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Address: 11, Bloom Lane, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4B 1S8, Canada.


Mai Alnabhan

Olive Tree Healing Hypnosis


~ Member Since 2020

Mai Al Nabhan is founder of Olive Tree Healing Hypnosis. Mai professionally trained as an architect, urban planner and heritage preservation specialist. Her professional life journey offered her amazing opportunities to work in many countries around the world in various capacities for over 30 years. In 2002, Mai immigrated to Canada and in 2012, she chose to call Nova Scotia home.

At a young age, Mai was fascinated by past lives and finding the answers to what lies beyond our known reality. Mai’s fascination in spirituality and her strong belief in life after death led her to lifelong exploration of the subject. She started experimenting with self-hypnosis and regression at an early age and was able to visit many of her own past lives. In 2008, she was inspired to take the National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH) Hypnosis training with Georgina Cannon in Toronto and became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. She was able to share her gift with family, friends and acquaintances, and was thrilled with the powerful feelings, great insights, and lasting benefits of these sessions.

In 2018, Mai discovered Dolores Cannon and the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) method and quickly decided to obtain certification in order to be able to assist others heal and grow using that method. In 2019, she founded Olive tree Healing Hypnosis and started offering QHHT sessions to the public where she leads her clients on a remarkably emotional journey of self-discovery so they can connect to their past-self, inner-self and higher-self. This connection will allow them to achieve their highest potentials and assist them in tapping into their body’s innate ability to heal itself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Additionally, in 2019 she became a certified Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner, allowing her to offer her services online as well as in person. In early 2021, Mai received her level 2 QHHT designation.


2023 – Past Life Exploration Practitioner – International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT)
2020 – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) Dolores Cannon, Level 2
2020 – Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner – Quantum Healing LLC
2019 – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®), Dolores Cannon, Level 1
2008 – Certified Consulting Hypnotist – National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
2008 – Level I & II Tera-Mai Reiki healer
Bachelor in Architectural Engineering & Masters in Community and Regional Planning


One of  3 Best Hypnotherapy in Halifax 4-years in a raw



Saya Kim

January 2024

Thank you for creating such a safe, warm, and welcoming space to do my healing. You fostered a wonderful and meaningful experience and I am very grateful for your guidance and kindness.


Greg .

January 2024

Excellent, sessions, very interesting. I gained insight into the cause of my anxiety with Mai. Highly recommend.



July 2023

Truly was fascinating. Felt pretty intense at times but Mai was a wonderful, kind and gentle facilitator. She did not influence but always supported me as I journeyed through the many elements that came through. Mai is a very compassionate soul who took all the time necessary for us to get to know each other and to make sure that I was relaxed and comfortable before our session began. This really helped to allow me to be open to what came forward. Many thanks Mai and also for the follow up call. It really helpful to talk about it again.



June 2023

My session with Mai was very relaxed and calm. I would recommend anyone to give this gift of healing and clarity to yourself! It has been a positive experience to introduce myself to Mai and to learn from her expertise! Overall, a very positive, rewarding experience.



May 2023

I had a healing hypnosis session with Mai and found the whole experience not just interesting but profound from the point of view of learning about myself. It was intense and felt at times like an "athletic effort, a workout" and well worth it as it brought some strong emotions to the surface...
I was very comfortable in my surroundings at Mai's treatment room and constantly re-assured by Mai's gentle, supportive voice and presence. Mai Alnabhan is a gifted, dedicated healer and creates an atmosphere of trust and ease. I had instantly liked her and felt as if I had known her already... Mai is also an excellent teacher that aims to enable you to continue on your self-discovery and healing.
I am looking forward to the future days and months to experience positive shifts in my health and life.
Thank you Mai!!!!


Jeff Brooks

May 2023

I couldn't be happier with the QHHT experience I had with Mai. From the moment I arrived I felt relaxed and welcomed. The session started with me explaining some key moments in my life which usually feels uncomfortable, but Mai is such a calming and non-judgemental person that it came very easily. This background information allowed Mai to get an understanding of me and the twisting path of life that has led up to that moment.

Under her guidance, I experienced a past life that showed me important knowledge to better understand my current life situation. I wasn't 100% certain what to expect, but the healing I experienced (and continue to experience) has been nothing short of incredible.

I can say with certainty that if you are seeking answers from your higher self, Mai is the person who can facilitate it with nothing but love, compassion, and understanding. Thank you so much, Mai! :)


K Gillis

March 2023

Mai is very professional, compassionate and capable. She put me at ease and guided me  through an experience unlike any I had ever had before. The experience itself felt surreal and I wondered if it would have an effect on me later. It did and I no longer feel stuck. My questions were answered and they resonated within me. I can move forward on a clear path free of unnecessary doubts and pains. Thank you Mai. 



February 2023

It’s was a life time experience! Mai was great at putting me at ease. I felt comfortable and totally relaxed. I highly recommend!! She is the perfect guide you would want on such a journey! Thank you!!



February 2023

Thank you, Mai for this wonderful experience.

I was little skeptical to begin with but it turned out to be a wonderful experience. When I came for this session, I could feel the dramatic shift in the energy level! I was little anxious first but became very calm later. I had a certain expectation of what the experience would be like and I was rushing to have the experience. Unfortunately, I could not drift in to my past life and could not go any further. Mai was very kind enough to give me an option of trying again then and there or trying it next week. I went with the option of trying next week as I felt like I was rushing to have the answers and was not ready enough.

The next session was amazing, I let go of any expectation and I drifted right in to my past life which was very inspiring and got all the answers I was looking for.

Thank you very much Mai for this wonderful experience.

The only suggestion I have is, don't be in a rush to get the answers and let go of any expectation. Everything will fall in to place and you will get what you need not what you want.


David Lagrosa

January 2023

My QHHT experience especially when I was in trance was the most surreal experience I had for my entire life. I'm still trying to fully comprehend what I heatd and saw. I doubt if I just imagined those things. I'm very grateful to Mai Alnabhan for guiding me through the experience.



November 2022

I was surprised by the insights gained as a result of my experience. Mai is truly a professional who cares and who put me at ease straight away. In advance of our session Mai was patient and invested time in answering any questions I had about her practice and what to expect. I was surprised by some of the outcomes from my session and continue to reflect on what I learned. I would highly recommend Mai!


N. Schubert

November 2022

Mai has a way about her that holds you in a sacred space...truly feel cared for, nurtured and safe. She asks ALL the right questions to get the insights you're looking for, highly recommend! Her voice, her demeanor...her presence is so high vibe and beautiful. You can feel her heart is in her work. Thank you Mai for such a lovely BQH Session. You're a very special and wise soul.


Manjot kaur

October 2022

Hi, I am so pleased that I had my first session with Mai .she is so knowledgeable about the working of mind. She is also so nice and explained all my questions before session very well. I had no experience of hypnosis going in but Mai addressed all my concerns beforehand. I had few concerns about my personal life but after taking first session, feel more energetic, positive and confident. Few days I feel uncomfortable and confusing but after 3,4 days now feel good.Thank you so much Mai for everything you did.I would highly recommend her .warmest regards and wishing you all the success in the future Mai. ????????????


A. M.

December 2021

I received a wonderful BQH session from Mai. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, and has attention to details. Mai held space very well for me and allowed me to speak about my situation in detail. She made me feel comfortable and had been very supportive throughout the session. The healing began as soon as she started the induction. This was a very informative session and Mai ensured to explore it in detail and ask excellent questions from the Higher Self. Thank you so much Mai for the healing and generosity of your time :)

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