Tiffany Dennison

Mobile Phone: 406-224-7487
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Phone call
Available Hours: I am flexible and available to work around every individual’s schedule.
Payment Options: Venmo, PayPal
Languages: English

Time Zone: Mountain

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Address: 101, Bickford Lane, Livingston, Montana, 59047, United States.

Tiffany Dennison

Embodiment in Montana


My name is Tiffany Dennison. I’m currently located in Livingston, Montana. I attended Candace’s Beyond Quantum Healing course in 2021.  I have been practicing this modality since then for friends and family. Now the time feels right to offer BQH to others that resonate with me.  I am also practicing to become a certified Bowenwork practitioner and will be adding this phenomenal modality to my practice as well.

I am so grateful for this platform considering my own personal experiences with so called gurus and various other individuals whom I feel are cashing in on the vulnerability we all experience as we become more aware of the true nature of our existence.  My main goal is to create a safe space for others as they become activated and join the ever expanding awareness of our collective consciousness. I see myself in every human I connect with and only want to help others into their own embodiment of their authentic self.

I am hoping to create community locally and worldwide.  My husband and I have a space set up that is available for retreat style gatherings or one on one sessions.   I am also willing to do virtual sessions.


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