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Karuna Chinchkhede

Impact Conscious Healing

~ Member Since 2016

I 'knew' things. I could not explain how, but I knew. I believe, as a result of intense mediation in my mid twenties, my gift of knowing became even stronger. I knew the truth even before it was uttered, so I could tell who was telling lie and who was authentic. It caused conflicts in my immediate circle. I shut this gift down telling myself that I was not to challenge other's truth until I knew more of myself.


Learning Dolores Cannon's QHHT was my tapping into the world of universal consciousness and making sense of my knowing.  Remote Spirit Release was my personal journey opening other psychic senses.   Spirit world is unseen, positive and not positive energies within it. Discerning one from another using minimum two other physical senses is what I got myself practicing. 

I am here now to set myself on the path that is for me, by me to assist others on their path, to assist them in finding their path, getting comfortably on navigating to it.

I am happy and honored to be in a place to do it.


BE, QHHT Level 2, CCH, CH, RSR, Certified in Channeling and Mediumship




October 2020

I had my first Qhht session with Karuna on 10/10/2020. Prior to my session I had seen the number 10:10 often. I had digestive issues which have improved little by little since Monday. I chose Karuna because her energy is welcoming. When I had my session, she made me feel at home. She took time to make sure I was ready to go under hypnosis. While in hypnosis I felt energy through my body. It was a wonderful experience I can’t describe. I’m still in shock of all the work that was done during the session and before the session. Karuna took her time to prepare before the session. Thank you so much Karuna. If anyone is willing to try Qhht, Karuna is the person to go to.


Kim Quick

September 2020

Karuna is an amazing healer and generous in her time and healing. She is compassionate and very good at what she does.


Leon. UK

August 2020

Dear Karuna,

Just to say thankyou to you and Ying for the health check last night. Great job.

Last night I slept well and woke feeling relaxed. This morning when I was doing my daily protection ritual I noticed how energetically bright, expanded and clean I “looked”.

As I said last night this was the first Spiritual Health check I had probably had in nearly a year. It showed me that no matter how hard we work on ourselves in other spiritual ways we can still become energetically dull and tarnished as time goes by and we don’t really notice.

Once again many thanks.

All the best



Phyllis D.

August 2020

The QHHT session was not what I had expected, and honestly, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect to occur. I had a bit of hesitation, but at the same time, deep spiritual insight that my session would be a key to my moving forward. Karuna was very professional, and her peaceful nature put me at ease right away. My now nervousness came from anticipation for what might be revealed. I had days prior, been in preparation and meditation, requesting that my QHHT experience break through the barrier I was feeling I had come up against in my life. I had a sense that there was something from my past that I needed to know, that I was not grasping. Something very elusive, that would give me the clarity and understanding that I was needing.

What I thought was only 20-30 minutes in actuality was well over an hour! During our session all time seemed to stop as I was transported into a past life. Within my QHHT session, I was able to speak with my past life essence and witness aspects of his life that were most applicable with my present life. And received the information and deep insight that was needed for me to move forward.

After our session, I went through a rapid and extraordinary series of spiritual experiences and initiations. And emotional releases of old holding patterns within my physical body that had begun to cause pain and dis-ease within my every day life and work. All of these challenges gradually melted away and left me with great clarity, empowerment, and inspiration. It also gave me courage to be my true and authentic self moving forward, with the understanding that we create our own barriers that sabotage aspects of our lives to keep us safe—and self sabotage keeps us from living our lives in full.

My session with Karuna was a true blessing! I highly recommend her services to others who seek more clarity and understanding, to move forward and transform their lives.

Phyllis D.


Sarah Wilkes Webb

April 2020

I contacted Karuna Chinchkhede a few months back and almost immediately had a warm and loving feeling about her that came into my heart space, and I knew my guides had let me to her. She was also so kind as to fit me into an appointment that had come open, and I was very grateful!
When it came time for our session, I felt the same beautiful loving energy from her. It is strong! I can tell that her heart is pure. She was also extremely patient and kind. She and allowed for a very long session and I appreciated that. Karuna was extremely thorough and addressed all of my questions. I believe Karuna is a natural healer and I was happy with my session. I would recommend her to anyone. She is the real deal.


Veronica D

February 2020

Karuna's work is amazing. From the very beginning of the session I started discovering feeling I didn't know I had about difficult experiences in my life and the connection of those feelings with that are happening in my life right now. It was very liberating. Karuna guides you all the way helping you heal yourself through a very long session where she gives a hundred percent of herself, very connected with your process. After this session I have been receiving a lot of messages in my dreams guiding me in my spiritual path. Thank you Karuna for your amazing work and your help



January 2020

When I decided to try Quantum hypnosis, I was a bit skeptical and guarded. But Karuna helped me to feel safe and comfortable. Her patience and kindness allowed me to let my guard down and let the process happen. It was a beautiful experience. I learned so much about myself. I feel confident that I can be successful, happy, and find true love as I continue my personal growth in this beautiful journey called life.



December 2019

Hi Karuna,

Just wanted to let you know that I feel GREAT!! I don't feel any sadness or heaviness in my chest. I feel like my old self again I have so much energy. I feel like a new chapter in my life has opened up and I have so much life and love to look forward to and it's all because of you. The work you do and the care you took with me. It was like talking to an old old friend who I felt cared and sympathized with me. I have tears in my eyes just writing this to you. We always want to know, does my work make a difference? Do I make a difference? You made a difference in my life and I am so grateful to you.

I'm sending you love , light and happiness,


Brieana :)

November 2019

I am indebted to this precious person that has helped me on my healing journey and has devoted her life's work to healing. I must say I was ready and a little nervous but my faith was not wavered and being around Karuna was very comfortable and encouraging. Thank you for your compassion Karuna. After my session, so many synchronicities and spiritual affirmations coming up across my path about questions my heart was asking for during my session. AMAZING. Whoever comes to the door of healing asking for help, please always know that it is meant for you to be WHOLE, RESTORED AND BALANCED. I can’t thank you enough Karuna. Looking back on some of the scenes my session took me too, I was surprised and also very grateful for everything. Thank you for facilitating this process of healing. And later, I thought that I would contract or retract back into my mind and believe that it was made up or feel embarrassed, but that has not happened at all. If anything, I have felt very free and a deep sense of honor and gratitude. Thank you so much. Much love and blessings to you sweet Karuna.



September 2019

This lady is a very good practitioner and facilitator of the QHHT method/healing. She was very patient and focused. I benefited greatly from this experience.



September 2019

I honestly did not know what to expect. However, Karuna did an exceptional job preparing me for the session and explained the process very thoroughly. I came in with many deep seeded issues that I was trying to understand and many questions in terms of the direction of my life. Karuna had guided me so intuitively to help me gain clarity for experiences in life. She was incredible and amazing as she truly devotes herself to the work of healing her clients. Our journey began at 2pm and ended at 11pm! She really cares about you and is dedicated to helping you connect with your higher self. I feel a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that there is still much to learn in this realm. I can't wait to connect further with my higher self!


Stephanie Scott

August 2019

I cant thank Karuna enough for such a wonderful session! She goes above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable, have a rewarding experience and continued support/tools afterwards. I received so much more than I imagined with my time with her. Highly recommend! :)



July 2019

Incredible, I can’t believe how helpful my session was! I’m so excited to see what possibilities open up for me. Thank you karuna!



May 2019

Life changing experience. Finally answers to my questions in life Karuna was able to guide me gently to connect to my Higher Self and guide. I am so grateful that I met her. Her voice is soothing and made me feel comfortable from the second I met her. Recommend her 100% without a doubt.


Volt Lim

November 2018

The Quantum Healing session with Karuna was such an incredibly beautiful and unforgettable experience. It was like a slow journey into this dream world and yet it was all real. I came in a little skeptical but when I walked out of there, my life had completely changed. I suffered from fear for nine years which lead to emotional trauma. I had stress and anxiety, lack of concentration and focus and I felt mentally and emotionally tortured. When I got home from my first and only session with Karuna, I noticed immediately, the fear had vanished. It felt like I have been reborn. Until now since I saw Karuna I feel great living life, without any fear.



November 2018

I was led to Karuna at a time when I was searching for answers to a number of spiritual experiences I began to have as a result of my awakening. QHHT is a healing modality that I believe would propel me along my spiritual path and Karuna has proven to be the practitioner I needed to guide. She's very patient and thorough in her session and did not leave any question of mine unanswered. She's a very kind soul and a genuine lightworker. I'm fortunate to have found her.



October 2018

My session with Karuna exceeded my expectations . Karuna was patient and extremely knowledgeable. The session pulled back layers of pain and brought healing and release. It also gave me much needed answers and direction for my life. I’ve recommended her to several friends all of which echo my sentiments.



September 2018

Working with Karuna has been one of the best things I have ever done for my spiritual well being. I greatly admire Karuna's humanitarian spirit and her diligence. She is extremely patient, thorough and gentle beyond compare. Karuna took an extra 3 hours over time to make sure that my QHHT session was a success. I woke up the next day feeling as if eons of weight had been lifted off my chest and felt truly free and empowered. I am still receiving many blessings and downloads after our session. I have been recommending Karuna to all my friends and family and talking non-stop about my session. I feel so blessed to have worked with such a beautiful soul. If there is something about Karuna's picture that draws you to her listen to that gut feeling.


Karuna Chinchkhede

September 2018

The session was life changing. Kuruna is warm, insiteful, and spirit lead.
I recommend anyone seeking Devine healing , and guidance schedule a session.

You won’t be disappointed



September 2018

Karuna was a wonderful guide. She was gracious with her time and energy. Very insightful, knowing and caring. She spent a great deal of time listening to my concerns and aspirations...and then guiding me through the experience with my higher self, guardian angel, carefully journeying through my past lives. It was a terrific experience.


Alfredo L.

July 2018

She’s the best thank you for u time

Thank you, Freddy!



July 2018

My experience with Karuna was life-changing and cathartic.

Since my higher self was called forward and many deep rooted negative emotions were healed in that process, my true self has emerged as a lotus above all. I have never been more uninhibited and truly awake.

I thank Karuna for being honest and humble as well as direct, yet warm and kind. Her seed of passion for higher healing will blossom within all whom she connects with.

Infinite blessings and prosperity to all.

Thank you, Jasmine!



May 2018

She is skillfully trained and so thorough in her approach with BQHT and so Loving.
I cannot rate her high enough~! Love, Alexandra


Camilla Rose

April 2018

This experience was amazing. It was more than I thought it would be but I do recommend not going in there with any expectations. Karuna was super helpful and great as she walks you through the experience. If you are thinking about it please GO SEE HER!! It helps give clarity to your path. I experienced a spiritual breakthrough and I'm happy. I learned a lot about my past lives that definitely helps and explains a lot in this life. Thank you so Much!!



March 2018

Karuna is awesome. She took her time with me and listened and took me on a unbelievable journey with my Higher Self and Source. The after effects are even more amazing i received healing in two places. I highly recommend it.


Jill Cisneros

January 2018

Karuna is AMAZING, she lead me through a self exploration journey that has profoundly affected me. She was very easy to connect to and I can't thank her enough for the gently and safe guidance provided. Even if you are only thinking about this please - DO IT. The knowledge and self awareness gained through this experience will be applicable through the rest of your life.


Lori Ellen

December 2017

I had no idea what to expect. The qhht session was amazing and a week later I'm still processing all that I received in that time together.


Abida Mazin

October 2017

I had an amazing session with Karuna. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It's been more than a week since the session and I have been feeling much more peacefully and easy since then. I feel a lot of healing has happened and I am more in touch with my higher self. I feel so much lighter. It was a very positive and relaxing experience. It cannot be expressed in words. You have to try it to feel it. It was simply beautiful. Karuna is a gifted healer in my opinion and this technique is awesome. I felt completely safe and relaxed during the entire session. It was beyond my expectations. Thank you Karuna for the beautiful experience.



October 2017

Karuna is truly amazing, she is honest, caring, and understanding. She gives a sense of comfort from the start, and you can trust her completely. During our session, she helped facilitate to get the deepest truth out of my very own soul. It was a life affirming experience that helped me seek the validation I was looking for. I am so grateful for Karuna!



September 2017

I've been wanting to get a QHH session since I read Dolores Cannon book in 2011. I've searched and was never able to come across a practitioner until I met Karuna. It was meant to be and the big best experience. Karuna took her time with me and the session was from 11am to 4:30pm. Karuna was generous with her time and really cared about the experience as a whole. She took me deep and I was able to access part of myself that I've always felt but got to truly understand and appreciate. The journey was cosmic and unlike anything that I've tried before. It's a must if you are on your healing journey or just want to access a part of you that can through QHH. Karuna was gentle and kind, and spoke to me before and after the session. Karuna is passionate about this work and that comes across on the session. You MUST book a session with her asap! It's so worth it. Highly recommend QHH session with Karuna!! 10 Stars across the board. Thank You Karuna for this magical experience. ❤️


Melissa Garcia

August 2017

Hello, I would like to state that my experience with Karuna was nothing less than great and wonderful. Being someone who has soul searched for a while and still continues to, it's been rough trying to find someone who really is genuine about their work with no ego and Karuna definitely is that. I love that she helps you from the beginning, so you are filled with knowledge even before you get to the session and don't walk into a session not knowing. Ok, now about my session- it was completely mind blowing and a major break through for me!! I came in with so many questions, and of course the " what is my purpose in life one" question and she really guided me into really listening to my higher self. The way I feel today, is indescribable but i feel wonderful with a feeling of no limited beliefs!!! (As I did prior). I am very grateful for women like Karuna who help because I know this path isn't easy! But after knowing what I know now, I can strive with confidence knowing that everything will fall into place perfectly! THANK YOU!


Erika p

July 2017

Karuna is a wonderful passionate women. She took the time to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I was suffering from postpartum depression and panic attacks . After the session I felt happy and full of life . I have not had a single panic attack since the day I had a session. I really recommend this to people who feel lost and need answers . I was really scared at first and nervous but karuna helped me relax. I had a great experience


Eric Alexander

June 2017

Karuna is an excellent hypnotherapist, yet maybe more important is how passionate she is about her work. She took the time and care to make sure that our session was complete. She also was able to allow me to get to some underlying issues that I have been working on for a long time, and bring them to the surface so I could let them go. If you want to have a hypnotherapy session for any reason, look no further than this wonderful woman.

Eric, Carlsbad, CA

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