù, which is about reconnective healing frequencies. He wrote a book about healing ‚ÄúHeal Others, Heal Yourself‚Äù. Happily I added this book, signed by him, to my library. My main interest became learning how to channel and how to help others heal. Throughout the years I have become more intuitive and learned that all answers lie within one self. I learned that I don't have to learn how to channel for others but found a way to help others to connect with their own Higher Selves and with that, how to help themselves to heal. ¬†And not only that! Also to see their own past lives right before their eyes! I found Beyond Quantum Healing! I will forever be grateful to my mentor Candace Craw-Goldman to offer this amazing modality that allows to help clients all over the world by integrating any healing modality and doing online sessions.¬†
Beyond Quantum Healing is a heart-based and intention oriented modality that helps us to access the subconscious mind through guided meditation. When the mind is still, it is easier to connect with our Higher Self, Angels or Guides. Through this established connection we can ask them anything we want to know and find healing by understanding where the issue we have came from. By accessing one's subconscious mind and exploring past lives healing can occur on all levels such as physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. 
I do BQH sessions in English and German. I would love to hear from you! Send me a message if you resonate and want to have a session with me or if you have any questions regarding this wonderful work!
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May 2020

Corinna guided me into a trance state with a warm and peaceful feeling. She made me feel safe and comfortable to connect and receive the answers to all my questions. Thank you Corinna for a great session.



April 2020

Corinna did a session with me a couple of weeks ago, and it was super powerful! Some really interesting info came through and Corinna’s guidance was loving and compassionate. Highly recommend!



February 2020

I had a great session with Corinna. I felt safe and connected while she guided me through the experience. She also did a great job in helping me to prepare for the session. I did get some interesting insights out of it and want to thank her for the session ‚ô°

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