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"You are a natural oracle of timeless wisdom which comes from within." -Kaya Sattva

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Kaya Sattva

Blue Lotus Oracles

Certified Hypnotherapist - QHHT

~ Member Since 2018

My name is Kaya Sattva and I am a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist specializing in Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  I also offer psilocybin-assisted hypnosis and serve as a psychedelic guide in a therapeutic setting.  I have a private practice in Oakland, of California’s Bay Area, where I see clients in my beautiful dedicated healing studio.

My discoveries through my work as a hypnotherapist add to my growing sense of awe, my willingness to follow divine guidance, my desire to understand and to courageously assist others in their transformative healing. ¬†My work fulfills my soul’s aspiration of uplifting others collectively thereby positively creating change and wholeness in our ever renewing world. ¬†Because of this, I consider my service as a hypnotherapist as an integral part of my spiritual practice.

Remembering more of who we truly are, how we heal ourselves holistically, what we are aligned to accomplish, what our soul’s gifts are, how we effectively offer them for the betterment of humanity, how we are all connected, and how we can be in greater concert with our Higher Self is ours to discover. ¬†I am here to hold sacred space for such discovery, to help you empower yourself into acknowledging your profound potential, to show you that your are a natural Oracle, and to elicit the timeless wisdom and healing which come naturally when we look deeply within.




Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®), certified Level 2
Introspective Hypnosis, certified
Reiki Level 2,
BQH – Beyond Quantum Healing, certified
Life Between Lives




Hypnotherapy felt much more natural than expected and Kaya is probably too good at what she does. This being my 1st hypnotherapy session, I was so nervous & excited that I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to calm down enough to experience it. Arriving with 10,000 questions, she made time to understand which ones take prominence so that I receive the most quality from the session - by the end, all of the scenes/information ended up unraveling this beautifully layered & connected truth in itself.

Kaya is... simply built for this work in many ways & makes it look seemless. She is incredibly patient, encouraging, respectful, and genuinely cares about her clients and this work. Her character & voice are so calming, I tapped in immediately. She created such a safe space, like a landing pad, that even during a confused point in my life, still so much surfaced & we worked through an incredible amount. She noticed subtle hints in each scene, helping focus attention to exactly what needed to be revealed, and phrased the right questions for answers that weren't quite clear-cut. Developed in-session, I now trust Kaya in any space and have never felt so safe being that vulnerable in such deep places, and am so glad that I opened so we could dive in. I couldn't recommend anyone else, especially if it's your first time exploring hypnotherapy. Even through some rough patches I felt ready to face, it was pure light & love through the whole experience.

My intention was to understand processing negative emotions, manifestation, and some recent experiences. I left with much more than I think both of us expected to come up, all 3 answered and another awakening in itself that unfolded within the week following the session. I feel renewed and aware with so much gratitude to have had this experience guided through none other than Kaya herself. What has opened can't be unlearned and I'm forever grateful for the reconnection.



The universe connected me with Kaya at the appropriate time. I have heard about Dolores Cannon and her work before. As I was exploring QHHT practitioners in the area, the first name that popped up was Kaya. When I reached out for a session, Kaya promptly responded and was very communicative. We had a brief phone chat before I scheduled where Kaya kindly explained the approach and shared from her own experiences. On the day of our session, Kaya took the time to get to know me more. She went over each question with time and care to understand what I want to get out of the session. She listened to me in a non-judgmental manner and everything I shared was kept in confidence. During the session, Kaya's approach was very gentle and she took me through a series of exercises to prepare my mind. As we dove into past life regression, it was wonderful to witness Kaya conversing with my higher conscience. I could not have asked for a better person to guide me through the experience. Her empathy and support has truly assisted me navigated into the unknown, and come out feeling much more fulfilled with my endeavor. Thank you, Kaya!



I had been interested in past life regression for some time and found Blue Lotus on Google. I messaged on the website and got a response promptly. I saw Kaya for a hypnotherapy session few weeks ago for some ongoing recurrent issues I had in my life. It was my first time trying hypnotherapy and I was slightly nervous but Kaya made me feel so much at ease. Her voice is so angelic and calming. We had an initial phone conversation and then we met for the session. She made me feel so comfortable. It felt like I was talking to a friend as we were discussing my issues. My hypnosis session went very well and my logical mind still feel like what ever I saw, I just made it up but I know it's not true. I have been integrating what I learnt and have noted a difference in the way I react to the same stimuli now. I feel like I see a higher perspective on everything.

This QHHT experience was a birthday gift to myself and I have no regrets! Highly recommend Kaya if you are looking into this stuff.

Also, Kaya, thank you for the book recommendation! I loved it! ????


Marie E.

I went to Kaya seeking answers to some perplexing issues I was dealing with . I found her website and had an immediate “yes” to working with her.  From our first conversation to the final session she was responsive, caring, professional and clear.  I trusted her expert guidance throughout and was so deeply grateful for this experience . 

The session was everything I could have hoped for and more.  I went on a deep journey that at first seemed weird and random but ultimately wound into a web of a beautiful synthesis of confirmation and new revelations that are so relevant to me.  

It is all still very fresh and taking time to integrate.  I continue to gain new insights.  The session allowed me to deepen my trust in my own wisdom.

Thank you Kaya from my heart.  This is profoundly healing.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her expertise to anyone with an open heart seeking answers to life’s deepest questions.  Peace



Incredibly transformational experience for me. Throughout the session, Kaya listened intently and provided intuitive guidance that helped me gain clarity on my own questions. With her expertise, I was able to delve deep and gain a better understanding of long-held stories I had been carrying.

As someone who has explored various healing modalities, I can confidently say that this was one of the most transformative experiences I have had. Even four months after the session, I continue to gain clarity by revisiting the recording.
I highly recommend Kaya to anyone looking for a compassionate guide to help them on their inner journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing experience.
- Hermella


Talina H.

Since my QHHT session with Kaya, I have begin to feel more at home in my body. The amount of patience I have with myself, and others has increased greatly in my awareness and empathy for self has grown. I am so grateful that I have gifted myself with this opportunity to be in greater connection and communication with my higher self because it is enhancing my life experience. I’m taking all of the insights, knowledge and wisdom with me wherever I go. Thank you!



Kaya is absolutely an amazing person with such a gift for this work. She is so nurturing, professional and helpful as she guides you through. I felt very taken care of throughout the entire process. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone wanting a deep, beautiful Quantum Healing experience. 


Sunhee C

My first Psilocybin-Assisted Quantum Hypnosis with Kaya was empowering, transformative and so beautiful.

I have done past life regressions and QHHT before with other practitioners but it was always challenging to have a logical mind out of the way. But with help of Psilocybin in Kaya’s session, I felt easy to relax in my subconscious. Here are some of the highlights from the session that I would love to share.

* I experienced beautiful energy beings in colorful bubbles greeting me in playful and welcoming manner.
* I visited life as a female writer Julia who’s so timid that she couldn’t submit her work. She came back home without even talking to anyone in the publishing type of house and cried. She even dressed as if she wants to hide in the background. I could relate to her because I have issues of not valuing my work and my worth and not being able to speak up in my current life. Kaya took creative approach to guide me to revisit that scene as a confident, vibrant, and confident woman who knows that this writing will influence the world sensational way. The lesson from this life was that this writing is not just about me. This could help so many others in a way I could not imagine. This was such a powerful experience that stayed in my energy. A few months after the session, I started writing, and creating book. I never really had that confidence in being an author especially when I speak English as a second language. However, there’s a natural urge inside of me that was empowered by this session.

* Kaya guided me to my spirit guides or soul family and I received positive, encouraging guidance. One of the most beautiful memories from this part was when Kaya had me look at me through my guide’s eyes. “Oh my god. She is perfect. She is so beautiful.” This expression is not something I would ever express about myself as such a self critical person. Learning about the true essence of me was so transformational and uplifting.

There were a few other beautiful moments and insights that were so relevant to my current life.

Kaya is a gifted healer, therapist, and counselor accompanied by her intuition and care. I am so grateful that I had this powerful session with her.



It's not an exaggeration to say that the session with Kaya was life-altering.
My interaction with Kaya was extremely calming and reassuring. She prepared me very well for the session. She went over my questions carefully to fully understand what I was looking to get out of it, and gave me some great tips that I believe made the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful session with respect to my ability to go deep into the experience. 
Kaya's studio is beautiful and comfortable and allowed me to relax fully into the experience. 
As for the journey itself - it's been two weeks and I'm still processing it. I've been able to see a past life and I can't describe how emotionally moving and impactful it has been. I've learned some important lessons that are directly applicable to my life. While I've realized a while ago that there's more to the world than we can see and understand, this was the clearest confirmation I've ever gotten for that.
I was able to not only get my questions answered but more importantly, learn how to access a much greater level of inner wisdom in my daily life. 
I can't thank Kaya enough and highly recommend that you book a session with her. 



This was my first time coming to a quantum healing hypnotherapy session. I was very amazed as I felt the journey was very magical. I felt half of my body was tickled by some electrical current - I was electrified, no kidding…internally I felt energy was coming from within in the middle of the session. With the guided voice of Kaya’s, I was able to see many scenes although I was not able to fully see who I was but I was able to describe my surroundings. This was a magical journey. There was one segment I saw my ancestors and they provided me some answers I really wanted to ask. My experience was worthwhile and I’d like to study and research more on this subject as this is ultimately something that connects a lot of unknown logics that human science currently cannot explain.



It was a lovely awakening experience. Kaya was gentle and it was easy to feel relaxed throughout my session.



I knew 30 seconds into the pre-session phone call with Kaya that she was the QHHT practitioner for me. Behind her soothing and disarming voice is a confidence that speaks to her expertise, and I felt I would be in good hands (I wasn't wrong).

The Blue Lotus Oracles studio is charming, bright and alive with energy. The atmosphere is very conducive to an earnest interview and I felt safe to speak candidly of present concerns and hopes for the future.

Most of the session consisted of the actual hypnotic induction, past life revision, and higher-self questioning. Nearly 3hrs of subconscious probing flew by, and once brought back I'd felt as though time had been compressed. My body was humming!

The post-session review was very helpful as Kaya was able to connect the dots and offer observations that didn't seem obvious to me at the time (or even now, listening to the audio recording).

I highly recommend Kaya to anyone seeking answers to the profound questions within themselves. She is an excellent QHHT practitioner and can provide a highly effective bridge between you and your truth.

So grateful!



This was my first experience with hypnotherapy.

Kaya created a calm and safe space immediately and it was easy for me to trust her as she guided me through this experience.

I look forward to working with Kaya again and connecting deeper with my higher self with her invaluable help and support.

Thank you Kaya!


Darrah Jones

My experience with Kaya was incredibly powerful. I am so glad that my journey led me to her. Kaya has an incredible gift for creating an environment that feels secure. I felt safe and empowered in Kaya's presence as the session unfolded. Kaya holds space as she led the session in a beautiful, creative, and compassionate way. With her guidance, I was able to let go into the experience courageously, which allowed me to get the most out of the session. The insights I gained through the QHHT process with Kaya have already supported me on my journey to heal and trust in myself. I learned so much through this process, from the first call, to reflecting on the questions I wanted to bring to session, through the session, and now in integration, as I listen to the recording and continue on in my journey. I am truly so grateful to have met Kaya and to have received a QHHT session from her. I got (and continue to get) so much out of the experience I had with her. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a practitioner who embodies intuition, compassion, creativity, respect, and empowerment. Thank you, Kaya.



I had an amazing experience. Kaya is lovely, and I really appreciated her vibe and sense of humor. She provided an excellent and very helpful/informative introduction to the session. The experience was profound, and I still think about it often. I would definitely do this again!



I have done two quantum healing hypnosis sessions with Kaya Sattva - she is an extremely talented practitioner that creates a warm, nurturing, and safe space for the intensity of hypnosis. There is so much wisdom that she is able to draw out during each session, so many potent takeaways and lessons that I have applied into my life today and are highly relevant to my personal growth during this lifetime. Before going to Kaya, I didn't feel very connected to my spiritual practice. I sought her out to reconnect with my higher self and unlock insights from past lives to aid me in my healing journey within this lifetime. After working with Kaya, I feel deeply rooted in my spirituality and connected to my soul's purpose!

In my first session with Kaya, I had a past life regression that helped teach me to trust my inner knowing - to listen to my inner voice more than external voices. In my most recent hypnosis session, I had another extremely powerful past life regression related to my soul's journey with a soul connection in a past lifetime. I went through a range of emotions under hypnosis: excitement, fear, joy, extreme sadness. I was sobbing at one point due to the intensity of the events during the past life, and when I came out of hypnosis the past life felt ingrained inside my soul - as though it was a true memory in this lifetime. Kaya effortlessly eased me out of the experience and helped me integrate what happened after the session.

Overall, I'd highly recommend working with Kaya - she has encouraged me to be more vulnerable and open, and has transformed my spiritual journey. I look forward to seeing her again soon!



Kaya was so wonderful. We had a brief phone call about a week before we were to meet so she had a fairly good idea of my story and what I hoped to get out of our time together before our session even started. I came with a list of questions for my higher self as she requested and I felt that I got sincere and helpful (and mindblowing!) answers to them all. It was such a relaxing, healing, and eye-opening experience overall. She really listened without judgment during the first part of the session when we talked and was so warm and welcoming. I immediately trusted her and felt safe. She also has such a soothing voice! I've gotten QHHT before with another practitioner, but what I really appreciated about Kaya was that she spent awhile guiding me into a deep hypnosis before we got to the QHHT part, so that I went deeper than I'd been in my prior session. During the session she was so intuitive about when to move me to a new experience, how to help and guide me in moments where the emotions and energy were too intense, and which questions were the right ones to ask to gently move the scene along. Her office is super cozy and the bed I was lying on was super comfy - she had extra blankets, bolsters, and pillows that I could choose from and she turned the heater on for me when I was cold. She spent a lot of time debriefing with me after and I really appreciated how much time she dedicated to the session - I never felt rushed at all. I came home raving to my husband about the session and now he wants one, too. If you're on the fence I highly recommend booking a QHHT session with her :)



My session with Kaya was very unique and profound. I arrived with a mixture of excitement, nervousness and tenderness that she held with so much compassion. Her calming presence really helped my nervous system soften and expand to receive powerful, spiritual messages. I was able to experience a past life and feel the presence of an angelic / cosmic guide.

Although the session brought up a lot of emotions it was also very affirming & validating. I left her beautiful office feeling like I had a deeper understanding of my personal challenges. I feel so much gratitude for the care she showed through the entire process <3 Thank you, Kaya.


Carla Macapinlac

I had been in search of a local QHHT practitioner for about a year, but only recently found Kaya. Everything happens in divine timing and this was no exception. I ended up booking a BQH session, which turned out to be exactly what I needed, but that realization wouldn't fully sink in until a week later.

Kaya has a very gentle and caring approach, and I appreciated her thoroughness before, during, and after the session. She made sure I understood the process and what to expect, which was helpful as I had a slightly different perception of how aware I would be during the hypnosis. Her treatment space was beautiful and I was immediately drawn in by the peaceful and calm energy and colors of her studio.

Process aside, the insights I received provided the deep answers I had been seeking. I had already been going through my own healing process for the last two years but felt that I needed to go deeper, which is what led me to Kaya. I received information and healing that supported previous insight I had already been shown, and then in the following days, that information was further corroborated and supplemented by additional insight I received from two different modalities. It is so true that everything is connected.

I am very grateful for Kaya and her assistance at this point in my journey. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking regression therapy to move past any deep-seated limitations, or simply to just gain deeper insight of one's life trajectory. Thank you so much, Kaya!! ????


Lotus Wong

I came to Kaya intuitively as I was seeking guidance on my journey. I am so grateful that intuitive hit led me to Kaya as she is incredibly experienced and gifted! We went on a five hour hypnosis journey where I was able to learn about my past lives and even experience their last breath and gather lessons from that. Through her guidance I was also able to “suspend” my personality and get in touch with my higher self to receive answers to my questions. The best part was that those answers came directly from me as most healers I hear the insights through them. This felt very authentic for me. Highly recommend working with Kaya! If you feel drawn, listen to that!


Paul A.

Kaya holds amazing space and I felt she really wants to support you to get the most out of our session. It's been a couple weeks since my session and I'm amazed how the QHHT session I did with her is still unfolding and I'm so grateful that she took the time, attention, and care to understand my questions and me as a person so I could receive the absolute most during our time together. I can't recommend her enough!


Emma Z

I booked a QHHT session with Kaya. It was an incredible and life-changing experience! I have never felt so happy and in alignment with myself before. I felt the healing took place immediately after the session. My life was changed in many aspects, including bad eating patterns, body aches, negative thoughts, and fears. Furthermore! I got to ask my higher self what my life purpose is! Kaya is an amazing healer and I highly recommend her!


Brian Malloy

Get ready to open your mind and be led by a very gentle voice into the mystery of the past life regression experience.



I met Kaya in March for my QHHT session and the first thing I noticed was her lovely and inviting presence. She also has a most beautiful and authentic voice. She took her time explaining things and getting to know me and we went over my list of things that I wanted to address. In no way did I feel rushed, and I felt she was very thorough and thoughtful in her approach.

While under hypnosis, I recalled one past life but what happened after that was and has been most instrumental in helping me to process and accept how my life has played out. My favorite part of the session was when I reconnected with my deceased loved ones. Additionally, I was at times a bit surprised at how my higher self answered my own questions in a way that was totally new and refreshing to me. I also gained clarity about a personal and painful family experience which has helped me to move forward in life with a renewed understanding.

The time flew by and several hours later, I wondered if the experiences were real. It has been six weeks since my session and there have definitely been some life changes in a good way. Step by step, I am taking the advice from my higher self and implementing them into my daily life. I am no longer feeling stuck and feeling more at ease.

Thank you so much Kaya, you are a blessing!



My experience with Kaya was phenomenal! Although I am familiar with QHHT as I was recently a student, I had not had a session of my own. From the beginning, she was very informative and took the time to thoroughly explain every step that would be taken. Kaya is also very responsive which made
The process easy.

My overall experience was profoundly amazing! Moreover, at no time did I feel rushed or uncomfortable. Not to mention, her office space is very lovely which made it easy for me to feel relaxed.

I would definitely recommend Kaya for QHHT.


Roxanne Villaluz

I had an amazing session with Kaya! It started off with a consultation so that we could talk about expectations, what I would need to ready myself mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.

At my appointment, I felt secure, safe, & held. I didn't feel rushed. She adjusted the temperature of the room, made sure I was comfortable physically before we began.

To be honest I don't remember too much during the actual session. But the great thing is Kaya records the session to listen later. It was such an amazing experience hearing the session and all of the things that came out of it. It opened my eyes to all of the fears & things I have been holding inside. Also, it helped me to better understand what is next for me and it has allowed me to really trust my spirit and listen to myself. I also learned how much I judge myself and learning to let that go.

I highly recommend Kaya!!! It will be the best gift you give to yourself.



Kaya is truly heaven sent! My hypnotherapy sessions with her have been all I could dream of & more. Each time I meet with her I feel more assured of my divine protection & my ultimate life path! My life has improved exponentially from our first session im more self aware, assured & accepting! Thank you universe for bringing us together!



Kaya's gentle, patient, and thoughtful approach to her work immediately gives you the trust you meed to let go. My session with Kaya was so many things. It was therapy. It was deeply profound, surreal and healing. I received so many insights in the moment and in the days and weeks since. I would recommend her and her sessions to anyone who wants to connect with your higher self and receive the messages you need to hear.


Joy Ayson-Yu

Kaya is a great communicator and explains the whole process really well, I felt really safe during the hypnosis. She intuitively know's what questions to ask and guides you very gently. Really appreciated it especially since it was my first time doing any type of hypnosis. Thanks Kaya!



I had a wonderful QHHT session with Kaya. It was my first experience with QHHT and she made me feel very comfortable right away, was very informative while describing the process and what to expect. My session was a beautiful experience, and she took the time to sit with me after and go over everything that came through during my session. I will definitely work with her again and I highly recommend her as a practitioner, thank you Kaya!






I appreciate Kaya’s approach before during and after our session together. She was accommodating, gentle, and managed all expectations with a groundedness that made me feel safe and let me know I always had a choice at any point during our session.

My biggest concern was whether or not I would feel different after our session. Kaya said I would slowly feel more in alignment and that’s exactly what happened.

Since we all like tangible examples, this is what I feel I gained: After my session I faced a number of challenges. But where I would have sunk into despair just months earlier, the information gained with Kaya helped me approach my circumstances a differently. Not only have I overcome those challenges, I have felt less stress, more joy, more awareness, and a deeper sense of possibility. I see my greater purpose and I notice myself going with the flow instead of pushing against it.

I can’t say it enough, if you are lucky enough to cross paths with Kaya, I wholeheartedly recommend booking a session. You won’t regret it.



Tremendous experience, I highly recommend. Kaya is a pro. I look forward to more sessions.


Christine C

Kaya was calm, comforting and listened with an open heart. She Helped me get in touch with lessons from past lives affecting this life. She was wonderful and I highly recommend seeing her!


Matthew B

I felt that Kaya was very personable, sweet, calm, knowledgeable, caring, considerate, helpful and open minded which allowed her to create a safe and comfortable space for me to fully open up and be vulnerable. I felt she was a very capable guide throughout the meditation and helped to facilitate a great connection with my higher self which allowed me to view and receive messages from images in my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together and the recording I can listen to forever. I am excited to work with Kaya again and have recommended her to friends and family.



QHTT is truly incredible! Kaya has a peaceful and kind presence, and she guided the entire session so smoothly. I really appreciated the way she held space, her deep respect, and her ability to work with energy and the spirit realm. I received such powerful messages and insights about my soul in the session. I am so grateful, thank you Kaya!



I recently had an amazing session with Kaya and a week later I’m still thinking about how profound it was for me. From the start, Kaya was incredibly professional but more importantly personable. She lovingly guided me with easy conversation to construct questions for my session, and put me at ease with the entire process. I’m grateful for the way Kaya held space for me and was so patient when I couldn’t find the words to describe the stimuli and information I was receiving. Kaya is a beautiful person inside and out and so genuine in her approach. I recommend anyone who is interested in QHHT to book a session with her.



I went for my first QHHT session with Kaya and it was perfection. She facilitated my session beautifully and skillfully from the moment I walked through her door and still to this day several weeks later when I fill my room with her incense. After much reflection and inner growth since our brief time together I can say with confidence... Kaya is a wizard at her craft.



It was very easy to feel comfortable with Kaya. She has the most calming and caring spirit and she’s also very professional. It felt like the 4.5 hours I was with her flew by. The session helped me to have a new perspective on my relationship with my husband and has shifted things for the better. I’m so grateful! Thank you, Kaya for your work and love!



I wasn't sure what to expect fully, as I was only superficially familiar with QHHT, but Kaya explained the process thoroughly both on the phone and in person. She does a good job of putting people at ease and guiding the process. I will probably be reflecting on and journaling about the experience for awhile because so much came up, but this is a very good thing, in my mind, because part of what arose from this was suggestions for my own growth and healing. I was surprised by some of the answers that came up, but I trusted the process and felt like I got exactly what I needed from it at this time in my life. I will say, make sure you have the entire day free because I felt realllllly floaty, drained, and ungrounded the rest of the day, making even simple conversation difficult. It's best to be very gentle with yourself afterward and have some quiet time for rest and reflection. But overall, I have definitely felt more present and in tune with myself after this experience and have started making small changes in my life. I know the universe works in mysterious ways, but I feel strongly that this was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I recommend Kaya as a practitioner who can help guide you through deeper connection and understanding of yourself in a gentle and supportive way, and my thanks to her for her guidance during the journey!



Kaya is made for this. She is so comforting, and soothing, and really helped relax me. She explains everything from the start and creates a safe space for the experience. Definitely recommend- thank you!



Kaya put me at ease during our first phone call where she briefed me on what would happen during the session and what I could do to prepare and prep. I arrived at her lovely space and we spent time going over all the questions I wanted to ask as well as just getting to know each other. It was lovely to have that time to get to know her and create a safe space together. This was my first QHHT session and I didn't know what to expect but Kaya really put me at ease and I felt we had a good connection to work with. The session itself was so powerful and I am still a bit tongue-tied to go into detail but what I feel is important to convey is that Kaya was an excellent guide. Her pace, probing questions, and ability to lead the journey was wonderful. I felt completely taken care of and all my questions were answered to the best of my ability. I would highly recommend seeing Kaya for QHHT and I plan to have another session at some point.


Ai Love

KayaSatva is an amazing person and she is great at what she does. She was completely willing to work with my financial situation and made me feel extremely comfortable. I was able to open up to her about things I rarely share with anyone. As for the the session itself, I was amazed at the information that I received and how clarifying it was to my life. I was comfortable and felt safe while she guided me on a very interesting and eye opening journey. KayaSatva truly cares about people, you can just feel the love and compassion she has for humanity when you meet her and speak with her. I definitely recommend her and thank you KayaSatva, for the work you do.


QHHT Success

I showed up 15 minutes early and I was greeted with a smile. Even her dog welcomed me. The couch was comfortable and workspace inviting. Kaya was very comfortable to work with and I feel like a lot was accomplished in our session.



I am so grateful to have found Kaya, who was able to speak the language of what I was experiencing with such grace and precision. I have been to several healers before, with the intention of releasing neg. entities and pain of the past, but know one was able to facilitate this healing to completion the way Kaya did. I felt completely comfortable and at ease during my session and was guided excellently through every moment. I was able to connect with my higher self in a deeper way than I have ever before and I appreciate this so much! Thank you to Kaya for offering such beneficial service on our planet at this time. It is so important for all of us to do our inner work and it is wonderful to have guided aid in this process.



Kaya is a skilled and very intuitive practitioner. I felt safe and supported as she very graciously led me through and facilitated my past life regression. I feel blessed to have found her.



With already having experience channeling visions and messages from spirit for specific clients, I am grateful to have experienced being guided through connecting with my guides. I feel that Kaya strengthened my connection to my higher self, and helped finely tune my intuition even more.



Kaya expertly guided me through a past life regression that was gentle and tailored to what I needed at the time. I was able to gain some clarity on the relationships in my life that had been causing me pain. Miraculously, after the session one of those relationships instantly shifted to a much more positive place. I was able to hear from my higher self and the wisdom that I gained was life changing.


Rino Consulting Solutions

Kaya is naturally a gentle soul. From the beginning her soft voice was welcoming and helped me feel safe and have quicker access to a relaxing session. As my first QHHT session ever I didn't know what it would be like, but even in times where it was new, Kaya guided me and helped me remain open to the experience. I gained so much affirmation of my true self and that I am on my path. It was an amazing experience to be able to channel others that I've always known were there so that I can have more peace of mind as I moved forward with my life. This session with Kaya really helped me open up the channels to know what next steps I need to engage with in my own healing journey. I highly recommend Kaya as a practitioner!



Thank you to Kaya for a life changing experience. Kaya made me feel at peace and at home from the moment we met. Her warm and open demeanor allowed me to be at ease, trusting and to speak openly.

I really appreciated the steps Kaya took at the beginning of the actual session that allowed me to go in deeply and be calm. It felt as though my body wasn't there and I was floating physically and mentally through a cloud. What I learned from the session is invaluable. I learned more through one qhht session with Kaya than I had with six months of traditional therapy.

I already feel a profound shift in my daily way of being for better just days after the session. One of the best compliments I've received in months was from my partner who said to me the day after my session that he's never seen me look so relaxed, beautiful and at peace. I have Kaya to thank for this. My daily meditation has become deeper and I've never felt so connected with my higher self.



Kaya's warm energy created a comfortable space that was relaxing and trusting for me. I've already started to take action and see results from the guidance that came through her facilitation with my higher self. I would definitely recommend working with Kaya.



Kaya Sattva is such a warm and caring practitioner. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and safe as she takes you on your journey. I would highly recommend Kaya Sattva to anyone who wants to further explore their deeper self with a very gifted and intuitive healer.


Leiya Mahoney

With Kaya I felt safe and also free to embark on my quantum healing journey. She is kind, thoughtful, clear and professional. She was truly at my side, holding space and guiding me with great care. I highly recommend Kaya as a quantum healing practitioner.



Kaya is an extremely intuitive and compassionate practitioner. She's a fantastic listener and always puts a great deal of energy into connecting with people, regardless of the context. Her soothing voice is the perfect tool for executing this kind of work; you will find yourself relaxing and connecting with the forgotten parts of your mind and soul more than you might have thought possible.


Leanne Nhan

Since I was new to QHHT, Kaya was professional, compassionate and gentle in her approach. She walked me through the process so I was clear about my expectations, assisted me in clarifying my goals and was a soothing, patient and safe guide. We worked through some profound and intense moments together which resulted in some significant long term insights. I highly recommend Kaya as a practitioner. She is a wonderful person to work with.



Kaya's loving, calm presence and gentle approach were the perfect invitations to try something I'd never experienced before. I was surprised and awed by where the session went and the wisdom that became so suddenly available to me. What I saw while hypnotized was perfectly on point and is continuing to impact my life today. A great experience!


L. Martinez

When I found Kaya, I was hopeful that she would be able to help me with a number of things, namely chronic pain and relationships. I have waited several months to write this review because I wanted to see the results over time before I made an assessment.

In my session, I got in touch with two past lives, my loved ones' higher consciousnesses, and my own higher self. What struck me was the immersive nature of the scenes that were unfolding as I re-experienced various important moments in the past lives. I was experiencing the thoughts, feelings and events in an extremely intimate, first-person manner. I had access to the most intimate thoughts and subtle nuances that are uniquely personal to someone's own life experiences and inner thoughts.

I had expected to not be conscious and aware during the session, however, I was wrong. Instead, it was more like meditation where my current consciousness simply took a back seat and played an observer role while remaining aware of everything that was happening in the session. Because I had remained conscious through the whole session, I wondered if the session would be effective. I walked out unsure of whether or not it was real. On the drive home I thought I'd try a little test to see if something specific we had discussed in the session was going to actually happen. If it happened, then I'd know that this was real.

Within 24 hours, not only that one specific thing happened, but two other things also happened that NOBODY could have possibly known had been addressed the session. These three things undeniably validated that the session was real and effective.

Most importantly, within 36 hours of my session, the daily chronic pain I had was gone and I continue to have no unexplained daily pain anymore. It didn't get rid of ALL my pain, as I still have occasional flareups, however, I am SO GRATEFUL that I am not in constant pain on a daily basis anymore!

Ultimately, I'd highly recommend that everyone have this experience. It helped me gather some missing puzzle pieces in this lifetime from previous lives and the eternal version my soul which ultimately resulted in rapid healing on both a spiritual and physical level.

Thank you, Kaya! The service you provide is invaluable.


A Testimonial for Kaya Sattva

Jennifer shares her experience of our meeting and of her QHHT session with me. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a method of spiritual and transpersonal hypnosis perfected by Dolores Cannon. It is a powerful technique for exploring past life regression, receiving phenomenal healing, profound insight, surrogate healing for others, and spiritual awakening.

Karen's QHHT Session Review

Karen offers her expressive review, post QHHT session.

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