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Payment Options: Payment Method: PayPal, Venmo 1 Hour Akashic Record Reading - $125. Introspective Hypnosis Sessions - 3 hours - $222. Past Life Therapy - 2 hours - $150. BQH 3 hours - $222.
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Jamie Bulrice

Akashic Roots


~ Member Since 2020

I am an Advanced Certified Akashic Record Reader, Certified Practitioner of Introspective Hypnosis, Beyond Quantum Healing and Past Life Therapy. 

I am honored to have received training from the following world-renowned professionals:

  • Antonio Sangio
  • Alba Weinman
  • Linda Howe

I can inspire you to reconnect with your inner power and purpose, receiving clear messages from your Higher Self and Spirit team. Bring infinite clarity, empowerment, and greater meaning to your relationships, health, career, and more; enabling you to truly understand growth opportunities from your Souls' perspective.

I’m grateful to have had the privilege to bear witness to deep transformational healing and change when working with the powerful resources of the Akashic Records and regression therapies such as Introspective Hypnosis and Beyond Quantum Healing. 

If you’re ready for conscious and spiritual exploration in self-transformation and discovery, I am here to help guide and assist you in your quest for healing.



Introspective Hypnosis™ trained by Antonio Sangio
Advanced Akashic Record reader – Accredited through the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.
Past Life Therapy by Antonio Sangio
BQH Practitioner Certification through Candace Craw-Goldman
Animal Communicator



Marylee Losardo

June 2022

I want to offer my highest recommendation of Jamie Bulrice. I recently received an Akashic Records reading from Jamie. Little dd I realize the feelings of love, the validations, and the guidance that I would receive. It was amazing! Previously, I had a regression hypnosis session, with Jamie, that resulted in past life experiences and insight that let to positive change in my life. The warmth and love coming from Jamie's heart is palpable. Her knowledge is expansive. Her methods work are outstanding. They will deepen your insight and journey. That's a fact.


Jocelin Higgins

April 2022

A healing session with Jamie and her inquisitive mind is a journey into the subconscious depths, which brought clear illumination for me of some unhealed childhood wounds that allowed for vital clearing and transmutation from my psyche. I am thankful these were made visible through Jamie's expertise of this technique, so I could let them go and continue my life untethered.


Kate D.

April 2022

I highly recommend Jamie for introspective hypnosis. She was kind, gentle, and immediately easy to feel comfortable with. Because of her technique and skill, I was able to enter my darkest memories without any fear or discomfort. When talking prior to our session, she was able to quickly and adeptly perceive just what I meant with nonjudgmental understanding. I felt so much acceptance and healing just from her presence. I'm immensely grateful for finding and being able to connect with Jamie.



February 2022

Hi All. I am so grateful to Jamie for her guidance through my first visit with the Akashic Records. She is wonderful! I would recommend her. She is very clear and seems to have an innate ability to soothe this sacred path for those who choose the walk. I plan on scheduling again.


Michala Masarykova

January 2022

I have experienced the Introspective Hypnosis session with Jamie and I was amazed at how much healing can be done in one session!

Jamie has done a great job guiding me through what turned out to be rather a long session as I had a lot to go through including acting as a surrogate in an ancestral lineage healing on my maternal side. She made me feel safe, understood and recognised for what I have already achieved even prior to starting the actual IH. She demonstrated a lot of patience while we have been working through various scenes that I experienced. She was very supportive and encouraging which made a big difference in terms of how I felt not only throughout the session but also in terms of how I feel now. I would recommend to anyone to try out this technique while resting assured that when with Jamie, you are in good and professional hands.



January 2022

Jamie was able to offer very insightful advice, in a warm and welcoming environment (even though it was over Zoom!). Our conversation was poignant, and spot-on, even though we were meeting for the first time. It left me feeling confident in my path, protected, and reassured.



November 2021

Jaime definitely has a gift and skill in this area; as she is warm, engaging, and easy to talk with. Through this I was able to relax, open up, and was very comfortable expressing myself to her...and she deftly guided me to areas that needed to be looked at. Following our session I felt lighter, even though I was mentally a bit tired - but a good tired. It's been a few days since our session, and I do feel more confident in the direction I expressed to her, that I feel I am suppose to move in - despite no outward "proof" of financial "success" if you will. And, I do understand that "proof" is truly felt & believed from within-it's already there-a sense of knowingness...it's MY belief within myself. My session with her confirmed my belief, and this was extremely helpful and has brought greater peace to keep on "keeping on."
I highly recommend Jaime if you are questioning, curious, and/or would like further insight or clarity within your You-niverse.
Thank you Jaime, I really appreciate you and your gift.


Tara Ann Christiano

January 2021

Im so glad i took the steps to talk to Jamie. it was so enlightening and helped me uncover some things that were still holding me back. So grateful for the time we shared and messages recieved.



January 2021

Jamie has a unique gift and I felt honored to experience this gift through the Akashic reading. What an affirming, loving, and serene experience, one I will never forget. Besides bringing clarity and peace, I was left with the feeling all is well with my soul, and my life has purpose and meaning. I recommend going on this extraordinary journey with Jamie who brings a great deal of encouragement, wisdom, and enlightenment. Thank you with all my heart for this life-changing experience. RA



January 2021

My session with Jamie was an absolute game-changer for me. She is friendly and kind, a clear communicator, and offered multiple helpful recommendations that have continued to support my journey and self-work. I am *so thankful* to Jamie for my Akashic Records reading! I could not recommend her more highly. Thank you so much Jamie!



December 2020

I absolutely loved my reading with Jamie! She has this overall presence that makes me feel safe and comfortable. She is very professional and at the same time relatable in so many ways. I felt very much at home while she held space for my reading. It was fascinating to watch her work because it felt effortless and importantly was completely SPOT ON! She is very honest in what she receives and she gives you the time to let the information sink in. I look forward to working again with her in the near future! Thank you Jamie for your work and your big heart!

P.s. I wrote this review right after my reading and since then, I have experienced so much healing with my relationship with my children. I feel much more aligned and at peace. Thank you!


Tena M. Dodds

December 2020

I just had an Akashic Records reading with Jamie and WOW!! She's amazing and created a safe, loving space to open up and be vulnerable.

She was so spot on with answering my questions, filling in the puzzle pieces and making my human story more complete. She offered wisdom and knowledge beyond what anyone has ever done before.. as well as tips for healing broken relationships with close family members and the insight into why things have happened the way they have. My guides and loved ones were also there to offer their love and support with a beautiful message to keep going.

This was a highly emotional experience and I thank you from the depths of my heart. If you're thinking about having a reading with Jamie, please don't hesitate! She's the best!

Thank you again, Jamie, this was such a beautiful expanding experience!! ????

Infinite Love,

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