Hi There,

I am glad you stopped by to look at my profile. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was a Registered Nurse and Mental Health Clinician to help those with emotional and mental health issues for many years. I changed my focus several years ago when I became an Energy Healer exclusively.

I am a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, a Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, a Rays of God Practitioner, and an Inner Liberation Healing Practitioner.

I practiced the techniques of Dolores Cannon and learned BQH with Candace Crawford-Goldman, which allows for past life regressions, quantum healing, and connection with the client’s Higher Self and other Higher Realm Beings to answer questions the client wants to know.

After many sessions with clients using BQH, I realized that some of my clients had entity attachments that were causing issues for them and in their lives. These attachments needed to be removed to allow full healing. I contacted Laura Whitworth and learned Soul Center Healing Hypnosis, which has an entity removal component. (S.C.H.H.)

My clients obtain a complete spiritual reboot and overhaul during sessions. If necessary, I remove any discarnate spirits or entities that have become attached to the client through a fractured aura. I then rejuvenate and repair the Chakras and re-seal the aura so no new entities can attach and affect the behavior and minds of the client.

I work with Energy Healing using Rays of God sent to me directly from the Prime Creator to assist with unhealed trauma presenting as pain or physical illness and emotional issues like anxiety, depressed mood, and other forms of emotional concerns to heal these issues.

I also do Inner Liberation Healing, which works on removing blocks within your energetic fields and installing new beliefs if necessary.