Irene Blekhter

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, We are spiritual beings having a human experience." French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Irene Blekhter

Shift to Quantum Life

Vibrational Quantum Healer

Thank you for visiting my page.

My mission is to connect people with their Higher-Self to elevate Consciousness, Energy, and to identify their True-Self.

I am a Vibrational Quantum Healer and expert in Hypnosis techniques such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT), Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), Introspective Hypnosis (IH), Past Life Regression (PLR) and Energy Healing technique such as Quantum Touch (QT) and more. With my unique approach, I blend multiple healing techniques to provide my clients with maximum benefit in every session.

I hold several certifications in the healing arts, including QT, QHHT, BQH, and IH, and I am a proud member of the Quantum Healers community. My journey in spiritual growth began in Moldova, where I was born, and continued through Ukraine, where I grew up, and finally, to the United States, where I have lived since 1989.

My journey of self-discovery began in the early 90s when I stumbled upon my innate ability to feel universal energy in my body. This realization occurred during my first Qi Gong class with a master in the field, where I let the energy naturally flow through my body. As my body began to respond to the energy, I experienced an incredible feeling of being connected with a universal source. This profound experience ignited my passion for spiritual growth, since then I dedicated my life to expanding my knowledge and skills to help others.

Through years of training courses, workshops, and spiritual retreats in powerful places, I have honed my skills as a Quantum Healer. My mission is to assist people in reaching their highest potential in all aspects of their lives. I believe that by helping individuals take control of their lives, I can guide them towards opening doors that will lead them to a path of shifting their lives.

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10+% of received energy exchange amounts will be contributed to promote Global Peace.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

With Peace, Love & Light,




Miriam Seki

March 2024

I loved my two BQH/QHHT sessions with Irene. I greatly see the benefit of working with an experienced practitioner guide for this lovely experience. Quantum healing hypnosis is where we access the power of the subconscious mind to request what we want, and witness/feel/receive our requests.

After the sessions I felt like I had a great healing bodywork session, and I've still been witnessing lasting and unfolding positive effects. It's a blessing Irene moved nearby in Pasadena and is such a gifted quantum hypnosis guide and healer. I was impressed with many aspects of my experience with her. From the beginning, Irene is very professional and organized. I set up a free consultation first and subsequently made the appointment. She sent emails with links of intake forms to complete on her site, and videos she made with detailed instructions on how to be prepared. This organization made everything stress-free and seamless. She is even able to do sessions remotely as you can wear a headset and be in your own home to do this.
Irene studied under many teachers over the years and is able to utilize different techniques as needed. Her home & office space are beautiful, and I was able to be deeply relaxed and at peace during my session. The walls display her certifications, peaceful uplifting art, and gorgeous crystal gemstone pieces.

I have studied and practiced many healing modalities, and my session with Irene was unlike any healing experience I’ve had.
It’s the type of simple and beautiful experience I've sought for decades to allow my mind to fully connect with my subconscious and access a way to heal all of myself. I'm a highly sensitive person, like the Princess and the Pea. So, know that I don't recommend things unless they are fully wonderful.


Alyssa Klein

March 2024

Irene is an incredibly gifted healer. She holds such a profoundly safe, nurturing space for you to explore your depths and rise to the surface with a renewed aliveness. After our sessions, I've noticed a sense of self-worth and confidence within myself, an acceptance of all my parts, and a willingness to be kind and loving in every thought and action I have. I generally left our sessions feeling lighter, more easily able to be kind to myself of my loved ones. Overall I trust myself and my divine path a lot more than before, and it feels great to move about the world in that way.


Elizabeth Edmunds

February 2024

Irene is a very professional and qualified practitioner. I experienced a QHHT session with her in January 2024 which was very helpful, clarifying and healing for me. Since then my intuition about a number of areas in my life have been sharp and on point. I feel so much peace in myself, upon reflection. Additionally, I am immensely grateful to Irene and her healing abilities and will gladly have another session with her in the next few months. Further, I recommended to friends who are open to untraditional healing approaches to go see Irene sooner than later. I could trust that they would receive great care and support. Thank you Irene!



March 2023

Irene is a lovely soul, with very soothing voice and patience. I had a wonderful experience, and was able to heal one of my early life traumas with the help of quantum healing. I would defiantly recommend her services.



October 2022

I had my first session with Irene Blekhter and it was absolutely life transforming! In this session I literally healed myself in many different areas in my body. After coming out of the session I could feel as if Im looking out of my eyes for the first time! There was a huge shift within me which I felt positively guided into my acting career. I am learning to trust myself and accept myself fully. This experience really was enlightening and I can't wait to go back for another session with Irene.



April 2022

I had a Quantum Healing session a few weeks ago and since then the synchronicities that have appeared in my life will prove to be life changing. I feel more empowered to follow my intuition/these synchronicities that have shown in my life. I fell like she has sparked a deep initiation on my true past. I look forward to working with Irene again<3 Not to mention the kindness she exudes! Beautiful soul!!


Olga Goldberger

March 2022

My experience with Irene's hypnosis session was quite amazing: she put me in the deep state and communicated with my subconscious, answering my questions and asking it to heal my problems. It was really unusual and insightful, and it looks like that even two days after the session the healing process has started: I sleep better and my chronic cough is less. Thank you so much, Irene!!


Barbara R

February 2022

I had a wonderful experience with Irene. Years later I am still unpacking my session and the layers of understanding I received.



December 2021

Irene has a special gift! She puts her heart and soul into her work. I had an amazing experience!



August 2021

My experience with Irene was fascinating and deep. We did both hypnosis and energetic healing. It's been a few weeks since and I'm still integrating what we went through. I am so grateful that she has gone down the healers path, raising consciousness is not an easy feat and she is really doing her part to help the collective. I'm glad I got to work with her and look forward to again in the future. If you have big question in life and are looking for some guidance into yourself this is a very powerful approach.


Nellie Kreimer

May 2021

Working with Irene has been the most amazing experience. After each session I felt whole again! The flow of energy is amazing, the feeling of well-being cannot be explained in words. It is a must have experience. Thank you so much Irene



February 2021

Irene is a amazingly skilled professional. She has helped me lots on my healing journey and I look forward to many more healing sessions with her!


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