Jen Fisher Gerhard

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Address: 22922, Leo Lane, Lake Forest, California, 92630, United States.

Jen Fisher Gerhard

~ Member Since 2019


BQH certified Reiki level 1,2,3 certified Crystal Reiki certified Ordained Minister, SRT




I had my first session with Jen and it was such a beautiful experience. It was a pleasure to share the experience with her for she has such an open-hearted presence that will make you feel like you are in a safe space right away. When it was over, I felt like I had awoken into a clearer and more dream-like reality. Definitely transformational :)


Vikki Shine

My BQH session with Jen Fisher was an incredible experience! She was kind and thorough with her guidance on my journey inward. She was able to help me heal and release childhood trauma I was still holding in my body. We connected with my loving spirit guides and together with Jen's assistance banished a negative energy attachment that felt ancient and ancestral. Jen allowed me to have a close friend participate as a witness as well as interjecting her perceptions. I would highly recommend Jen as a BQH practitioner and I'm looking forward to future sessions with her to help remove any blockages I may have with career successes! Thank you are the best!!


Joy Nied

I had such a profound experience. She has such a gentle way about her. She led me through a past life where I was a great healer with strong magic that I needed to feel in this life to understand where my magic comes from. We met her in adolescent form and then we talked to her as one of my higher selves. We also met my galactic guide and so much wisdom was brought forth! It was a life-changing. Thank you so much Jen, for leading me through it.


Kindra Murphy

My session with Jen was so healing. She is so easy to talk to and relate to. Her clear compassion for her work is admirable. I recommend everyone have a session with Jen if they want to experience life changing results. I have made big life decisions based off of the work we did together. I trust her and am so grateful for her.



My session with Jen was top notch! I had a QHHT session a couple of weeks prior and we were able to set the intention to go even deeper building on my previous session. Jen's sensitive, intuitive demeanor and approach helped me securely settle into the session with ease and trust. She is highly skilled and intuitively knows to ask the right questions at the right time. This is a very deep reservoir of revealing work and with Jen's insights, wisdom, and guidance, I was able to see parts of my soul and higher self that I never knew existed! Book a session with her today to explore this expansive, life-changing, and enlightening body of work!


David Lion

I've been thinking about my session with Jen for a minute. Still processing, she helped to put me in the right mindset and led me further than i could have predicted. Excellent facilitation and an artful induction.

Thanks again Jen



My session with Jen was nothing short of phenomenal. She was a true master at quantum healing hypnosis and guiding the person through a beautiful journey of self-healing. There were many synchronicities before and during my session with Jen, confirming that she was meant to be my practitioner. She added her reiki healing which I am convinced elevated the effectiveness of the session. I came in with zero expectations, but the sensations and the visions that I had were beyond what I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Jen to all, book her, you won't regret it!!


Lynn Hansen

To whom it may concern. Jen has done several intuitive source readings for me. I have found Jen to be very accurate. She is able to guide you to your own true strengths while giving supportive guidance. She does not mislead you by tring to make you dependant on her help. I would highly reccomend her reading abilities to anyone seeking assistance.



Jen was very easy to work with and has great energy. She is very connected and would make a good surrogate. I would recommend her for anyone but especially those who have a hard time connecting.


Cynthia Miller

Jen is very clear and to the point. She helped me to get really focused on my intention, then the session took off. She helped me do forgiveness/compassion work on a life long block, and she helped me find connection to a lifetime that feels so integrative, it anchored me in my purpose. Her work is pivotal for these ascension times and the information that comes from her sessions is invaluable. Very grateful.



Jen was fantastic! She was a wonderful facilitator and my session went above and beyond my expectations.


Michele Campbell

This was the first time having a session and this session has helped me to understand being in the clients position of this service. With poor sound quality coming from my end Jen did an amazing job quidding me through things at a pace that was gentle and eye opening. She sent me the recorded session and I am so glad she did as I only remember the beginning and the very ending. I recommend people contact her to set up this wonderful modality to enhance our learning more about ourselves. She is very patient and kind and has a very soothing voice to enhance the experience.



Jen has a calming energy that eased me into the session. She also set a tone of collaboration in the process, ensuring clarity in intentions and expectations. I had a 2 hour BQH session. The session liberated me from an emotional struggle I have been trying to resolve. Through the session I also began to learn to recognize my guide's voice from my own thoughts, which was very surprising. Thank you Jen!



Jen has such a humble and easy going energy. She knows how to make you relax and takes your through an incredible process. I am still light and excited about my session from 4 days ago. Such an amazing experience that I highly recommend for someone who is seeking clarity in their life.



Jen was an awesome BQHT therapist! I had tried BQHT with others before but they did not have the intention and energy that Jen did! She has such a loving power that my animals came to my bedside and basked in the healing



Jen provided a safe and supportive connection for me on my regression journey allowing the session and when I felt stuck she was there to provide creative guidance that helped me move and reach places that I would not have without her intuitive guidance.


Sabrina R

I had an amazing and powerful session with Jen! Her voice was very soothing as she guided me through hypnosis. I was taken to a place similar to space and met one of my guides. He spoke about the process of controlling emotions and our thoughts. Then another guide came in and spoke regarding the importance of humanity connecting with mother earth and taking more time in nature. I felt the connection to the pain with Mother Earth and that was intense.

I was then shown myself a few years in the future and what I would be doing to help others. It was truly insightful and a session I am still processing even after a week. I totally recommend Jen. She was great!


Rocker Chick

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away at how easy it was to get into this state of hypnosis by Jen. Her voice is calming, and she has a way of making you feel at ease and comfortable in this amazing experience. She was able to access the answers to the questions we both were seeking with ease. The overall experience was amazing with an added bonus of a door opening to my higher self where I have been having synchronizes on a daily basis. I feel absolutely certain that this added bonus was due to her skill level and passion of being a Quantium Healer. She is highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Cindy Avery

I feel beyond blessed to have experienced a healing session with Jen! Her compassion and expertise is incredible and I knew immediately I could completely trust her! I am looking forward to another session as soon as possible! Thank you!!!


Hannah Fogg

I had such a cool and amazingly connected BQH session with Jen this weekend- I was blown away! I don't know if it was to do with our particular connection (though I didn't know Jen before this session), or the Reiki that Jen did as part of the intention and connection in the beginning, but whatever it was- it was AMAZING! It was the easiest time I've had in letting go of my conscious mind and letting information bubble forth from some much deeper and wiser connection within. The information came so quickly and easily, unfolded so synchronistically, and I learned so much about what I had come to learn which was incredible!

I feel like I have so many good golden nuggets of wisdom from this session to take in and integrate, and generally I feel so much more expanded, peaceful and trusting in life and the universe, and connected to my own higher wisdom since our session. I will absolutely be seeking other sessions from Jen in the future, and hope that you do too, because she is wonderful!



I did a BQH with Jenn, and what an amazing experience! She got so much out of me it was surprising, and left me feeling energized and wanting more.


Tiger lilly

This was an amazing experience i had with Jenn.Through her guidence i was able to see my past life. I was able to contact my higher self , my guardians and my healers. It was incredible experience. Jenn is great at guiding you through hypnosis to discover the answers that you are looking for.


Paula A Kempf

I'm blown away by my session with Jenn Fisher! I was not a believer until I had my own session of BQH with her! I learned so much about myself in our session! She is the BEST! I highly recommend her services!



Thank you , Jen ! I had super session with Jen which in my mind lasted 1/2 h ,but in Earth time it was more like 2h . Ofcourse, all this feels like I have made it up - so we are on the right track :) Jen was great : straight to the pont , good listener and there to help and guide you even if you feek stuck . Recomended ? 100 % !!!! :) :) :)

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