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Ellen Pavent

Source of Life Healing


~ Member Since 2013


I am a Level 2 QHHT practitioner, and am so fortunate to have been taught directly by the Master herself, Dolores Cannon, before she passed on from this life.

Having been taught directly by Spirit since I was a child, I was taken away in a meditative dream state and taught by many of the Ascended Masters. ¬†My spiritual gifts have always remained at the forefront of my life, since I somehow managed to retain many special gifts that we all enter the world with. I was guided to receive formal training for my gifts from the ages of 16-20, and was taught by one of the best psychics I’ve ever known, Reverend Calista Rita. I was always taught to use my psychic gifts and various abilities to help humanity and the planet, and have been a spiritual teacher for most of my life.

Like many highly gifted people, I experienced health challenges throughout my life. ¬†Then, at 37 I was overcome with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and lost my career as a business representative for AT&T. ¬†The following year I was in a debilitating car accident that left me incapacitated for over a year, and with lasting back problems. ¬†All of this started me on an intense path of healing with guidance from my “inner Spirit team”, and in the following years I learned and participated in many various modalities and teaching whenever and wherever possible.

I was honored to be invited to attend the prestigious Institute of Enlightenment in St Augustine Florida, from which I graduated in 1992. ¬†While attending the school, I was also one of the featured channelers and healers at “The Dome”, a unique healing center built on a crystal bed in Beverly Beach Florida.

By the year 2000, I was guided by Spirit to move to my current home and to create a studio, and to start teaching meditation and spirituality classes once again. ¬†Spirit specifically picked the location…with the Thames River flowing on one side, and an obelisk (Groton Monument) and an amethyst crystal bed in direct alignment with my studio. ¬†The energy here is absolutely exquisite!

A core group was created, and we faithfully meditated weekly for over 12 years.  Because of our dedication, we attracted teachings from the Masters and Ascended Masters, Archangels, galactic beings, and all of the various beings from the Realms of Illumined Truth.

In my core group was a woman named Lisa, and from the moment I met her I recognized her from working together in many past lives.  She had also experienced major health challenges in this life, and we were always learning and taking various classes to clear and improve our health and to help others.  She and I still try to meditate weekly to this day, since 2001!

We went to Chicago to train with Richard Bartlett and became certified in Level 1&2 Matrix Energetics. That training made us aware of the Quantum Field and the possibilities of working with it. We were eventually drawn to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique to work on each other and family, and found it to be the best method for healing with the most consistent results.  Our belief in QHHT led us into a partnership and the creation of Source of Life Healing, however, due to pressing family issues Lisa has since stepped away.

I believe that healing comes from within, and love that QHHT is accomplished through a person’s own Higher Self and subconscious and that I am merely the facilitator. I love and believe in QHHT, and there’s no greater feeling for me than to receive feedback from my clients about their miraculous healing!


Level 2 QHHT Practitioner taught by the Master herself; Dolores Cannon.

I have been taught directly by the Ascended Masters and Masters since I was a child.

Advanced psychic training from Reverend Calista Rita from the ages of 16-20.

Graduate of the Institute of Enlightenment in St. Augustine FL 1989 -1992.

Graduate of Level 1 & 2 Matrix Energetics training by Richard Bartlett in Chicago.

Completed Remote Viewing course by Gerald O’Donnell.

Aspect Releasement working with Archangel Michael and the Angelic Trauma Team.

Soul Wounds and Unlearned and Unhealed Soul Lessons often provided through Creator Beings.

My true abilities are natural, and my Inner Knowing comes from the Realms of Spirit. ..it’s who I have always been at my core! I truly am so fortunate to have been trained directly by the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Masters that would channel in Meditation and Spirituality classes that I taught for over 12 years in the very Sacred Space that is now my studio. Many clients have said that they feel like they’re stepping into heaven!


Full scholarship to the Institute of Enlightenment.



Don Martel

May 2024

Dear Ellen,

I am so thankful for our meeting and all you have brought to life in me. It’s still just me but I truly feel reborn from within. That joy we spoke about, it feels like tidal wave rolling over me, It’s hard to keep the tears from flowing.

You are truly a blessed gift that God has sent to all of us on this earth and you have me “walking on the clouds”. For so long I have woken every morning dreading the day ahead… those feelings have evaporated and I am so excited for what my future holds, and I have you to thank for this!!

I have no words to express the depth of my gratitude!!





Naomi Freeman

December 2023

The service Ellen provides is incredibly unique and very high level. She is a true professional.
The experience had a profound effect on me. I feel reborn in a way. Very light and a childlike glee.
I can tell many things are shifting and changing in good ways and will continue to in the future as well.

It was such an honor to meet Ellen and I am so grateful to have connected with her for the session. Thank you so much Ellen!
Most warmly, Naomi



March 2023

Ellen was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I genuinely could not imagine having had a session with anyone else. I was able to gain so much healing and information and Will forever be grateful. 


Sarah B

January 2022

Ellen was phenomenal! She spent 7 hours with me discussing all of my life dilemmas, issues and struggles. All the good, bad and ugly. Secrets were revealed, trauma was addressed and all my deepest fears were accounted for. I cried through a box of tissues as I told her everything.

I cannot express my gratitude for this session deeply enough. Words are not enough. My heart is full, my brain is quiet and words are hard to come by today. I highly recommend this healing for all who are struggling in any way. It was profound.


M. Y.

October 2021

Since discovering Dolores Cannon's work, I had been greatly looking forward to experiencing my own QHHT session. With an open mind and curiosity, I booked a session with Ellen based on her down-to-earth presentation of her services, and a sense of genuineness I felt towards her before even meeting. My intuition was not wrong -- my QHHT session with Ellen had exceeded all expectations. It has been 20 days since my life-changing session with Ellen, and I continue to see great benefits as more days go by.

Ellen and I had an extremely open, engaging pre-QHHT talk. She absorbed my life stories quickly and understood them in ways no therapists have before, and I quickly developed trust in her. This allowed me to explore intimate and painful memories more openly, which she wonderfully incorporated into the healing during the hypnosis portion. Because I felt such genuine care from her, I was able to release my doubts and worries towards whether I would have a successful hypnosis experience -- and it was definitely a success!

The results of the session have been astounding. Many of my lifelong phobias have quite simply dissipated, now replaced with confidence. My dreams have changed in quality. I felt physical aches in the days following the session, especially in my head; as if waking up from a surgery. I felt more connected to my higher self -- listening to the recording of the session, I am amazed how "knowing" my higher self sounded, confirming that I have a greater influence on my own life than I'd led myself to believe.

I can continue to write more positive things about my experience, but it will become a whole essay. Ellen is a gifted healer and a lovely human being, and is truly dedicated to her work. I am so grateful that I met Ellen; this experience has been a true gift.


Karen W

April 2021

Ellen is a skilled and loving QHHT expert who has guided me through 2 powerful sessions in past year. I've revisited several emotional past lives (and verified some parts through internet research), taught me to listen to my higher self, and how to truly grow spiritually. I've learned a tremendous amount from QHHT sessions and would recommend Ellen highly to resolve past pain and encourage physical/mental healing.



January 2021

Ellen is a kind, generous, loving & powerful healer. Not only is she extremely talented at what she does, she also truly cares about you as more than a client & as an individual. Her prices are amazing & the amount of time she spends helping you work through your traumas is incredible. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her & I’m humbled to have received such an influential healing from her. Thank you Ellen ♥️????


John Vojtek

December 2020

I had the most amazing experience with Ellen. She is absolutely wonderful. She puts in above and beyond the work needed for your healing session. She’s very skilled at her practice. Such a beautiful being of light. Honestly I found this session to be the most fun I have had in a while. Very blessed to have met her.



August 2020

I always had a sense that most physical ailments have their basis in unhealed spiritual and emotional disturbances.

I met Ellen 6 or 7 years ago. Something about her spirit and loving manner resonated with me right away. She was kind and very sincere in her effort to help me. Since then I have reached out at moments when my life would become mired in darkness and I needed guidance and healing. Each time after a session with her, I would walk away with a deeper sense of myself and confidence in my ability to overcome my sickness – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. In times of deep trouble, it is Ellen that I seek. She is the healer that other healers go to. Most recently, I set the intention in my life for clarity of purpose and spiritual healing after the loss of a long-term relationship. Not sure what would happen, I remained open. A few days later, I received a message from Ellen “out of the blue” and I know she had been sent to help me once again.

What I find so compelling about her is the level of dedication and integrity she has when it comes to helping her clients heal. For 3 days prior to a session she begins to channel what you need to be healed. She then spends another hour or however long it takes to truly understand your intention in person. Then the formal part of the session begins. Each time I leave the experience with her, my life and health are better for it. In all my years of seeking out spiritual advisors and healers I have never met anyone with the level of dedication to her clients nor anyone that I trust with my heart as much as Ellen. She is the real deal. A session with her is special. It is a unique experience that you will not have anywhere else.

My encouragement would be to stay open and see what empowering healings are waiting for you. I highly recommend Ellen to all who sincerely want to transform the roots of illness and live a healthier and happier life. I owe her a debt of gratitude.


Suzanne C.

August 2020

If you are ready to face and break the chains that bind you in pain, depression and negativity and you yearn to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual self, schedule a quantum hypnosis healing session with Ellen Pavent. My session was absolutely life changing! I received glimpses of various past lives which provided some great understanding, cutting of ties and release of current behaviors or unfavorable character flaws or relationships that have plagued me in this lifetime. My session has allowed for a re-wiring or retraining of my brain to choose to live and react in a more positive manner rather than my programmed reactiveness of judgement, impatience and anger. The connection to my spiritual and galactic families, reminding me that "We are all One", was a great gift and unspoken request to me to project love, compassion, understanding and patience with my fellow brothers and sisters. I respectfully suggest, receive a Quantum Hypnosis Healing session, and start yourself on your healing path.

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