Heather Stubbs

"Every soul is immortal -for whatever is in perpetual motion is immortal. Every man's soul has by the law of his birth been a spectator of eternal truth, or would never have passed into this, our mortal frame"-Plato

Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: Saturday's for Hypnosis, Appointments take 4-6
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Address: 909, 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98164, United States.

Heather Stubbs

REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASE QHHT practitioner/Introspective Hypnosis/ BQH student/ Life Between Lives-on line/ AURA

~ Member Since 2017

Hi, Thanks for checking out my page:) My name is Heather Stubbs. I live in the Seattle area. I have spent the last 15 years studying the Soul, yoga, the mind and much more. Over the last 5 years I have submerged myself in the realm of spiritual hypnosis and have recently traversed the spectrum into the realm of distance/ remote healing via a medium. I conduct sessions online or in person. I offer two services in aid of healing. SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS SESSIONS and REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASE. Certifications QHHT certified level 1 – Intern March 2017 Introspective Hypnosis certified August 2017 On Line LBL- Life Between Lives- Karen E Welles/Udemy – 2018 BQH – Beyond Quantum Healing beta course AURA- certified February 2019 Remote Spirit Release 2019-certfied March 2020 REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASE COST $135 Please email me to schedule an appointment at hstubbs206@gmail.com I am blessed to say this is my current focus. I am proud to be certified in Remote Spirit Release with Dr. Terence Palmer, author, The Science of Spirit Possession. I began training in March 2019 and attended his Live training October 2019. This is for heavier ailments and best used for those that cannot or should not be hypnotized. If you suffer from anxiety, PTSD, paranoia, bipolar, depression, Dissociative Identity Disorder, psychosis, hearing voices, or other odd ailments, we would love to work with you. This is not therapy. This is a way of cleaning an energetic or etheric wound. In this type of session, we are not together physically. As a practitioner, I work with a medium who connects with a highly trained Spirit Guide, or I work as a Medium with my Spirit Guide Dorothy. These Guides are trained in Dr. Palmer’s protocol which works to ensure sovereignty. Sovereignty means that you and only you are completely in charge of your own body. This is your right as a human. Grounding is also regulated as well as chakras balanced and much more. The protocol also addresses Soul Contracts that may be hindering your evolution. These are often entered into without conscious permission and create a pathway for beings not of yourself to enter into your aura. In order to work in this manner, the client is not present during the time of the session. The Guide connects with the clients Higher Self and requests permission to work. If permission is not granted the Guide is made aware. This does not happen often. Again, this is not therapy. To schedule with our team please email me at hstubbs206@gmail.com. QUANTUM HYBRID HYPNOSIS SESSIONS COST Sessions cost $400. Payment required up front to hold the date and time Please email me to schedule an appointment at hstubbs206@gmail.com Quantum Hybrid Hypnosis is my own free flow form of spiritual hypnosis. What is spiritual hypnosis? Glad you asked:) Spiritual hypnosis is hypnosis that works at advancing the spiritual evolution of a person through accessing of the subconscious. Often times in our current lives we find ourselves repeating patterns, dealing with ailments with seemingly no cause, or have questions about our path. Spiritual hypnosis takes you on a journey into your own subconscious where you hold the answers. This type of hypnosis is very powerful and can be life changing. Forms of spiritual hypnosis are, QHHT or the Dolores Cannon method, Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives, accessing the Akashic Records, or information from the womb. Sessions can take anywhere from 4 – 6 hours. I recommend dedicating your entire day to the process. Consider it a spa day but you will be working hard with your eyes closed. It begins with an hour or so of pre-talk. This is where I get to know you. Your life story is valuable and holds keys that can assist us in the session. Then there is about 15 minutes of energy work done. This consists of using a chakra bowl and a form of energy work to create a solid connection with your Higher Self. From here hypnosis is induced. This is where the theta brainwave state is accessed. Theta is the state right before you fall asleep and right before you wake up. It is the place where you begin to dream. This is the state that we explore to find the answers to your questions. When exploring the theta state, information can come in many forms. It can be seen as a scene, it can be a feeling or a knowing. It’s like accessing information when reading a book. The key is surrendering and allowing yourself to trust yourself. In theta, we can walk you through a past life that may be reverberating in this lifetime or meet with spirit guides or your counsel to find the answers to your questions. All journey’s are different. After moving through scenes from your subconscious, we then call in your Higher Self. Your Higher Self has been with us from the beginning, even at booking the session. Your Higher Self and my Higher Self came together to have the session. Often times even just after booking a session, you will find changes concurring or questions coming forward or being answered. To assist in understanding more of the Higher Self, this is a quote from RA – Law of One, Book II pp.68-69 “The Higher Self is a manifestation given to late sixth density mind/body/spirit complex as a gift from it’s future selfness. The mid-seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the Creator and gaining spiritual mass is to give this resource to the sixth density self, moving as you measure time in the stream of time. This self, the mind/body/spirit complex of late sixth-density, has then the honor/duty of using both experiences of its total living bank of memory of experience, thoughts and actions, and using the resource of the mind/body/spirit complex totality left behind as a type of infinitely complex thought-form. In this way you may see your self, your higher self or Oversoul, and your mind/body/spirit complex totality as three points in a circle. The only distinction is that of your time/space continuum. All are the same being” In Quantum Hybrid Hypnosis we are able to call in your Higher Self or the Angelics to preform a body scan. Here the higher realm is able to scan the physical vessel and work to provide healing or answers as to what is needed to heal. The final part of our session is a high level overview of the experience. It is important after a session to continue drinking lots of water and grounding with food and the earth. All sessions are recorded with audio and video for replay. It is of the utmost importance that the client review the recording as more information can be gathered, and more healing can occur. This type of session is a profound method of spiritual awakening and can be a catalyst to life changing events. DISCLAIMER I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, and I do not practice medicine. I am not a psychologist or counselor and do not treat mental illness or provide personal advice or counseling. All guidance and healing in the session is spiritual in nature and comes from client’s own Inner Wisdom and Spirit Guides, and the client is fully responsible for making their own decisions. I do not practice clinical hypnotherapy. My practice is a method of energy work and spiritual hypnosis. I am a spiritual hypnotist, not a therapist. ABOUT ME My journey in understanding consciousness started about 18 years ago with yoga. Yoga, the union of mind-body and spirit. What did this mean? From here I sought answers in Joseph Campbell who taught mythology in comparable religion. What is the self? What happens when we die? What is religion and why do we have them? I then felt as if I had more questions than answers. In 2011 the occupy movement pushed me to question further. I related to this movement and began to search for answers in documentaries, books and classes. There were many: ‘Food Inc,’ ‘The Corporation,’ ‘What the Bleep do We Know?,’ ‘How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization’, and ‘Thrive.’ These seemed to bring even more questions to the forefront. In 2012 a free education site known as ‘Coursera’ was introduced. This site offered free courses from top-notch universities from all over the world. Here, I was able to connect with people from all parts of the planet on different topics. I took many philosophy courses, courses on the brain and science, literature and Buddhism. At the time I understood I was Soul Searching. One course in particular, Soul Beliefs out of Rutgers, got students to analyze belief systems they were brought up with, and looked to explore the existence of the soul. It’s main focus became science and the brain. With many forum contributions all over the world, I began to research and find compelling information on reincarnation, and although science has not currently proven this, it has proven that energy can never be destroyed or created but rather transforms. In 2016 I read Michael Newton, a ‘Journey of Souls’, a hypnotherapist who moved people to their ‘lives between lives.’ In 2017, I was guided to Dolores Cannon whose special technique of past life hypnosis led her to seek answers by calling in the subconscious and the Higher Self. Dolores Cannon’s QHHT course was an entry into my journey in to spiritual hypnosis. From there I took Antonio Sangio’s Introspective Hypnosis course, an online version of Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives taught be Karen E Welles. I have studied BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) and then graciously guided to AURA a type of hypnosis that uses ancient alchemy symbols. Now, my main focus is on Remote Spirit Release. This method was created by Dr. Terence Palmer, author of ‘The Science of Spirit Possession’. In this method I work as medium with my Spirit Guide Dorothy to assist clients clear heavier ailments. It is remotely done by connecting with my Guide and my Guide connecting to the client’s Higher Self, with permission. It is a form of cleansing and harmonizing the Spirit from a Higher perspective. I also work as facilitator with mediums Sandra Green and Karuna Chinchkhede as they channel their Spirit Guides to assist in healing. Here is an early article about me, my past and how I find myself doing this work. https://old.quantumhealers.com/blog/meet-practitioner-heather-stubbs-112 MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXuXI4M5Rb-xVizd3SANfA?view_as=subscriber


QHHT / BQH, Introspective Hypnosis, Life Between Lives -On Line, AURA, REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASE MEDIUM AND FACILITATOR



Plamen Enev

June 2023

Love Heather's work, she was so kind and Loving and very helpful, helping me to feel better and answering my questions! Definitely felt that major shift happening within me!



March 2022

I feel grateful to Heather that I can still sit here and type these words at this moment. I came across Heather and her team at the darkest hour of my life. The spiritual world is confusing, with no obvious moral limits and no so-called justice. It is dangerous. What can provide the real protection is a pure heart and the according discipline. But we are human and make mistakes. Heather and her team help me get an opportunity to learn from my mistakes instead of destroying myself. I can not thank Heather and her team enough.



August 2020

Heather's Remote Spirit Release offering is a true lifesaver! I asked Heather to do a session on my partner as he was in crisis and sinking into darkness. I was suspecting that he was being controlled by negative entities, which turned out to be true. After the clearing session, he changed overnight: no more negativity, no more mood swings. Our relationship was brought back from the brink at a critical moment and is now healing nicely. It wouldn't have been possible without this clearing. I'm so grateful!


Ed S

September 2019

I sought out quantum healing hypnosis because I knew I wanted to connect with my higher self, and to heal several things in my life that have been a burden on me in this lifetime. It was no accident that I found Heather. We were connected in a divine manner that made it clear that we were supposed to meet. Her communication and responsiveness to my questions and concerns made me feel confident that I was working with a true caring professional who understands this process and is willing to be flexible to her clients needs. After the session was complete I was positive that a lot of healing occurred in my life. The spiritual rituals and aura healing part of the session completely relaxed my mind and body and prepared me for connection with my higher self in an unmistakable manner. Heather is an amazing healer who has the passion and desire to connect with her clients, spirit guides, and healing angles to provide the most healing and clarification for her clients. I am so thankful that I met her and that we had an opportunity to work together! Thank you Heather!



June 2019

I cannot say enough about how life changing these AURA sessions can be. Heather is a knowledgeable guide for this process and definitely a professional. She even worked with and around the family dog and my feline "protector" as he worked his way into the session.
This is not your standard hypnosis where you expect to be put into trance and the therapist plugs a whole bunch of subconscious commands or plants post hypnotic suggestions. This is truly Guided self-hypnosis, you are in control(as is your higher self)throughout the entire process.
Heather effectively managed a client(me) who is very resistant to anyone or anything outside of myself working on my psyche or my spirit. To top it off she was able to direct ArchAngels, the greater essence of ME, me when I got stuck or off track and did I mention a cat? It is almost as if she is right there in scene(s) I was envisioning, or in some respects my movie buddy for some of the session.
It is not easy to describe how talented Heather is at this technique without specific personal details but I can say she made me feel comfortable from our first email to this day's in-person session. And she comes to you and does not require much in the way of space or equipment. When I need another session because I feel the need to dive deeper into my healing process and an AURA OR BQH/QHHT is the tool of choice, Heather would be at the top of my list to call.


irina Nola

May 2019

Heather did an online AURA session with me for healing and energy clearing. I feel much better, my skin is improving, and as an additional bonus - I started getting a lot of bookings for my own sessions and my face-painting business - I get a lot of emails every day, way more clients than I used to get. Thank you, Heather!



April 2019

Heather made me feel super comfortable, she’s very knowledgeable and I couldn’t have asked for a better practitioner. The video of the session was professionally well done and I appreciate her work!



April 2019

I had an online Hybrid Hypnosis session with Heather and it was awesome! She is very skillful in helping you to relax and she explains exactly what will happen to put your mind at ease. She is a very patient and intuitive guide. I have a very active Left brained mind, but she was able to help me get into the "zone" where the information could flow. I highly recommend Heather as a skilled practiioner who uses all of her gifts in her sessions to help you forge a better connection with your higher knowing.


Jamie Owens

April 2019

Heather is an amazing hypnotherapist. I have had two sessions with her, and both sessions were extremely profound. I found that I was comfortably resting and walking hand-in-hand with my subconscious to help me understand my past present and future. Heather lovingly took me on a journey through my past to help me heal from traumas. It is a few days past my second session with Heather and I feel amazing. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of me. I struggle with migraine headaches. Heather helped me to reach in and discover where these headaches are stemmed from, and a pathway to eliminate the problem. So many amazing things happened for me. I highly recommend having a session with Heather. You will be so glad you did.

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