Jacqui Jameson

Office Phone: 07733 930948
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Best Contact Method: text or email initially
Payment Options: Bank transfer or cash
Languages: English

Address: 335b, City Road, London, England, EC1V 1LJ, United Kingdom.


Jacqui Jameson

Your Best Life Hypnotherapy

QHHT Level 2, BQH

~ Member Since 2013

Im a trained cognitive hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, who also has a spiritual side and practices QHHT, BQH, and past life regression. I was trained directly by Dolores Cannon in 2013 and have taken hundreds of QHHT sessions.

I have also learned energy clearing directly from dowser Raymon Grace. Here I can see what is happening within a person's energy field.

I love guiding clients to the root of issues, to understand and release areas that are holding them back, and showing them how to reconnect to their soul for guidance.

I work in two London clinics: City Road Therapy, EC1V 1LJ. (Near Angel tube)

Violet Hill Studios in St John's Wood, NW8 9EB (St John's Wood, Maida Vale tubes)

You are welcome to book a phone chat and ask questions without obligation.


QHHT Level 2, Beyond Quantum Healing, Cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP, energy clearing.



Irina, artist, New Orleans, USA

February 2018

I had a past life regression/QHHT session with Jacqui when I was visiting London in 2016. I was mostly curious about my past lives in UK, and I saw one past life in early 19th century London, as a captain of the artillery, leading bachelor's life, and eventually dying on a transport to France in a sea battle. But more interesting was my other life which was parallel to this one in modern times, as an abstract artist in London. It was quite amazing as I saw a lot of his paintings, but I did not get a name, so I could not find him. Maybe he is in a different timeline...I got healing and answers to my questions from my Higher Self. I really enjoyed my session, Jacqui is a wonderfully friendly person, very easy to talk to, and has a soothing voice, I was quite deep in trance and had very vivid visions. Thank you Jacqui!

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