Karen Treloar

Office Phone: 5618537517
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Text to 561-853-7517
Available Hours: Flexible scheduling
Payment Options: Beyond Quantum Healing (sliding scale) starting at 300$ Inner Child Healing Circle FREE Pet Communication donation Akashic Readings - Preliminary Reading 150$ Follow up 50$ Accept most credit and debit cards Venmo Zelle
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Address: 626, Sunny South Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33436, United States.

Karen Treloar

Inner Child Healing Circle

Session Facilitator

~ Member Since 2021

I would love to facilitate your journey in seeking wisdom from your guides and higher self through the amazing modality of Beyond Quantum Healing.  You are a beautiful divine creator with a story unique to you.  Using the process of Beyond Quantum Healing you are able to receive answers to the questions most relevant to your life.  You receive insights into any and all issues you are facing.  I facilitate sessions in person and remotely.  These sessions are life changing!

My three daughters and I also offer a unique Inner Child Healing Circle.  Our sessions are remote as we are in different locations throughout the US.  In these sessions you are surrounded with unconditional love while we help you explore your internal landscape in order to rescue the wounded child.  We help gather the broken parts and guide them to transformation and wholeness.  In doing so we teach you how to do this on your own so you are able to use this very effective technique whenever you are triggered.  These sessions empower you to continue your personal growth and healing.

I also enjoy communicating with pets of all kinds. This is a delightful activity! If you have questions you have been dying to ask your pet I would love to connect you. Our little companions have so much to say!!

Recently I have added Akashic Readings to help you along your journey. ¬†I do this sacred work with my three special Akashic guides. I offer a preliminary reading looking for soul level blocks and give you a look into your soul’s blueprint. It is meant to inspire and empower you to fully align with your unique soul strengths and Earth missions.

Follow up readings answer personal questions, starseed origins and seek for information that assists you to be on your highest and most successful time-line.



Kyriel Clark

June 2021

I had so much fun - from the interview to the BQH session. I felt seen and supported while trying something new. Especially thankful you were willing to work around my schedule. I will be back for more of your time Karen. Thanks for everything.


Rachel N.

June 2021

I am a returning client with Karen and schedule monthly BQH sessions. On particularly hard weeks, I also schedule an Inner Child Healing Circle session.

The peace and knowledge I gain from Karen’s BQH sessions is incredible. Her guidance in the session is both intuitive and loving and her presence is powerful, persistent, and steady. The atmosphere she creates allows me to go deep and be open to crystal clear communication with my guides. The wisdom and insight has been transformational.


Dog Mom

June 2021

My dog is elderly and I travel a lot. I love to check in on her while I’m away. The clarity in communication is incredible and always verified with the people she is staying with.

I plan to use more pet communication sessions as she ages.


Cierra Chanatal

June 2021

Karen’s love of this work and the people she works with oozes from her unabashedly. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is organized and tech savvy and always on time. I’m so grateful for her attention. I feel like I’m a better listener to others and my body and my guides. She is also an avid learner—she has a new technique or certification every month it feels like.

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