Katarzyna Kaminska

what you seek is seeking you

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Languages: English, Polish

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Katarzyna Kaminska

~ Member Since 2019

Katarzyna Kaminska is a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist using Beyond Quantum Healing method (BQH), postgraduate in Cultural Studies, certified yoga instructor, nutrition junkie, wellness advocate, passionate meditator and artist.

‘..Former cynic turned mystic. My passion is to assist people in finding their way back to a deeper part of themselves. I am true believer in sovereign spirituality, the power of mind/body connection, the power of trusting the intuition or "gut," and turning our life experiences into life lessons. It's the transformational journey that fascinates me, including the process of uncovering the human eyes to see the world beyond the everyday conscious mind self..’

Reach out anytime if you are interested in learning more, or booking a session. I always look forward to meet and connect with new people.

Much love,



Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner




August 2020

Wonderful session with a wonderful healer. Her presence changes the energy in a room and in you too. Very caring, loving and calm personality. You couldn’t ask for better person to guild you deep inside yourself!


Tom Smoron

October 2019

Well done Kasia, very well facilitated session with lots of good vibes and energy. I was a little bit skeptic at the beginning but when session started it all gone. Wonderful experience, I can fully recommend her. I very much appreciate your guidance.


Ania S

September 2019

Kasia is amazing!
Her incredible energy made me welcome and comfortable from the day we met.
She is definitely one of the most talented person in this field I have ever met. Her wide knowledge and experience in wellbeing overall helped me to be better version of myself.
She introduced me to a healthy diet, breathing and daily stretching exercises to help me for example sleep better.
Kasia helped me to open my creative side and connect with my authenticity by healing sessions that have changed my view of life forever.
My appreciation of existence is on different level now.
I truly recommend to see her!


Camila Schmid

September 2019

Kasia has helped me to travel deeper within myself, and as a result it helped me to get answered many of the questions I had. Even though I knew the answer was inside me, was through this magic experience of quietness and unknown that so many revelations came. Highly recommend for those who look into growing and are searching for answers. Great practitioner.

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