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Diana Murdock

~ Member Since 2018

Thank you for visiting my profile.  I am excited to be a part of your path to spiritual health.

I am a Certified Practitioner of Beyond Quantum Healing and also a Certified Reiki Master.

Whether you are curious about hypnotherapy and past life regression or your intention is to be guided to a path of healing, I would be more than happy to facilitate your journey.

I am passionate about raising the energetic vibration of every being on Earth  and actively send love to all I encounter.   Beyond Quantum Healing and Reiki are tools that I use to guide my clients to a place of relaxation so that they are able to tap into the broader knowledge that they already possess.

Should you have any questions or would like to book a session, please contact me.





Certified Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master



Rose B.

August 2021

I came to Diana with unresolved money issues that have haunted my entire life. I have done LOTS of inner work to heal my old money stories and it felt like there was still this large block that kept me stuck in my old ways.

My session with Diana lead me to a past life that held very strong unworthiness patterns. The feelings I had related to money in this past life were so familiar in my current life. Diana led me so warmly and safely through this past lifetime retrieving important information and then guided me into a gorgeous healing.

After our session she provided helpful coaching and tools to help me fully reach my goals. Thank you so much for this remarkable money issues breakthrough!


Ola Norway

September 2019

I just had the greatest pleasure and a mind blowing experience of a BQH session with Diana. I recently came across QHHT and subsequently BQH and felt it might help me at this point of my journey. I’ve heard great things about these methods but I was a bit apprehensive if it would work on me and if I could get any real insights. The experience was absolutely mind blowing and what came through was well beyond expected- hats off to Diana as she guided me through the whole process creating a safe environment full of trust, openness, encouragement, support and understanding. I absolutely recommend having this session with Diana, she is not only very professional and well educated in this field but also compassionate, welcoming and kind.
Massive thank you for this unforgettable, inspirational experience.



September 2019

Diana is caring, kind, properly trained, and excellent at what she does. I found the session to be very helpful.


C. A. R.

December 2018

We go through life trying so hard to be strong, we bottle up or emotions, our fears, our pain and our sorrow. Then one day we discover that we are ill and wonder "How did that get here", "Where did that come from". And, like a Genie trapped in a bottle this energy grows and grows until it becomes over welcoming. With all the best intentions in the world we tell ourselves "I will deal with this tomorrow", but tomorrow never seems to come.

Well, that day, my tomorrow came recently within a Hypnotherapy Session with Diana. The cork was removed and the Genie flew out. All that built up energy that was keeping me locked in a holding pattern where I could not move forward, was released.

Thank you Diana, for not judging me, not doubting me and instead for supporting me though that process. I am still releasing energy and probably will for a few more days after our session, now I can deal with each issue on it's own merit without being over welcomed.

I cannot recommend you highly enough as a Hypnotherapist, but also as a New Found Friend.

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