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Georgeanna DeCarlo

~ Member Since 2015

I became a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner shortly after I experienced two amazing and miraculous ¬†sessions. I’ve had the privilege of facilitating many sessions and have now expanded my service to Beyond Quantum Healing.

As a mother of six; oldest is 31 and youngest are seven-year-old twin boys, my children are my best teachers. More than anything, their questions and unconditional love have inspired me to search beyond my personal self-perceived boundaries for truth.

As a working mom initially it seemed too self-indulgent to pursue that solo journey of introspection entirely to satisfy my own curiosity. But with each set of eyes staring into mine, asking me who God is and why we are here, the truth resonated more strongly in me to keep going.

Behind me is an accumulation of abandoned theories, political parties, group affiliations and religions. I used to feel bad about outgrowing them or wondered why my supposed loyalty wasn’t stronger. But now I understand that it is all part of who I am today.

I’ve always purported self-empowerment and I understand now that my different associations were aligned to give me perspective. I left each affiliation when I began to feel the encroachment of my independence.

We are sovereign. We are meant to explore.

To put food on the table, I’ve been employed in a menagerie of fields, each giving me a greater perspective of myself, inner-outer working relationships having served as a borough secretary, receptionist, waitress, sales rep, assembly line worker in a factory, phone solicitor, newspaper reporter and typesetter, worked on a potato harvester, residential construction and masonry, sold essential oils, and helped to establish my hometown’s domestic violence program 25 years ago where I worked as a counselor, legal advocate, suicide hotline worker and crisis intervention representative and board member. I am also the author of “Retribution,” a psychological thriller and former columnist of “Life’s Wild, A Mother’s Outdoor Journal” which detailed our family’s hikes around our home.

Inherently, I have always felt an especially strong attraction to nature. I had the privilege of growing up in the forests here in northwestern Pennsylvania, where I still live today. I grew up playing in the woods, the creek, daily, a core relationship that I am grateful to share with my children.

Nature is my greatest mentor, brings me solace, comfort, guidance. I love to photograph elements of nature and through this came another major discovery that transformed my life – orbs. I have hundreds of orb photographs and in searching for information, met a friend who introduced me to The Sasquatch Message for Humanity which catapulted my experience into a whole ‘nother realm. I have been given the great honor of being an ambassador for the Sasquatch people and subsequently wrote a chapter in The Sasquatch Message for Humanity, Book 3.

Through it all, it has been the relationships that I formed at each of these workplaces that have meant the most to me. Former co-workers remain some of my very best friends.

So that is another reason why I enjoy this work so much and look forward to meeting new people, although nowadays it seems like more of a reunion than an introduction.

I am grateful to be in the position of assisting people in their unique individual quests as a Quantum Healing practitioner; a tour guide and assistant, so to say, as we become better acquainted by answering this call to explore together. No matter where we “end up” we are given opportunity to become one another’s teachers, and friends.



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