Judy Kerr

Office Phone: 412-751-7686
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email: fullcirclequantumhealing@gmail.com
Available Hours: Flexible
Payment Options: Cash or Credit
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.


Judy Kerr

Full Circle Quantum Healing

Quantum Healer

~ Member Since 2014

Judy is a teacher and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  As a Certified Natural Health Professional, she worked in the field of metaphysics for many years before discovering QHHT and BQH, and training with Dolores. She loves being in the business of helping her clients by empowering them to  change their lives and is continually honored to witness the transformations that occur through this amazing process.  Through her years in servicing others through quantum healing, she continually has found herself "remembering" and discovering more and more insight into the progression of continual life , which is full of surprises!


QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Level 2 Dedicated Practitioner; BQH Beyond Quantum Healing; CNHP Certified Natural Health Practitioner; CCHt Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; IBCP International Board of Coaches and Practitioners



Susan M

I just finished the quantum healing session with Judy Kerr and I am still processing the whole thing. I feel so light like coming out of a beautiful, wonderful dream where I was flying high all over the places in the vast universe! You're truly great Judy! Thank you for getting me connected with my higher self; it was truly a great experience for me and I enjoyed every moment of it. I am so grateful that I met you!



I just completed my first BQH session with Judy and it was transformational! Everything about the experience from beginning to end was phenomenal: our kind email exchanges, her detailed, helpful instructions, the fun we had chatting on the day of my session, and the answers to all my questions that came through. I feel renewed and incredibly lucky to have found Judy. She is an extremely generous, kind soul with a talent for this work and many gifts to share.


Britney Callahan

Judy is an amazingly kind soul who knew exactly how to guide me through this process. I went in with so many questions and learned so much not only about myself in this life but in past lives as well. This was the most incredible experience I have ever been through. I HIGHLY recommend this process and Judy is the perfect person to help guide and care for you throughout! Cannot praise this process enough!


Cullen Richardson

I live close to Judy, but opted for zoom as I have experienced healing at a distance before. In my experience, it makes not one bit of difference. The details of the session are highly personal, but I did encounter a crucial lifetime, the one I had right before this current incarnation. I also experienced a healing light bath, that was most pleasant, I didn’t want to leave. I don’t want to say too much other than that, but I will say that trust is essential in these experiences. The more you can trust your facilitator, the more you can let go, open up and experience what your higher self has to give you. For this, Judy excels, and I felt safe, even during the parts of the session that were difficult to share. I had my session 2 days ago, but I’m still unfolding the implications, and processing the understanding. There is a vast, oceanic feeling that everything is OK. Judy is a wonderful soul, and the space she provides is saturated with love and peace.


Erica B

I received a quantum healing session with Judy and it far exceeded any expectation I could have imagined. Judy was empathic, warm, genuine, and made me feel extremely comfortable and trustworthy throughout the process. We did our session via Zoom, over the computer, and my results were profound. I am pleased with the outcome and the overall experience and would highly recommend everyone to experience this with Judy!!



Judy is an absolutely amazing soul. Our time together has been transformative. She has helped bring guidance to my life and has helped nurture my quest for truth. I highly recommend the Beyond Quantum Healing technique via zoom. My experience was extraordinary and has changed my life for the better. The healing and love that is brought through from your higher self cannot be described with words. I hope whom ever reads this is blessed with what they are looking for in their lives. - Love



I've had the chance to meet Judy in an Online session in Feb 2021 and the experience was absolutely amazing!

Judy gives this friendly and nurturing vibe that allowed me to relax and let go during the session... I am very thankful for that!
When we did consciousness exploration, her voice and energy was so calming and reassuring. She also took the time to find answers for all the questions I came in with and even more.
In the end the experience definitely helped me aligning more with my true self, gaining more confidence in my work as well as faith in my purpose.
I am indefenitely thankful for having crossed her path in this lifetime ????

In conclusion, I would book a quantum session again with Judy anytime!



I decided to have my first QHHT session after Judy did one on my son through a surrogate. The answers we received after his session were mind-blowing and they made so much sense. I started to really research QHHT as well as listen to numerous Dolores Cannon videos and read her books. I decided that I needed to find some answers of my own.
I was nervous about my session as I didn’t know what to expect, but Judy was very professional and comforting. She explained everything from start to finish and answered all my questions which put me at ease. After the session, she took the time to help me digest everything we just experienced.
This first session had such a profound impact on me that I feel like whole new person. I recommend anyone that is searching for answers to healing themselves that they can’t seem to find anywhere else, contact Judy for a QHHT session as it may just change your life. I am looking forward to my next session.



After watching some of Dolores Cannon’s videos I decided to look for a QHHT practitioner in my area. I found Judy Kerr and scheduled an appointment. I cannot say enough about Judy as a person, she is warm and welcoming. As soon as I walked through the door I felt peaceful and calm. The session was no less than amazing and Judy is a wonderful, loving guide for the QHHT process. I believe this is the link that traditional therapy is missing. As a Reiki Master practitioner I am always excited when a client says they were referred by their therapist. In my opinion traditional therapy and energy work naturally go hand in hand. I enthusiastically recommend any one looking to further their healing experience to contact Judy for a QHHT session. I can honestly say this is one of the best experiences I’ve had on my healing journey. I’ve been at this, off and on, for a LONG time and have tried a lot of other modalities. Judy and QHHT is hands down the most profound thus far.



I had the pleasure of having a fabulous Quantum Healing session with Judy. She was very professional and, more importantly so kind and gentle in guiding me through some unique experiences. Judy also answered every question I had before, during and after the session. She also allowed whatever time I needed to process the information received during the session and was available to talk if anything surfaced during the weeks afterward. If you are interested in looking into your past history on this earth and otherwise, I would highly recommend Judy to guide you through it.



The Quantum Session I had with Judy was one of the most powerful experiences I can recall. I am a Master Healer, and I am very, very picky about who I allow to work on me for my "soul evolution" and growth. My session with Judy was expertly facilitated and profoundly transformative. The audio recording she provided gave me additional opportunities to acquire more in-depth knowledge of my inner workings.

As a facilitator, I found Judy to be highly skilled and deeply caring. Judy had me prepare for the session by doing some "deep thinking" about what areas I wanted to explore. She encouraged me to create questions I needed answered, and provided me with guidance on which areas of my life might best be "mined" to find the kernels of inner gold to harvest during our session.

To date, the information I received about the sudden illness and the rapid death of my beloved husband was life-changing. The clarity I received about "why things happened, the way they happened," and the cascade of changes that followed, gave me an inner peace that I cannot explain or even put into words.

I have listened to my session many times. Each time I do, I hear something new be revealed for the first time. My experience with Judy as my guide and facilitator was a blessing for my soul's unfolding and development. I highly recommend Judy and the "safe womb of transformation" she creates for you to go deep and mine your inner gold.



I have been exploring alternative healing modalities since 1996... and I can’t believe it has taken so long to find Quantum Healing! I guess when you’re ready it shows up, LOL. I have been in a trance state before but was apprehensive of hypnosis... it’s kinda similar BUT so different! I felt her support as we talked before we started this unknown experience... and like I do with so many things I was expecting a difficult experience and I was wrong! She took notes & recorded the session so I have that to review and she made me feel not afraid to look at some things I’ve been avoiding. I am actually getting excited about doing that again! Judy is such a kind soul she is nurturing to her family, her friends, and her clients. If you are looking for unconditional support and a safe place to open up... Judy can be that for you.


Jaslynn Terry

I learned so much in this experience and will do it again and again! Judy is amazing, she helps connect with other people in the spiritual community and connects like-minded individuals. Judy cares and knows exactly what she is doing!!!



Judy is truly one of a kind and extremely knowledgeable. She is very welcoming, nurturing, and will take the time to discuss everything with you. My session with her was everything I didn't know I needed and more. Such a great experience!


Crystal Burr

Work with Judy was a very different experience. She has a tender soul that helps guide and comfort you during sessions. Her light work is very in depth and should be explored by everyone; knowledge of ourselves is powerful. Her prep for our sessions, the sessions themselves and the follow up was personal and professional. I'm going to highly recommend Judy if you're looking to go deep.


Darren Di-Lorenzo

Judy is a wonderful friend and teacher to me, she has taught me how to come in contact with my higher self and also helped me get questions answered as to what happened on Mars during my past life. She is a great person to talk to and her quantum healing sessions are just the best sessions to experience while at the same time healing your soul, aura and energy. I highly recommend Judy shes passionate about her job and her healing sessions.


Dawn B

This Febuary I had an quatum hypnosis session with Judy and found the experience very gratifying. I went into it not knowing what to expect and Judy put me completely at ease and lead me through the process step by step.
With her help I was able to release some deep seeded resentment towards a family member that I had been carrying with me for years. Got closure with my father's death and answers to some other things that had happened in my life.

Judy truely loves what she does and cares deeply about her clients. She has continued to stay in contact with me and follows up on my progress.
I would highly recommend her if you are considering quatum hypnosis.


Curtis E.

I Had an Interesting Experience with Judy and her Quantum Healing work.

The answers to my questions seam to resonate Stronger for me in the days after our session.

A Great reminder that came through for me was working with my strong connection with The Tall People, or what some call Trees. The Profound Love and Healing Wisdom they offer.

I AM Now Leading Amazingly Fun Healing Meditation Retreats around the world!

Remember to Listen to Your Recording to help integrate your Information and downloads after the session!

Thanks Judy!



I met Judy through a synchronistic event. The story is very interesting actually. So, I attended a spirituality convention several years ago. I was sitting in a seminar on attracting and creating the life you desire. During the lecture out of the corner of my eye a small woman walked in wearing a long purple dress. It was one of those things that like you know, your body or your soul is like, you should probably pay attention to this, just a strange feeling. All I did at this time was notice her, I don't remember if she walked back out of the room, or joined us in the middle of the presentation and sat down.

After this concluded, I started walking around, leaving myself open to be guided where I needed to go was my intention. As I was walking around, I found the woman in the purple dress. Here, it was my beloved high school photography teacher from many years ago! I was surprised and delighted to see her. Well, turns out she is and has been very good friends with Judy for a long time. I took it as a sign from the Universe that this is something I need to do and signed up for a session.

I have always been into this realm of higher knowledge, if not as a curiosity, but rather an unconscious "knowing". But I still had no idea what to expect from this technique.

At that time I was in a very dark place, but Judy looked upon me with love and compassion. She has a big heart and is very understanding. She also is very firm and resolute. I was told to compile a list of questions that I wanted answers to, many of which were easily answered even without the technique.

The session and technique was VERY intense. Very, very, very intense. Many things came through, and Judy handled it professionally and with loving care. She dedicated herself to helping me and servicing me.

During the session, I had an experience in which I contacted what I believe to be my Divine Counterpart, and possibly my twin flame soul, although at that time I had no idea of the concept of a twin flame. All I know is that during that experience, I was filled with such a sense of unconditional love, just a feeling of LOVE. I cannot even really explain it because it is something that has to be experienced to understand. I was very glad for this, and committed myself to this vision so much so that I created some of the objects that I saw in my mind's eye.

Judy is very knowledgeable and explained what I would need to do to experience the greatest effect of the session. This is something that she helps you along the way. This is not something that you can just go into and expect everything to be taken care of for you. What do you want for yourself? Are you willing to do what is needed for yourself? She records the session and delivers a copy for you to listen to once a week to further solidify the quantum realm mechanics (it's hard to explain, but trust me, it's real and it works). The only real suggestion I would like to see improved is the quality of the recording.

Judy is a wonderfully beautiful person. If this is something that you have considered, but feel uncomfortable about, or maybe you have discovered this review and are reading it right now, do it. Do you know how or why you have discovered this review, do you know that you are meant to be reading this review right now? Please just surrender and discard any fear or doubt you may be having to God, and trust that He has a plan for you and wants to give you all the love you are supremely worthy of. I am very grateful for her and her services.

I do highly recommend you book a session or more with her. Thank you Judy.

And thank you for reading this and holding onto your faith and trusting your intuition. God Bless.

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