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Layton Stephens

Layton Looks Within

Hi my name is Layton and I am a Beyond Quantum Healer. I take seekers through a deep conscious journey and spiritual exploration. I use elements of Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. My clients go to a dreamlike state where you are able to communicate deeply with your highest self and consciousness. By doing this you will receive your own inner guidance regarding healing and personal/spiritual growth. I offer my sessions online so you can experience this in the comfort of your own home. BQH is really REALLY an incredible modality.

Before each session I take time to prepare. It is very important to me to be fully charged and prepared for all of my clients sessions. I do this with yoga in the morning, clearing my energy, drinking lots of water, breath work and meditation. 

Each one of my clients are all so different and come to me for many different reasons. I feel so much love for each and every one of them. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discover more about this type of healing. 

Sometimes its just the curiosity of what a client was in their past life that brings them to me. And yes these clients are taken to some really cool Past Life Memories. But what I love most, is at the end of a session soo much MORE occurs. My clients heal in unexpected ways and receive necessary downloads that help them in their current lifetime. 

I have never witnessed so much healing in such a short amount of time! I truly believe this type of therapy is very powerful and everyone needs to experience it. 




Thank you Layton for helping me with unpacking the quantum perspective. The session was a relaxing and highly metaphysical experience. It was very meaningful to me and provided me with fantastic visuals during a hypnotic state. Layton even recorded my session for me so
I can study my discoveries in further detail. I love how Layton is open to alien connections and much more during her healing sessions. She helped guide my experience with intention setting and a natural curiosity. We practiced connecting with my higher consciousness and opened up to spiritual guidance and understanding. I enjoyed and recommend trying this interpretive art form and seeing what comes up for you. Layton’s open minded approach was enjoyable and easy to understand. Quantum sessions with Layton are highly stimulating, exquisitely structured, and divinely complimentary to supercharge one’s own personal journey and I highly recommend discovering more with her. I’m still feeling the good vibes a week later! Really loved my session with Layton!


Jon Binnie

Thank you Layton for your beautiful BQH session. You helped me work through galactic past life healings, and learn how my mission in this life will evolve my career and income streams. I felt safe, calm, warm and loved throughout. I highly recommend Layton.


Maria S

Layton is very gifted and amazing healer. He voice is so conforming that it was easy for me to relax. I had a profound experience with a lot of insights. I was surprised myself. I’ve done few healing and hypnotherapy sessions before but this one was far one of the best. ????


Shakyra Jones

I would've never thought I'd be here. This session was life changing. I visited a past life and uncovered that the man I'm in love with who left me for someone else was my wife's killer in a past life. Breaking that tie with this person was needed. The advice after the session was even more revitalizing. I needed this. I thank you so much I just want to hug you for doing this for me


Krista T

My BQH session with Layton was nothing short of life-changing! She was very thorough in going over questions beforehand and helped me identify patterns that I hadn’t even picked up on in my life. Once we got in to the actual regression portion of the session, I found it very easy to relax and connect, in a way that I have never experienced before. Layton was patient and made it clear that she cares about each individual that she works with, which is why I think it was so easy to relax and connect. During the session I was able to visit 3 of my past lives and identify certain fears and challenges that I deal with in my current life. I was also able to cut an energetic cord with a person that has failed to respect my boundaries. Those are just a couple of benefits that I got from my session with Layton, I could say so much more than this. Since the session, I have had even more clarity surrounding certain situations in my life and I’ve felt an inner-peace that I haven’t felt in quite awhile.  If you have thought of doing a regression or BQH session, I cannot recommend Layton enough. I found the experience to be so valuable to me that I hope to have more sessions with her in the future. 



I recently had a session with Layton, a BQH hypnotherapist, and I was impressed by her caring and friendly demeanor.

Before hypnosis began, Layton took the time to understand my needs, went over the questions I came up with, and together we set an intention for the desired outcome for this session. During hypnosis, Layton was focused and responsive to what was happening. She made adjustments to the session in a gentle and effective way, making sure we stayed aligned with our original intention. She asked additional relevant questions to help me achieve my desired outcome. I had no trouble going under hypnosis, and was able to see vividly and speak naturally. This was because I felt comfortable enough to let go and felt safe in her care.‚Äã

Layton is a gifted healer, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is friendly, attentive, and in tune with her clients. She is someone who cares. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a BQH session, as she is excellent at what she does. If you're searching for a hypnotherapist who can help you reach your goals and make you feel at ease, Layton is a great choice.



Layton is an open-minded, relatable person with great intentions and holds integrity in the field of past life regression. I had my first session with Layton and her passion is evident, she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, genuinely understood the process and took any ideas and questions I had with open arms. It is clear that Layton practices empathy and voices genuine interest in the success of your session. I highly recommend using Layton if you want to have a beautiful experience with someone who is clearly authentic and knowledgeable in the field of past life regression. Thank you so much Layton!



I had a Beyond Quantum Healing with Layton recently. Layton is caring, patient and loving! I would recommend her services to anyone who is ready to heal wounds from current and past lives, who is on the path of self discovery and seeking answers to improve their life. My session was structured very well. I felt safe and at ease during whole session. It was life changing for me! I was gently guided to the places that needed my attention the most. This single session gave me so many important insights that I wouldn’t be able to figure out on my own. Under caring instructions of Layton I was able to process trauma from current and past life. Also, Layton provided me with list of literature to read and video I can download. I felt supported through whole process. The words can’t describe how grateful I am for such an amazing opportunity! My life changed and it all happened because of BQH session with Layton! Thank you so much for what you do!


Amanda Gibbs

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing a Beyond Quantum session with Layton. Layton was so friendly and held such beautiful space for me experiencing my past lives with her that I instantly felt relaxed as soon as we connected on the zoom session. Layton was so thorough with her consultation wih me and taking the time to establish my session goals and the resuits we achieve during the session really reflected this. It was a beautiful experience and I will definetly be booking more sessions! Ive had some huge energy shifts this week since the session and Laytons follow up advice and recommendations have been so helpful. Thank you Layton, you are amazing ! ????


jo wright

I booked in for a Quantum healing/past life regression with Layton and it was fantastic.
Any questions I had before hand were answered. There was some prep work so I could get the most out of the session, rather than think of the things I needed to work on, on the spot.
Layton built a great rapport with me and made me feel at ease.
We ran through my prep work first to ensure Layton had understood my needs, I found the session to be friendly and Layton was very welcoming.
We then set the intent for the session using a glass of water which was for healing and integration (these were the subjects I chose to work on).
Layton sent lots of information to read through beforehand about what to expect which really helped.
During the session I went into hypnosis easily, I foundLayton’s voice to be soothing and warm. I felt safe so it was easy to let go and see what evolved. We healed so much trauma, there was lots of tears but also lots of happy memories. We went back to a life time that was relevant to release bitterness and resentments and deal with an abandonment issue I had been holding onto.
Past life regression is weird, you don’t visualise (well I don’t) you sense and the answers come, this is a strange feeling if it’s your first time. I have done a previous one so knew what to expect.
Layton was patient and curious and we went where the session took us. I didn’t feel rushed in anyway. I found the session very healing and felt so much lighter afterwards.
Layton’s skills were evident as she used clean language throughout – at no point was I lead anywhere; it all came from me and what I needed. If there was a block, Layton knew just what to do to move past it and encouraged me in such a way that I did not feel like it was a problem.
After the session I received a recording to watch back which is a lovely keep’s sake.
I would highly recommend Layton if you have blockages you want to heal or if you just want to explore a past life, it was thoroughly enjoyable and very healing. I felt like I was in safe hands which is so important to get what you need from the session.
Thank you so much.


Desiree East

I really enjoyed my session with Layton, and really wasn’t sure what to expect, and have always wanted to explore past life work. Upon scheduling my session, Layton immediately gave me the tools to prepare beforehand so that I can get the best outcome from my session. I had the most insightful experience(s), having being able to connect with three different dimensions of wisdom. I am an experienced transformational coach myself, so I know how powerful these intuitive sessions could be, and Layton did a beautiful job guiding me through my journey and holding a safe space for me. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience Layton!!



I am still processing much of the information! What I can tell you is I had my last life regression a week ago today. It was amazing:
My hopes of having a past life regression session came true when I found Layton. I was not let down. I feel that I have a deeper understanding of myself. Through this regression, I gained some insight to patterns and behaviors that have been carried over into my current life. I know this experience will lead to positive changes and overcome some challenges that I struggle with. Overall, my goal was to feel a greater self- awareness and to feel some fulfilment with my current life. I now feel like I am on the right path to this goal, thanks to Layton.
My experience was so positive. Not only was she very professional and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process, I found the experience to be very enlightening and it helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to explore their past lives. Thank you, Layton for the amazing experience!


Leah M

I cannot express how much was gained from this experience with Layton. I know that my higher self led me specifically to her, because she was perfect for what I needed. Right away I felt at ease sharing some of the things that I was going through. I knew that our spirits were connected because she knew exactly what questions to ask prior to the regression, without any prior discussion. This was 100 percent soul led and the experience was more profound than I ever expected. I received the answers I needed and so much more. Days later I am still processing the amount of information that came through and feel like a lifetime of loads have been lifted from me. Layton is professional and comforting through the whole experience and is never, she walks you through the journey and holds a safe space for the experience. She is definitely my go-to for further healing. This was a beautiful experience and I recommend Layton a thousand times over

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