Karin Aberg

Office Phone: 46707710306
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
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Address: 19, Magnus Ladulåsgatan, Södermalm, Stockholms l√§n, 118 61, Sweden.


Karin Aberg

Stockholm, Sweden

~ Member Since 2015

1995 i became a Reiki Master/teacher and I have been very interested in all kinds of healing since then.

In 1998 i found Orin and DaBen, and did their Awakening Your Lightbody course and also became a teacher for that and a few of their other courses. For years I did all their courses, so I have done a lot of guided meditations and 2012 I started my own Youtube channel with guided meditations and other videos about spiritual growth.

2003 I became a Craniosacral Therapist and have been working mosty with that since then.

2017 I started also started to do Reconnective healing.

In 2015 I took the QHHT course and have been working with that in my own way since then, but recently I also took the BQH course which is actually a little more like I already work.

I have a website in swedish with all the information about the methods I do and a lot of guided meditation, webcourses and things you can do on it. You find it here: LightTransmission.se



Reiki Master/teacher since 1995
Guided meditations since 1998
Craniosacral therapy since 2003
QHHT since 2015
Reconnective healing since 2017
BQH, took the course 2020 but have been working with similar since 2015


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