Jeff Broomfield

"Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't... you're right" Henry Ford

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Jeff Broomfield

Jeff Broomfield


~ Member Since 2021

I take you on a walking tour of your SubConscious mind so you can learn who you really are and what is preventing you from being your best so that you can release it and step into your power as the awesome being you truly are.
I’ve been trained in many different modalities of hypnosis including sales and marketing. I grew up in a family printing business so I have a lot of business training and experience and I mastered both left and right brain activities by mastering accounting and estimating skills and I’m also a graphic designer and a sales professional… & a computer nerd.

Since I grew up in a family business we worked towards succession and so I learned a great deal about the psychology of family systems and, in particular, I’ve become an expert in co-dependency & narcissistic relationships.

I’ve had great success with the law of attraction and I’ve also experienced the reality of failure… so I really knows how it works now. It’s all about the feeling.

I used to do personal development because I wasn’t good enough. Today I do self improvement because I am good enough.

I found the light inside of me & now I guide others into their own light.


Master Somnambulist – Profound Somnambulism Protocol, Beyond Quantum Healing – BQH, Level 2 QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Master Hypnotist, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing, NLP Master Coach, Soul Speak, Trainer of Hypnosis, Trainer of NLP


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How To Prepare Your Questions For Your Hypnosis Session - QHHT - PSP - BQH

Creating a list of questions for your QHHT or PSP session is your most important task and asking the right questions will get you the best results. This video will guide you on how to prepare your questions and give you examples of questions to ask. Also works for BQH, Regression Healing & other modalities. Here's a list of questions on my website

PSP - QHHT session - Ana Had A Spaceship, Channels GOD, Finds Love, 5D ascension

Watch this conversation with Ana's SubConscious mind during her QHHT session. - book a free strategy session & discover if hypnosis can help you. Ana releases anger & sadness, does lot's of healing, channels GOD, found out about 5D ascension, & found out she used to own a spaceship. Lots of great content here. See the chapter markers for quick navigation. Questions are prepared by the client in advance. For this session I utilized QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique to get Ana into her trance. I could have used PSP as well, Profound Somnambulism Protocol, and the conversation with the subconscious is the same for both QHHT & PSP. PSP can be done online.

How To Visualize For Past Life Regression

How to visualize for past life regression, QHHT, BQH, hypnosis, meditation, quantum jumping, transurfing or goal setting. Visualization isn't what you think it is... it's what you think it is. So if you want to learn how to visualize then watch this video.

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