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"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." Rumi

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Irene Erin Aslin

Sacred Healing & Soul Restoration


~ Member Since 2018

Sacred Healing & Soul Restoration with Irene Erin Aslin offers Quantum healing hypnosis, past life regression, Reiki Energy healing and Intuitive Counseling paired with NLP technique that focuses on helping you to release emotional blockages that keep you from manifesting the life you’re dreaming of and deserve, to connect on a deeper level with your Higher Self to find the root cause of impediments in your life and heal through forgiveness, realization and love. Irene E. Aslin applies her claircognizant abilities, clear guidance and compassionate attitude to assist you in shifting your vibrational energy to the higher frequency and hence, changing your life in a positive direction.

Irene was born and grew up in Ukraine, and have lived in Chicago since 1992. Having been on a spiritual quest through all her life, she has met with spiritual teachers who opened the floodgates to self-recognition. With a strong desire to start helping people by applying sacred knowledge she received through revelations and direct experiences, she found her passion in Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Counseling and Reiki energy healing.

Private Sessions are available in person and online. Sessions geared towards finding the root cause of life impediments in your present life as well as physical and/or emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness, fear of abandonment, relationship problems, and so on, and heal through forgiveness, realization and love. By utilizing her intuitive and claircognizant abilities, she offers guidance to her clients that helps creating a clear process for them to follow for achieving their short and long term goals.

Anyone who’s interested in receiving guidance to formulate their goals and create a working plan to follow in order to achieve their goals, or in exploring Quantum interconnections, receive answers and advise from the Higher Self to their most intimate questions, understand the root cause of impediments in their lives, and receive healing which is ultimately self-healing are cordially invited. You can book your private session at


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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Level 2 Certified Practitioner
Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Certified Practitioner
Intuitive Counseling, Certified Intuitive Counselor
Trauma Recovery Hypnosis, Certified Specialist, American Hypnosis Association
Usui Ryoho Reiki, Certified Master/Techer, Udemi
Crystal healing, Certified practitioner, Udemi



Barb S.

September 2023

Irene's past life regression was an amazing time for me. She brought me through four lives that answered many questions as to why i do things "my way".
It was a very gentle and caring process. I felt safe at all times.
Thank you Irene, for such a wonderful experience.



March 2023

I have been attending Irene’s intuitive counseling services for just over a year. I initially met Irene as a burned out teacher who had no job or direction towards my future. I went to Irene for guidance while searching for a new career path. Over the course of just a few months, Irene was able to give me tangible tools that supported me on my journey towards rediscovering myself. What I was able to accomplish with Irene was far beyond what I ever could have hoped or imagined. I found my dream job, and my joy for life again. The work I have done with Irene has been the most impactful turning point of my life. Irene went above and beyond to support me on my journey and I am forever grateful. I recommend Irene’s services to any individual who is inspired to live their best life. Thank you Irene for your service and dedication!



December 2022

What an amazing and enlightening experience. I never realized how much a session could help me release the lifetimes of feelings of inadequacy, and in fact has changed all aspects of my life for the better. Highly recommended.


Darin Johnson

November 2022

Erin is amazing at what she does. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the experience was phenomenal. If you have questions or are just curious about your past don’t hesitate.



September 2022

Me and my fiancé sought out QHHT for explanations to experiences we've had over the years; the results of the information and healing we received was nothing short of miraculous. "Highly Recommend"


Margarita B

September 2021

Great experience I was suffering from anxiety and depression and had lost my way of life I literally had no purpose and needed to heal and with only one session I saw the difference with myself now I’m more positive and ready to MoveOn.


Ellen P

September 2021

I have some very amazing healing information come through. The purpose is to change sabotaging patterns in my life. Also many questions I had were answered. Erin is a very loving and supportive throughout the session and afterwards. Great life changing experience.



July 2021

Past life regression was on my list for years as I struggled with my personal journey ever since I remember myself. Always so close, but never there, to that final understanding why I am here, and what my life is all about. A week or so ago I knew, that I am ready for a session and looked through the list of people who showed on my Google search. I was immediately pulled by Erin, as her expertise shows a wide range of practices and knowledge. She also seemed to be the one that offers sessions that take longer than others. I knew you cannot rush the travel within. Her respond to my request was quick and soon enough I was in front of her home. The initial interview helped her see where I struggle and felt where I need understanding. Erin led me Into regression effortlessly, which turned into one of the best and most important moments of my life. She was very professional, Comforting and intuitive. She gained my trust and made me feel safe and supported. Always will be grateful for the role she played in my life! Highly recommend for anyone who look for the way home!!!



June 2021

Dear Irene, thank you so much for a wonderful session I have learned a lot and you were a wonderful guide. It was a pleasure to work with you and to learn from you. Thank you



June 2021

Was able to recall fascinating life memories and create a healing path for forward movement. Highly recommend$



January 2021

This is my second time working with Irene. Both times have exceeded my expectations. This time, it felt like I had a quantum leap. Also, a beautiful meeting with my teacher guides. I loved it!!!!



February 2020

I did not know what to expect going forward with this session however I was pleasantly surprised. Very comfortable and easy to let go with Irene and let in the divine light. She directed me and guided me to release a lot of fear and doubt. After my session I was able to find a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and career. I was able to take her words of wisdom home and use in my every day life. Thank you Irene for the wonderful insight that has directed my life in a positive direction.



June 2019

Dear Irene, thank you for a wonderful past life experience. You are a caring, thoughtful, and very spiritual guide. I am pleased with my results and I have you to thank for it. You are truly special!


Christine S

February 2019

I had a session with Irene today and thoroughly enjoyed it! Being a very heart centered being, it was easy to feel supported and the energy of sincere love and care. She carried me to a past life and supported me in being able to receive clear messages from my Higher Self which was absolutely wonderful! Their is a specific event that I finally feel I have solid explanations and understandings about. Thank you Irene! <3


The Warrior. QHHT Past Life Regression

In this QHHT Past life regression session the client goes through 3 past lives. With the help of Archangel Michael, she realizes she's a victorious warrior as her hidden fears, low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness - the whole "package of self-sabotage" is exposed and released to the light. Make sure you watch to the end to see client's realizations and healing from past traumas and unresolved issues. The Higher Self explains reasons these 3 past lives have been shown to the client, and provides profound messages and guidance that are universal. Ready to explore your past lives? Contact me to schedule your session! You can book your Quantum healing hypnosis Past Life regression session at

Reptilians feed on fear. Light Beings protect people. Past Life Regression- [86]

This is an excerpt from QHHT Past life regression session, in which the client sees himself as a Light Being who, together with other Light Beings, comes on the spaceship to visit the planet they seeded. There is another spaceship who suddenly shows up and attack the planet by throwing deadly weapons. Beings in this ship are Reptilians who haven't noticed the Light Being's spaceship, which was hidden in the clouds. The Light beings take Reptilians ship into their spaceship (by using light beams that emanate from their spaceship) and bring them out to the Galactic authorities. See the full version at: Irene Erin Aslin is an Intuitive Counselor and a Quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT) practitioner - a method discovered and taught by the renowned Dolores Cannon. As an Intuitive Counselor Irene has helped many clients in their search to end suffering and lead their best life. Irene applies her clairvoyant abilities to channel Higher Realm during Intuitive Counseling sessions as well as while facilitating Quantum healing hypnosis/Past life regression sessions during which she guides her clients on their journey through time and space - the journey of healing through forgiveness, realization and love. You can book your Quantum healing hypnosis/Past Life regression or Intuitive Counseling session at #pastliferegression, #erinaslin, #quantumhealer, #quantumconsciousness, #quantumhealinghypnosistechnique, #dolorescannon, #qhht, #bqh, #beyondquantumhealing,


In this video Irene Erin Aslin takes us through the key points of Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Past Life regression session to see how it helps transforming our lives. There is a great opportunity to understand the root-cause of life impediments in relation to our previous incarnations, take lessons and heal through forgiveness, realization & love. And of course, to feel the support of the Higher Vibrational Beings, to connect with the Higher Self to receive answers, advice & healing. Irene Erin Aslin is an Intuitive and a quantum healing hypnosis /past life regression practitioner. Being an Intuitive, Irene applies her abilities to channel Higher Realm while facilitating Quantum healing hypnosis sessions, guiding her clients on their journey through time and space. #pastliferegression #qhht #quantumhealer #quantumconsciousness #dolorescannon #beyondquantumhealing #spirituality

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