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It's time to transcend the mundane and embody your Higher Self!

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Hansa Draaka Gutierrez

Transcendence Therapy, LLC

QHHT Practitioner, BQH Facilitator, Relational Psychotherapist

~ Member Since 2018

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Hansa offers QHHT and BQH sessions for $500 (4-5 hr session).  She offers a small number of scholarships for clients in need, just ask.

In 2017 Hansa personally discovered the transformative practice of the late Dolores Cannon, known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. ¬†After experiencing her first QHHT session in March 2017, Hansa gained more healing and insight in that one session than with any other healing modality she had tried. This led her to pursue initial training in the technique the following Fall and she received her QHHT Level 2 certificate in 2019. In QHHT sessions clients have reported physical healing of all kinds, the resolution of long-held emotional limitations, and deeper insight into their relationships and life patterns. This is always achieved through the client’s readiness and openness to growth, not by the practitioner ‚Äúdoing‚Äù anything to them.

In 2018 Hansa received additional training in Beyond Quantum Healing, which builds upon regressive/progressive hypnosis and allows her to offer both in-person and online quantum healing sessions to people around the world.  This can be a wonderful option for clients who are unable or simply prefer not to come to an in-person session.  In addition, BQH allows Hansa to integrate other healing modalities so that the session can be tailored for the clients. These may include:  spiritual coaching, relational psychotherapy, ancestral healing, trauma release, working with angels, animal communication, crystals, energy work and more!

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or Beyond Quantum Healing session with Hansa lasts about 4-5¬†hours. It’s advised that the client eat a hearty breakfast and bring a smoothie or other snack to have during the initial interview stage. For the first couple hours the client and practitioner talk about what brought them to the session, any concerns or curiosities they may have, and key relationships that may come up in the hypnosis session. Then the list of questions for the higher-self that the client has brought is reviewed, adding to it or revising it as necessary. This list can have any number of questions, on any topic. Frequently people ask about health, love, family, career, etc. But there are truly no limits and the client is free to ask their higher-self about any topic.

After the initial interview, Hansa leads the client into the state of trance, in which their higher-self will lead them to the most appropriate time and place for healing. This can be a ‚Äúlife‚Äù in the past, present or future, and it may be as an energy, an animal, a human, or anything else the higher-self chooses to show the client. Through exploring one or more lives, the client is prepared for direct contact with their higher-self. At that point in the session, Hansa asks the higher-self the client’s questions, and insight and healing often take place in this part. After coming out of trance, Hansa and the client discuss the process and what has been learned.

A QHHT or BQH session is a healing experience that doesn’t require any particular religious or spiritual beliefs. It is for people who range from ‚Äúspiritually curious‚Äù to those actively seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, to those who make this type of spiritual exploration a regular part of their lives.


QHHT Practitioner, BQH Facilitator, Spiritual Coach, Relational Psychotherapist, EMDR therapist, MS LMFT



Dorothee A.

August 2019

I had an online session with Hansa, mainly about a physical issue. It was an absolute pleasure working with her! Her questions gently guided me through the process, helping me explore what needed to be explored, and keeping me on track, without suggesting anything. The healing experience was beyond powerful, the information that came through was exactly what I needed at the time. Hansa is well-versed in a variety of healing methods, and knows what to use when to use. Even best, my physical issue was gone after the session and never came back. I highly recommend working with her!


Lori Reed

July 2019

I experienced a wonderful in-person QHHT session with Hansa. Her treatment room was clean and comfortable. I felt very safe in speaking with her about my interests and intention for having a session. She was so kind and patient with my doubts. Her warm, soft voice created a very relaxing mindspace for the session. I appreciated the time she spent with me, helping me discover how belief systems create blocks. I highly recommend Hansa for her work as a quantum healing practitioner and her transcendence therapy.


Lindsay Parris

July 2019

I had a wonderful BQH session with Hansa. Her friendly and welcoming vibe made me feel comfortable opening up to her. I appreciated the detailed questions she came up with to help guide me while I was on the quantum healing journey. She thought of guiding questions to ask that helped me explore areas and insights I wouldn't have come up with on my own. I got clarity about past lives and how they have affected my physical experiences in this life as well as clarification on some past mystical dreams. I also gained compassion and clarity in regards to several of my personal relationships during my BQH session with Hansa. I particularly liked how when my guides and higher self were offering healing, she asked them to describe what they were doing as they offered the healing. I would definitely recommend her to guide you through this unique healing experience.

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