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Imagination is the key to freedom, our belief systems shape the reality we choose to create for ourselves.

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Eva Rozier

New Earth Healer


~ Member Since 2021

At the age of 18 years old I decided to go to nursing school, graduated at 20 years old and took a job as a summer camp nurse in Massachusetts. After the summer camp job I moved to Valdosta, GA working on 5 West in the Hospital which was the oncology floor. During nursing school my very first patient as a student nurse passed away while I held her hand, my first day in the hospital. I felt a calling to work with hospice after working the oncology unit for a while. 

After moving to Jacksonville, FL I signed up with hospice traveling all over Jacksonville as a hospice “end of life” nurse. I held the hands of my patients while they transitioned over and was a supporting shoulder to lean on if a family member asked. Notice I say transitioned and not die….Because we do not die. We are more than physical bodies. 

Through the years of working in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, plastic surgery I’ve seen some true miracles happen and seen some serious heart aches. Recently I have been asked by several people if I was going to “quit” nursing to start this healing arts and yoga practice. The traditional nurse will always be inside me but I have always known that we are more than physical health and more than mental health. We have this metaphysical body around us as well, our aura. 

As a healing arts practitioner I work with this aura, our bio magnetic field to help clear any blocks that may be in your field. Over the past few years I’ve been able to become a RYT 500 which means I’ve trained officially in yoga for 500hrs. Also I became Reiki Master which is the highest level of Reiki level. Being a super sensitive highly intuitive and empathetic person for all of my life I understood that we are able to heal ourselves and I assist in this. Not to take away from Doctors or the medical field in which I highly respect and will always suggest to use in combination with energy healing. 

Being able to listen to the calling of my mind, my body and my spirit by is such a blessing along with serving others. By being blessed I hope I can bless others along the rest of my journey on Earth. Recently using BQH ( Beyond Quantum Healing ) as a modality for assistance in healing the metaphysical body. 

I am a teacher understanding a good teacher is always the student. Om Shanti ( Shanti means peace ) Om Peace YOGA & Healing Arts!!!! Have FUN, enjoy life and just be.


RN, RYT 500, Reiki Master, BQH Practitioner, Healing Arts Practitioner, Energy Healer

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