Linda Fernandez

"There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing a person fully blossom into the truth of who they are - standing tall in their beauty and sharing their gifts with the world."

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Linda Fernandez

Innerdance, SoulKey Therapy & Cacao Ceremony

Innerdance Facilitator, Intuitive Hypnotherapist, SoulKey Therapist & Cacao Ceremonialist

~ Member Since 2020

My life has been a journey of self-healing and the search for truth.

I was born in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. 

Moments after I was born, my family was on the last flight out of Saigon.

I grew up near the Central Coast of California in a place known as the Salad Bowl of the World.

Both sides of my family carried very strong psychic lineages that converged in me. 

From a very young age, I was spiritually awake and aware, incredibly empathic, intuitive and physically sensitive. 

Life at times was like a Harry Potter movie and a horror film all rolled into one.

I survived many years of abuse and yet, through it all, I never lost my faith in God or the ability to see the inherent goodness in people. 

Even in the darkest moments, I never lost connection to my light or humanity.

It wasn’t until I left my childhood home for good, bound for New York City on a scholarship to NYU, that I was able to really begin my self-healing journey on all levels of my being: mind, body, heart, soul & spirit. 

It took many years of exploration, self-discovery, discernment and trial and error among many different paths before I was able to successfully reconnect with all the different parts of me and blossom into the person I am today.

I have since fully healed myself from Complex PTSD (and other things).

I can also view my past experiences from a place of peace and live my life with passion, joy, humor and an open heart.


Education & Training:

New York University (B.S.)                                                                                                  Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (PhD Program)                            American Academy of Clinical Sexologists (PhD Program)

Professional Certifications:

International Society of Advanced Hypnotherapists                                               Certification: MindBending Language 2022                                                                  Certification: Trauma Collapse Technique Practitioner 2022                                    Certification: SoulKey Therapy 2022                                                                            Certification: C.O.A.C.H Practitioner 2022                                                                  Certification: Trauma Collapse Technique Practitioner 2022

International Association of Counselors & Therapists                                                        Certification: Hypnotherapist 2022                                                                                     Certification: Life Coach 2022

Center for Integrative Hypnosis                                                                                       Certification: Integrative Hypnosis 2022                                                                           Certification: Integrative Life Coach (Coaching the Unconscious Mind) 2022

Keith’s Cacao                                                                                                                   Certification: The Power of Cacao (Cacao Practitioner) 2022

HypnoFertility International                                                                                                 Certification: 3Keys® HypnoBirth 2022                                                                          Certification: 3Keys® HypnoFertility 2021

HypMastery                                                                                                                        Certification: Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practitioner 2021

National Guild of Hypnotists                                                                                            Certification: Consulting Hypnotist 2021

Quantum Healers                                                                                                          Certification: Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner 2020

AromaYogaHealing Arts                                                                                                  Certification: Second Degree USUI Method of Natural Healing (Reiki) 2008

Bellevue Hospital                                                                                                              Certification: Emergency Room Rape Crisis Advocate 2003

American Academy of Clinical Sexologists 2002                                                               Certification: Clinical Sexology 2002

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality                                                      Certification: Clinical Sexology 2001
Certification: SAR (Sexual Attitude Restructuring) 2001

Radiance Stress Management International, Inc.                                                       Certification: First Degree USUI Method of Natural Healing (Reiki) 1999

In addition to the above, I also have over 10 years experience as a clinical sexologist specializing in sex therapy and over 7 years experience, studying and apprenticing as a medicine woman on the shamanic path.


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