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Iris Krstanovich

Spiritual Intuitive, BQH Practitioner

~ Member Since 2018

I am known as a spiritual intuitive, mentor and specialist in the spiritual emergence process. I would describe myself as one who has courted connection with all sentient life. The courtship continues to this day, offering a path into the heart of humankind and nature. When I am truly connected, there is an interchange of life force, which allows me to peer into and “”read” what is discovered. My gifts are inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowing. Personal experience, which has evolved into skilled service includes human consciousness exploration, inner child healing, soul fragment recovery, chant, hooponopono and a highly refined intuition which facilitates my client’s communion with his/her Higher Self and inner-planes ‘team’. My educational degrees are in social work, both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. My soul’s insistent prompting is toward the mirroring of Divine Love. My prayer is that this open door to love invites the return of the lost parts of ourselves to Divine Oneness. To that end, I am dedicated to the offerings of spiritual readings, Beyond Quantum Healing sessions and astrological consultations. I live on the Eastern seaboard with Selene, my precious feline companion.


MSW 1979Certification, Beyond Quantum Healing 2018



Kathryn Everett

November 2023

I really feel such a shift in mindset since last week…. on so many levels. The BQH Session with Iris helped me to break some patterns of thinking and behavior that I never would have anticipated, but now in hindsight seem so essential. One of the most powerful sessions I have ever had, for anyone who wants to get "unstuck."


Ilea Angaza

May 2021

Iris holds incredibly powerful and light filled sacred space during her healings. My BQH healing was more profound and nourishing than I ever imagined possible. Not only because of my unique experience, but the way Iris held space for me with deep grace, humility, intelligence, compassion and love. She true is a light bearer and gifted healer. She navigates the liminal spaces naturally, as well as with diligence to her clients unique individual needs. I would highly recommend working with Iris for a fulfilling and profound BQH experience.


Terri V

December 2020

I recently had a Beyond Quantum Healing session with Iris, as well as a different type of session prior. I didn't know what to expect but had been drawn to Iris once I read her pamphlet. I'm so glad that I did this. At arrival Iris made me feel comfortable and at ease. I enjoyed the relaxation and found BQH to be a very powerful healing experience that has changed my life. Iris is very kind, gifted and also an extraordinary intuitive. I highly recommend Iris! She is truly amazing.


Denise Hoagland

August 2020

Iris is a powerful facilitator and guide. Her compassion and effectiveness are in balance. As a hypnotherapist and intuitive myself I felt naturally open with Iris to allowing my essence to expand into realms of knowing source. During my session I was able to connect and heal, emotionally and physically. After listen to the session I was able to link her support as holding a very detailed space. Iris delivered a genuine session of great inner wisdom while wondering. I highly recommend Iris for this experience. So very grateful to have crossed paths on this journey. Thank you Iris.



July 2020

I had my BQH session recently and I was a bit nervous before I got there but as soon as I sat down with iris all my nervousness went away . Iris instantly made me feel relax comfortable and safe . I was completely amazed at what came from my session and I truly felt so much lighter when it was over and look forward to working with iris in the future.


Candace Craw-Goldman

June 2020

Iris has some of the most profoundly gentle and yet supportive energy I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Her wisdom is borne from authentic human experience, study and contemplation yet *also* from a direct connection to cosmic and expanded realms.

I have had the pleasure to sit with Iris (only via the Internet so far...) on multiple occasions for a variety of experiences. Each and every one has been memorable, valuable and incredibly healing.

Submitted with LOVE

Candace Craw-Goldman



February 2020

I have been working with Iris on many occasions over the last five years. I participated in many of her work shops too! I've found her to be one of the most loving and gifted spiritual intuitive. She has been the witness to a lifetime of healing of my mind, my body and most recently my soul. My most recent connection with Iris was a quantum healing session.
My journey was like I traveled home to another dimension to a place I've yearned for forever. My experience was like I reached the stars, where I felt myself at home in my true nature. I feel I'm now more certain of my soul purpose.
Iris is someone you can trust your heart and soul to. She is truly a gifted and loving spiritual practitioner.
I'm forever grateful to have met her.
Iris' name is that of a flower, but her nature is that of the gemstone opal. Iris has not only been a spiritual mentor, but also one person I can say is a precious friend that I hold deep within my heart.


Georgia Tetlow, MD, ABOIM, ABPMR, IFMCP

December 2019

I have known Iris for years, as a family friend as well as a personal intuitive. I recently experienced her Beyond Quantum Healing offering for the first time. it has been the most powerful way to work with her, to date. Foundationally, Iris is an extraordinary and unique practitioner, with unparalleled intuitive gifts. As an integrative physician who recognizes energy medicine in the spectrum of available healing options, I can say that my work with Iris has been the most revealing, accurate and helpful with my day to day than any of the many modalities I have worked in in my 19 years of professional practice and longer personal journey. I give Iris my highest recommendation for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Iris has the ability to create safety and provide clear guidelines to enable you to receive the guidance you need. You can trust her. The experience will be life changing.



October 2019

My BQH Session with Iris was extraordinary. She held loving, supportive space for me as I received multi-dimensional healing and clarity on my life. All of my questions were clearly answered by my Higher Self and Galactic/Soul Family and I received a level of very high-frequency healing both physically and emotionally. If you are looking for clarity and healing of the highest level, I recommend that you book your session with Iris. I felt safe, supported and loved throughout the whole experience.



April 2019

When I first met Iris, I was intrigued by her wit, dry sense of humor and her economical use of language to express complex ideas or situations. Her insights in regular or even brief conversations told me that she is not by any means just a gifted person with vision and wisdom, but rather a rare "one of a kind" person -- I felt a common understanding with her on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Perhaps most important of all, I felt that Iris was someone I could trust and discuss pretty much any topic with her. That basic recognition and respect for her opened the door for me to having many sessions meeting with her. It is difficult for me to describe sessions with Iris (and I am a writer), but one word comes to mind: Fluid. Sessions with Iris are a conversation her her and your higher self. I would add that there are many "Ah-Ha" moments that typically arise hours or days later. If you want a session without judgement or opinion, and you'd like to go "down the rabbit hole" or ascend to the highest realms, I think Iris is the perfect companion for your journey. I have never met anyone so gifted who is sweet, yet strong. I consider myself lucky to have met her and know her as a trusted friend and advisor.



April 2019

Dearest Iris,
Through our sessions together your beautiful gifts of:
~ expertise on asking just the right questions, to find my own answers
~ deeply listening
~ your Divine intuition
~ to be able to laugh in the mist of it all
...have been extremely powerful in my life.
I am so grateful for your assistance with my inner journey to acknowledge the issues and negative emotions that were buried for so long. Learning to find my voice AND use it, has been a path I enjoy walking on! Thank you for showing me the way there.
Iris, you are as delicate as a flower but as magical as a gemstone! A woman I am privileged to call friend.



March 2019

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Iris on a handful of occasions over the last few years. I came to her broken, defeated and at a loss with the direction my life was headed. Iris began to help me reconnect with the pieces of myself I had lost touch why.
What was I here to do? And what have my experiences taught me? Through her insights, and my practical application of them, I began to heal on an emotional level and a physical level as well. I started opening up to and trusting my own inner guidance system (my intuition) to heal my body.
Once healed on a physical level I began to sense that there was more to be done. Once again, trusting my intuitive guidance, I knew I needed to explore past life experiences. There was something that needed acknowledgment, an old wound that needed care. I was so thankful to have a trusted relationship with Iris so that I could explore this part of myself. Once again, in her gentle and loving manner, she took me on a journey inward.
What was uncovered in that room was not easy but I felt safely held in Iris's deep spiritual respect and knowing. Immense healing took place and I am forever changed (for the better). I could never thank Iris enough for holding my hand, my heart and my soul through this work. She is my friend, a teacher, and a truly gifted talent in the spiritual community.



March 2019

So the session we had has thus far in one week has allowed me to readily fall asleep peacefully every night but one for the last week or so, and usually it is the other way around. If I get one peaceful sleep a week that’s about normal. It has been more physiologically corrective than a massage, chiropractic treatment, or any single acupuncture treatment I’ve had, and I am an acupuncturist, so my ego doesn’t like saying that. My joints have been a rice crispy symphony (snap crackle pop) but not in the same old ways. Joints have literally shifted. Knots have unbound. I feel better in a number of ways.

I have been functioning in a more unified plane of consciousness, Too. The seeming differences between waking, dreaming, observing, interacting, are less divisive to me,, and as I observe them all much more clearly unified, my mind is sharper and clearer. I realize now that I have in fact gained more clarity in regards to every question I had for you. I see how each is an aspect of the others. They are all aspects of my one life, one journey, one aspiration. While not “Iris’s instant enlightenment” exactly, it is by far the most satisfying feeling I have had in a long time. I can’t quite explain it either, no matter how hard I try.

I can not thank you enough for introducing me to this. I am healthier and stronger for it. You are truly a wonder in this world, and a very dear friend to me.



Iris Krstanovich, Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner

I have created a YouTube channel to convey the essence of who I am and what I offer. Welcome to the world of a spiritual intuitive.

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