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Jeff Bennett

Higher Soul Consulting

Certified Hypnotherapist | QHHT | BQH

~ Member Since 2020

Hey there!  My mission in life is to guide souls through their spiritual awakening journey and help them heal from what life, past or present, is throwing at them.  Hypnosis is my primary means for achieving results.  

My clients have experienced incredible transformations – from releasing deep-seated emotions and limiting beliefs to discovering their past lives and connecting with their higher selves, spirit guides, and even angels. They’ve realized just how boundless and amazing they truly are, embracing their inner radiance, connectedness, divinity, and the power of unconditional love.

What an exciting time it is! Humanity is on the cusp of a collective awakening like never before. Using a blend of past life regression, inner child healing, therapeutic imagery, and a mix of QHHT, BQH, LBL, along with my specially designed hypnosis programs, I’m here to support you every step of the way.  My practice is centered on consulting with your Higher Soul, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Council and Library of Souls to gain the clarity and wisdom that you need to move forward.

Curious? Called to explore? I’d be thrilled to guide you toward discovering your true essence and aligning with your life’s purpose. In our sessions, I provide a safe, judgment-free, and nurturing space for you to unlock the mysteries of your consciousness, driven by either curiosity or a quest for answers.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Level 2 QHHT® Practitioner based in Los Angeles, my extensive training in Advanced Past Life Regression, Therapeutic Imagery Mastery, Healing the Inner Child, Pain Management, and tackling Anxieties and Fears, ensures a personalized, healing, and transformative experience. Embarking on this journey with me means gaining profound insights and achieving lasting change. Let’s explore the depths of your being and unlock your full potential together!

I facilitate sessions both in my Los Angeles studio and Worldwide online.



Certified Hypnotherapist IACT

Certified Consulting NGH

Certified Past Life Regression IACT

Certified Level 2 QHHT® Practitioner

Master Certification in Advanced Therapeutic Imagery

Additional Certifications

  • Advanced Past Life Regression
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Hypnosis and Pain Management
  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  • Hypnosis for Anxieties and Fears
  • Hypnosis for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Advanced Guided Imagery
  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy



Brandon Klein

March 2024

Honestly, Jeff was my last hope. I've tried everything to find answers, to understand why I feel so out of place on this Earth, why the daily violence and negativity seem so overwhelming. Meeting Jeff was a turning point in my life. Through a BQH session, Jeff helped me connect to my higher self, as well as my spirit guide. The experience was transformative. Just transformative!

The insights I received explained everything. For the first time, I understood why I am here, my purpose, and the mission I have in this lifetime. I've been given clarity on what I need to do. I feel ready now to live for my purpose.

I am truly a new person after my sessions with Jeff. For anyone feeling lost, questioning their place in the world, or seeking deeper answers, I cannot recommend Jeff enough. His ability to bridge that connection to higher consciousness beyond amazing. Thank you, Jeff, for changing my life and showing me the path I was meant to follow.


Nancy Doring

February 2024

I recently had a QHHT session with Jeff, and it was an incredible experience that has made my life so much better. I was struggling with some personal issues related to my family and career, feeling utterly lost and uncertain about the direction of my life. Jeff's whole approach made all the difference.

Jeff conducts his sessions in his home in LA. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and at ease. Jeff's professionalism and caring nature shone through, making me feel safe and supported throughout the session. I really felt like he was with me the whole way through.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my session was Jeff's breadth of knowledge in various hypnosis modalities. It's clear that he has undergone extensive training, and his skillfulness was evident in how he guided the session. His ability to tailor the experience to my specific needs was truly impressive. It was a whole new level!

The session itself was life-changing!!!!! I went in hoping to gain a better understanding of myself, and I came out with much more than I bargained for. Not only did I gain clarity about my life's path, but I also met my Spirit Guide. I have a Spirit Guide!! This whole thing has given me a new perspective and has been a source of strength and guidance.

I cannot recommend Jeff enough. If you're seeking clarity, understanding, or healing in any area of your life, his QHHT sessions are not to be missed. Jeff's genuinely care for his clients. I'm incredibly grateful for the session and the positive changes it has given me. Thank you Jeff!!!


Michael Morton

February 2024

Had an amazing QHHT session with Jeff in LA! The guy's incredible—super caring, professional, and knows his hypnosis stuff like no one else. Went in hoping to understand myself better, and wow, did it deliver! Jeff's training really shines through. Totally life-changing for me. If you're considering it, I highly recommend him. Thanks, Jeff, for everything!!

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