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If you are dedicated to your healing and growth, so am I!

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Available Hours: 9-5, Monday through Friday
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Address: 6, East 6th Street, Lawrence, Kansas, 66044, United States.


Julia Wagner

5D Expansion

~ Member Since 2020

What’s the KEY element that makes any experience MOST poignant? ¬†

You are.

Your love.  Your accomplishment.  Your intent.

It’s an HONOR to conduct and amplify YOUR intent.

Your energy.  My voice. 

We will SET, then AMPLIFY your intent, and broadcast your message outward, beyond time, beyond space, in order to anchor this energy across MANY dimensions.

Whatever your goals might be: ¬†I’m here to help.

Do you seek a stronger link you your intuition?
Or maybe you wonder how you fit into the bigger picture?
Is there a toxic habit or pattern you’d like to change?
Curious what it might be like to live a different life?
Is there a spirit you’d like to communicate with, or you’d like to help cross over?
Would you like insight into an unexplained experience, dream, or coincidence?
Have a wedding, event, or ceremony you’d like officiated by an Ordained Minister?

(Take my quiz and see where to start!)

Services include:

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
BEYOND Quantum Healing (BQH)
Kasina Mind Machine Sessions
Past/Future/Other Life Exploration
Group Life Exploration
Mindset Management Sessions
Intuitive Readings (Oracle, Tarot, Dream)
Auric Cleansing
Spirit Ascension & Aspect Integration
Surrogate & Tandem Sessions (Participant & Facilitator)

What’s DIFFERENT about what I do?¬†

First, as a Quantum Hypnosis (QHHT, BQH) practitioner, it’s my job to evoke your “Higher Self” with only my voice, only my words. ¬†

Next, I’m a practicing Buddhist with a diverse spiritual background. ¬†I’ve studied Christianity, Taoism, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Hermeticism, ¬†Aspect Psychology, plus many other religions, practices and philosophies. ¬†As such, I’m able to understand and translate complex concepts, turning these themes into digestible parables with which ANYONE can relate.

I’m also a “Synesthesiologist”- one who studies the intersection of the senses. ¬†Using the Kasina Mind Machine System, I guide clients through altered brain-states filled with psychedelic patterns and vibrant colors.

As an Ordained Minister, I use my voice to create the perfect mood for your ceremony, event, or celebration.  

Whether you seek healing, guidance, someone to officiate a ceremony, or someone to help a spirit cross over, I can help.

A blossom knows when to reveal its brilliance. Our soul also awakens at the perfect time. 
NOW is that eternal moment.

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Check out my website for more information! www.5Dexpansion.wordpress.com


Certified in BQH and NLP since 2020 and QHHT since 2019. Ordained Minister and Practicing Nichiren Buddhist.



Angela Kelley

January 2023

I have done several sessions with Julia and really appreciate her abilities to help me heal my self. I have known her on many levels but was amazed by the spectacular comfort she gave to my family. My younger brother past away tragically from a house fire. I knew Julia was ordained and asked if she would do the service she immediately agreed. She came out to the tiny town where my parents live, to the funeral home chapel and gave a beautiful service to the most conservative midamerican crowd. Many different family members came up to me after and remarked on different things she had said that brought them personal comfort. She really captured his spirit then showed us how to lay him to rest in our hearts. I will always be eternally grateful for her speaking for us when we could not. I hope I never have to plan another funeral but if I do I hope I have her by my side.

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