Erin Bathauer

Our ability to transform is beautiful.

Office Phone: 559-372-9691
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Phone, email
Available Hours: Call/email for appointment or consultation any time. Office hours for in-person sessions are Friday, Saturday, and Monday 10-4.Distance video chat sessions are scheduled Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-2pm.
Payment Options: Paypal, Square
Languages: English

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Address: 2060, North Winery Avenue, Fresno, California, 93703, United States.


Erin Bathauer

Healing Journeys Hypnosis and Spiritual Services

Quantum Healer

~ Member Since 2019

Healing journeys is dedicated to helping you explore, heal, and transform. ¬†I’m Erin, your Quantum Healer in Fresno, California. ¬†If you’re not in the area, I offer sessions via Zoom video conferencing.

I enjoy taking people on these healing journeys with Beyond Quantum Healing, and am also trained in QHHT and Reiki energy healing. ¬†Each experience is unique, each client is special to me and I’ve loved every minute of what I do.

I offer healing hypnosis journeys, intuitive guidance sessions, spiritual clearing and cleansing, and accelerated energy healing sessions (AEH) both in person, and remotely.  Feel free to call for an appointment or consultation over the phone or email me if you have any questions.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Level 1 (QHHT) Certified
Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Certified
Accelerated Energy Healing (AEH) Practitioner
Reiki ll Practitioner



Ry Man

December 2019

Wow. What an amazing experience. I came to Erin not quite knowing what to expect and my ego couldn’t help but to hold high expectations. She did not disappoint!!
For the first portion we discussed what was going on in my life and what I was searching for in this therapy session. We opened the hypnosis with setting my intent for the meeting and doing a little ceremony. I thought this was great and it helped me to focus my energy on what I wanted.
Now, I did not really remember the session after she put me under, but she sent me videos of the session and I have been able to return to them and reflect. Now that I have observed myself a few times, I can actually recall the experience! It was was nothing short of incredible!
Since the regression, I have been able to focus more on my goals and drive to attain them. I have been able to meditate and focus my energy on myself and growing as an individual. I know this is just the beggining and I am looking forward to many more sessions with Erin.
I rated the 4 on experience because, like myself, Erin is still learning this skill. I enjoyed being able to experience and work with each other! Before the hypnosis, she asked if she could ask my higher self some questions regarding some recent experiences she was having. I am glad she asked first, but I would not have said no! I REALLY enjoyed being able to give back and help further her journey of self discovery as well. It was perfectly intimate and not too overwhelming or anything!
Thank you Erin!! Can not wait till our next session!

This is about BQH — and if you are questioning the fact that it’s over video chat, don’t!! In my experience I felt more comfortable and had complete control over my environment.


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