Dianne Leandres

I truly believe that by reaching our higher selves and exploring our other lives, we can understand and clear emotional and physical issues, fears and blocks we have carried with us from another time and place. Let's explore together!

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Dianne Leandres

Past Life Regressions (QHHT) Practitioner; Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), "Guided" Channeled Readings

~ Member Since 2013

We can “travel” to places that can give us information to help us receive a deeper understanding of who we really are and why we are here.   I have been involved in intuitive readings (communication with spirit) and past life regressions since the mid 1980’s.  I find that combining Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method and my ability to communicate with our guides is an excellent means to blend those two modalities to give the client the “best of both worlds,”  which is Beyond Quantum Healing.  I found that as I was guiding clients through a past life, I was receiving information from spirit and was being urged to share it with them.  I discovered that sharing this information with clients was a positive addition to their past life  experience.   I feel these two modalities enhance each other beauifully to make each Beyond Quantum Healing session a personal, unique and enlightening experience!

I also have a You Tube Channel (Conversations with Spirit & Beyond) created to share channeled information from my guides and other beings of the highest light on subjects that they feel might be of interest to others, at all levels of spiritual growth.  They are happily willing to share this information for our spiritual growth and understanding!

Please send an Email,  call or text me – I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!


My You Tube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1-C_r4mGJspAP157JPNnA
Conversations With Spirit & Beyond – channeled information and guidance from beyond this dimension to assist us in understanding our complex world!

Studied past life regression techniques under Dick Sutphen in 1985.
Communicator of “spirit” since 1986.
Certifiied in Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in 2013.
Through the combination of Past Life Regression Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing and communication with spirit, I have had the privilege of being able to aid people in exploring and understanding how other lives have affected their present journey in this lifetime.



Mark Gregg

October 2021

Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to Dianne.
Dianne`s personal wisdom, her objectivity, clarity and compassion all flowing from her heart are a great blessing to me.
Dianne's gifts as an intuitive, psychic, channeler and guide are invaluable to me, my family and business. She and her team provide crisp, clear, actionable information that you can integrate and implement immediately.
The healing that has come from Dianne's past life regression guidance has been life changing for me. I have freedom and peace of mind I have never experienced before.
I have had the pleasure of working with Dianne many times and have never been disappointed and have been able to make great leaps forward with her guidance.
Dianne is a treasure and an integral part of my team.
With great appreciation, I happily write this endorsement.
Give Dianne a call. (just don't crowd my appointment time) :)
My best regards,
Mark Gregg



March 2021

I enjoyed my session so much. I feel lighter! You have such an amazing gift. My sessions with you have truly changed my life in so many positive ways. I cannot thank you enough! I'm looking forward to listening to my session. I'm sure I will pick up even more. Thank you again!



September 2020

I’ve been meaning to write a review on my visit with Diane for a while, as my session was last summer! I wanted to make sure I shared with anyone who hasn’t met her. I happened upon Diane’s page rather synchronistically, and just from her photo and the little information I had I got a really positive feeling from her. She is exactly what I expected! Her energy feels like a combination of the most loving grandmother and your favorite aunt (although to be clear she doesn’t look like a grandmother!).

Her home was so comfortable, I felt completely at ease during my session, enjoyed talking with and learning from her, and she spent so much time with me- hours! I think her rate is incredibly reasonable for the time and energy she puts into her work. She has also been a huge help when I had some follow-up questions, even almost a year later. Obviously I recommend her as a practitioner!

In terms of my QHHT experience, I had never had the experience before- it was all new. I had never undergone hypnosis before, and I don’t know what it feels like to others, but I didn’t feel different, just followed my intuition and the was amazed by the things I felt and saw. It was very comfortable. I will say that I am not miraculously healed of my issues, but I don’t know that I expected that, and for what I’m working on, I think a lot came up that I needed to recognize and still need to dig into. I look at this as part of the process though too, and think there is more for me personally to uncover. Understanding something that was underlying most things in my life was an incredible gift of understanding I’ve needed my entire life.

I should also add that I am very open to perspectives on our lives, spirit, and healing, so I didn’t have any questions about the process- it made sense to me even when it felt new, and I felt Diane was very trustworthy. If you haven’t been exposed to hearing about “spirit guides”, etc., some of the healing stuff may sound a little “woo woo” (and she will probably even say that)- but I would say give it a chance because you are in good hands, and will be surrounded by love, positive energy, and healing energy- and anything that comes up during hypnosis will come from you, and could be the start of a beautiful transformation.

Thank you Diane!



February 2019

My session with Dianne was a great experience. I felt comfortable with her immediately! She is very warm and caring and very thorough. I had many questions answered during my session. Life changing experience!



January 2019

My experience with Dianne was nothing short of amazing! I could not believe the information that was coming from my "Higher Self." It provided me with peace of mind and clarity regarding some concerns I've had. I highly recommend QHHT and the complete experience that Dianne provides.



October 2018

This being my first session, and being familiar with the benefits it can have in one's life - when you make that first appointment you can't help but be nervous - yet the moment you meet Dianne it's like you've always known her. She is kind, caring, and her place is beautiful, comfortable and easy to find. In the beginning, she will take you through the steps of the session, then go over the questions you brought with you and she makes sure any other questions are answered before starting the session. It is so nice that not once did I feel like Dianne was in a rush during the whole visit, even after we were finished with the session - it was later than I thought we'd be done, yet she will sit there and talk with you about the session and answer all your questions. I feel an extra bonus is that Dianne is intuitive and passes along helpful, wonderful messages that are amazing. I know from just our one meeting that Dianne truly loves what she does and is amazing at it because of that. She just wants to help you and it's felt. During the session, I had my list of concerns addressed and even answered. Thanks to her messages and the work I was able to do during the session, I now see the world differently, almost like my eyes were closed this whole time and now they are open. I will see Dianne again - she is a rare and beautiful soul! Thank you for your time, patience and help with this new journey of mine. Service: Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dianne - she is kind and provides an amazing service. Responsiveness: Always very quick to respond. Expertise: Dianne knows her stuff! Results: I didn't go in with any expectations and the results were outstanding. Deep down you hope that it helps with your concerns, but knew if I put that expectation out there it's possible it wouldn't happen. So much more happened and I couldn't have been happier about it. Communication: Excellent communication via email and all during the session.


Lillie M. Patrick

October 2018

I have read Dolores Cannon's books and listened to many video experiences on You Tube by different practitioners. None of them were even close to mine. Because of Dianne's abilities, they were able to communicate verbally through her. My questions were answered and healing was done. I was totally amazed. I was there from 10:30 to 4:30, without food or water but was not thirsty or hungry. Dianne explained the process, then from about 12:40 to 4:30 I went through a most unusual experience. I was conscious, but part of me was somewhere else. A great amount of healing change was done by the Arcturians on my body, for which I am very grateful. I was also given guidance as to what I need to do now. Dianne is quiet, confident and has all the right connections! She was the perfect person for me.
Service: I could not have asked for anything better.
Responsiveness: Dianne responded almost immediately to all my emails.
Expertise: She has the experience and the connections with the right beings.
Results: It was more than I expected but in a different way. I am so blessed to have been able to have this session with her.
Communication: Dianne is great at communicating.



April 2018

Dianne's service was very professional, yet relaxed & comfortable. I found her rates to be exceptionally reasonable, especially for the amount of time she spent with me. A session takes place in a clean, comfortable & calm environment. My first QHHT session took about five hours, mainly because it was my first time & I had no idea what to expect, so Dianne spent a lot of time talking with me before & after our session answering my MANY questions about everything & anything. Before our actual session, she explained her process very thoroughly & let me know what to expect. I had prepared 10 questions/ concerns to ask my "higher self". We discussed them a bit & talked about what I hoped to get out of the session. The session includes a past life regression & a healing /medical body scan, along with intuitive insights that Dianne receives during the session.

Responsiveness: 5

Dianne always made me feel comfortable & I NEVER once felt rushed. She was more than willing to take all the time needed to explain things to me & answer all of my questions. I had NO IDEA what to expect my first time, so I had a lot of questions. She literally spent several hours with my on my first QHHT session-- more than I anticipated or expected & no extra charge.

Expertise: 5

Dianne is the only QHHT therapist I've gone to, so I can't compare her to others, however, I felt she knew what she was doing & was very professional. What I especially like about Dianne is that she is an intuitive/medium, so this added another whole layer to my experience! I found this extremely helpful because after the past life regression session is finished, she helps you "fill in the blanks" & decipher how & why the past lifetime brought forward fits in with the issues of this lifetime. She communicates with your guides & other spiritual beings during the hypnosis. She waits until AFTER the session to bring forward any information that she received that may help you understand better.

Results: 5

I had nothing to compare my session to, nor did I know what to expect, however, I was very satisfied with my session- In fact, I returned a few months later for another one! What I found MOST helpful was taking home the recording of the session & playing it back several times over the course of several weeks to months. The session contains A LOT of information & it's difficult to fully comprehend the meaning of the particular past life brought forward until later. I put the recording on my phone & listen when I walk the dogs or while taking a bath & suddenly a LIGHT BULB will go off in my head! I highly recommend RE-LISTENING to the session several times-- You will definitely gain new insights into yourself & your current life. I am a very left-brained & analytical person, so this entire concept of past lives & process of past life regression has been a journey for me. I try to remain open about things I don't understand or can't comprehend. It's been a slow, but steady process for me over a course of about seven years.... reading about it & trying to comprehend quantum physics & the fact that we are just light energy vibrating at a particular frequency, continuing on forever.

I highly recommend Dianne if you are at all interested or inquisitive about QHHT/ Past life regression.

Communication: 5

Dianne returned all emails & phone calls within 24 hours. She was patient, made me feel extremely comfortable & at ease. She explained the QHHT process & what I should expect. I never once felt embarrassed or judged or uneasy. She is very amicable, pleasant & super easy to talk with!


BL Thomas

October 2017

The one experience I've had in my life that I can compare to a QHHT session is when I went to university in France for 6 months. That experience was exciting, stimulating, foreign, mind-expanding and life-changing. Visiting past lives for just 2 hours under hypnosis and hearing from my Higher Self afterwards had a similarly profound effect. I don't understand how such a huge, dramatic change can take place in such a short time; I just know that it did. I have had a severe phobia eradicated, a disease cured, and a lifelong anxiety disappear. And all in such a safe, relaxing, warm, nurturing environment. Dianne is easy to talk to while going over your history and the questions you bring with you that you want to ask your Higher Self. The hypnosis section is comfortable and easy, and Dianne is very skillful in guiding you through relevant past lives and knowing just when to guide you to the next step. The information she receives from your angels and guides through channeling is invaluable as well. I have been in therapy several times and was a therapist myself for 25 years. I have never encountered any techinque that was as dramatically life-changing as QHHT has been for me. I can speak to my Higher Self sometimes when I'm alone, but I can never achieve the results that I have seen from sessions with Dianne. Having her there as a QHHT guide - and a channeler - makes all the difference. I highly recommend having a session with her and expecting astounding results. Listening to the recording she makes of the session is also so helpful for expanding your learning for weeks afterward. I am normally a very skeptical person who doesn't think anything is going to work for me! I have been blown away by the results from my QHHT sessions.


Bev "Snow"

October 2017

I've been interested in the Dolores Cannon's QHHT process for some time, watching her videos and following her method. I started looking for a practitioner in my local area and was lead/guided to Dianne. I believe that I was guided exactly to where I needed to be to have a full and rich experience. Results: The experience isn't a #, it's an experiential result that I feel will continue to evolve/expand. Communication: The time spent with Dianne was well spent. She devoted the entire time to me to facilitate my full experience. I didn't feel rushed. She is an open vestal for my experience to be perfect, which it was. The session was easy to access my subconscious and deeper states of being. The session was very relaxing and easy. Lots of information and opportunities for self healing; seeing things at a level I wouldn't see with the 3D mind. A wonderful opportunity to look at myself from a loving, open and caring place - self look as well as having Dianne as a guide and facilitator to help look further to help me shine my own light into places I wouldn't know how to access otherwise.


Bethany Wilson

June 2017

I went to Dianne seeking help for myalgic encephalomyelitis, a severely disabling disease I've had for 27 years - one which had kept me bedridden and cut off from all normal life. During the “body scan” phase of the QHHT session, my 4 most important symptoms were addressed - ones I've sought treatment for for over 27 years and doctors, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists and other types of healers I consulted were not able to understand or assist me. Immediately after the session with Dianne, I felt completely free of all symptoms and I have resumed introducing myself back into "normal life!" People who know me well are completely amazed. That was my reason for this QHHT session, but the information I got from a past life also addressed a deep-seated trust issue I've had from early childhood. I got so much more than I expected from this session and I would recommend Dianne to anyone seeking help for emotional, physical or life purpose issues. I am so grateful to Dianne for her excellent expertise at channeling and QHHT as well as her warm, caring persona. I have never felt so accepted, safe and cared for as I did in the QHHT session. And the results are simply amazing!


Linda Parsons

April 2017

I contacted Dianne for a QHHT session to help me with extreme anxiety that had become unbearable. I was taken to a lifetime that enabled me to observe the problem and understand how it was affecting me in my present life. This protocol helped me to move through the anxiety and begin my healing journey. After my session with Dianne, I immediately felt at peace and I knew my burden had been lifted. Having a QHHT session with Dianne was an incredible experience!



April 2017

I went to Dianne with a very specific issue that has plagued me for my entire adult life. I'd tried many other modalities to heal this wound and had made only incremental progress. In my own work as a healer, I've discovered that the most effective thing I can do for a client is to help them discover their own truth. Dianne easily and gently took me back to the lifetime where my problem began. She showed me the road and as I walked down it, I was startled, deeply moved, and finally transformed. Dianne is a completely open channel who receives clear, loving information to guide you to wholeness and happiness. I've never seen anyone quite so gifted. With her guidance, I finally felt safe enough to face my issue and heal it.


Helena Berber

April 2017

Dianne's gentle approach instilled trust and a readiness for me to explore a realm completely unfamiliar to me. The proof of her talent was revealing to me a nickname which was impossible for her to have known prior. She offers a space that is timeless. I highly recommend her services!


Diana Mitzel

April 2017

This experience has been life changing for me. I now understand so much more of my life and the why's. I received confirmation from my Spirit Guides and from my father about the path I am taking. It really was amazing to connect with my higher self I will be doing this again! Dianne is so easy to talk to and has such a gentle spirit.


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