Mariah Snow

“It is time to awaken!” “You have a mission! It is time to begin!” “Stop wasting time! Time is growing short for you to accomplish what you came to Earth to do!” ― Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

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Address: 12212, East Palouse Highway, Valleyford, Washington, 99036, United States.


Mariah Snow

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy

Owner, facilitator

~ Member Since 2019

My personal approach to the exploratory & healing practice of BQH may include Reiki, crystal medicine and sound medicine.  My aim is to make you as comfortable as possible and to do everything I can to facilitate an enlightening experience. Every session I conduct is highly personalized and tailored to the individual.  

Once you contact me to schedule a session we will have a 30-ish minute consultation to discuss your goals and expectations. This consultation is a great way for us to get to know a little about each other and answer any remaining questions you may have after thoroughly reviewing the information presented on my website.  

Prior to your appointment my best suggestion to ensure a successful session is to prepare through some practice exercises. These may include meditating using guided meditations, doing visualization exercises, viewing others session videos on YouTube, as well as others you can read about on my website. I've included a tab marked 'Preparing for a Session.'

In addition to the practice exercises I will ask you to prepare a short list of intentions for your session. A few sentences that sum up your motivation for your session. We can fine tune these together at the beginning of your session.

 Upon your arrival/call we will discuss your questions and fine tune your intention statement.  You will have an opportunity to use the restroom and we will begin recording at the start of the session. Every moment of the session you will be supported; by your personal spiritual family as well as mine. This is a 100% safe state of hyper-awareness. If there were to be any sort of an emergency, a person would naturally be able to come out of the hypnotic state by simply opening their eyes or sitting up. At no point during your session will you lose control of what is happening. Your subconscious mind will automatically reject anything that it deems unacceptable. 

In a remote session if at any point we lose the internet connection you can simply sit up, reconnect and lay back down and we will commence at a pace that ensures you return to the theta brainwave state. 

A payment of $333 is due at your appointment.  

During hypnosis you will allow the stream of consciousness that is your Higher Self to utilize your voice to connect you to your divine aspect. This is a beautiful and comforting experience because you are always you, you will not feel a loss of control or consciousness. You will remember everything that happens when you awaken from your deep meditative state. Sessions typically last 4-6 hours in totality. The hypnosis portion is typically 2.5-3  hours. I highly encourage you to listen to your session often to continue to  integrate the layers of information and healing. 

Following the session after you've sat up we will take some time to sit and discuss your session.  Because of the deep brainwave state you may feel spacey, mellow or in the instance of a healing experience overcome with emotion and gratitude. I suggest having a small snack with some water to assist the body in grounding after experiencing such a celestial event. 

If you would like to have additional in-depth conversations after your session I am available for spiritual consultation at an hourly rate. I am always interested in peeling back the layers as they unfold. Consultations may include crystal recommendations and suggested reading material relevant to our discussions. 

A special offer for those who complete a session for me- future BQH sessions are offered at a 20% discounted rate. Many people find that once they have experienced the expansive enlightenment of a BQH session they seek to go deeper, ask follow-up questions, see what other relevant lives are waiting to be revealed. Subsequent sessions often grow in intensity as the client gains trust in the process. 

BQH appointments are available remotely or in person. In person sessions are done in my home. My home is without pets & smoking in the quiet Washington countryside. If you plan to travel here for your session let me know and I will answer any questions I am able to assist you in finding accommodations. 


Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Tech Certified
Usui Reiki Certified Level 1 & Level 2 with Sarah Tillemont
Level 1 Foundations in Sound Healing with Sound Healing Academy
Level 1 Sound Healing with Voice with Sound Healing Academy
Introduction to Crystal Healing with Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
Level 1Himalayan Singing Bowl with Elephant Bowl




I don't often write reviews. This was an extraordinary experience. I didn't know what to expect, I was completely open to the experience. When I came out of session, I was vibrating with a sublime calm, an extraordinary serenity. The next two days were extremely difficult for me processing, and accepting, the gift I had been given, but on the third day I was filled with such a profound sense of gratitude that it was overwhelming. And now I want more. More understanding of my experience, and more sessions. I HIGHLY recommend this work, and I HIGHLY recommend this healer. She is beautiful.



Mariah was a fantastic facilitator of my QHHT session. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more!


Eva C.

I’ve had hypnotherapy sessions in the past and past life regressions, but the BQH session with Mariah was unlike any session I had ever had. I received clarity on multiple issues due to past lives being revealed and old memories being brought to the surface. I also received direct guidance and clear instructions on certain questions I had. She uses multiple innate gifts and methods of healing to create a really effective healing experience. Mariah herself is such a warm and loving presence. She’s very intuitive and I felt completely safe during the whole process. She’s an excellent guide to help you deep dive and get to the root of your questions and patterns in life. It felt like 10 healing modality sessions all wrapped into one.



Mariah was very gentle and created a very safe and easy space for this experience. The information Mariah gathered for me was not only fun and largely informative in real time but the session recording Mariah supplied me with contained even more information that I have wanted to listen to over and over! I highly recommend this type of experience with Mariah as your guide so that you can better know your self and enjoy the benefit of ease that comes with it. Very healing and very fulfilling. Thank you Mariah ‚ù§


Keren P

I cannot say enough about Mariah and my quantum healing hypnosis experience with her. My life will forever be changed for the better. Mariah was able to make me feel comfortable before, during, and after our session. She is extremeley knowledgable with the science of hypnosis and was able to get me to go deep into my unconsciousness. I was able to gain so much clarity and resolve. I have literally been a more energetic, content, and happier person since our session. I cannot thank her or recommend her enough.



I had a great session with Mariah, she helped me gain insight into questions that I had. She made the session very comfortable and soothing. She made sure we had plenty of time before and after our session to discuss any questions or my experience. This experience really helped me start moving towards what I want and gave me new insights.


Andy Talbot

Mariah is incredible as a human being and as a quantum consciousness, hypnotic healer. My experience was so transformative that I instantly recommended someone that I care deeply to have the experience as well. Which she did!
The experience I had was like taking a vacation, just letting go, and enjoying the ride. I’m a hypnotist and because the trance experience was several hours long, it felt like way less than that and yet what I received, felt and experienced was nothing short of complete fulfillment. Self care has a completely new meaning now! And the most important thing to remember in reading this is that we are all deeply connected whether we consciously know it or not.
Maria Is absolutely outstanding in her professional approach and yet has a heart of pure gold which allowed me to trust her completely as we went through the portal of deeper experiences and transformational healing through the many well developed levels of releasing everything that was holding me back before! I’m a completely new man.
Do it!
Have the experience and then decide after what you can do to make your life even better!
Thank you, Mariah. :)


Very Pleased Client

I had an amazing BQH session with Mariah!   So many answers came through as she navigated through the session asking all of the right questions.  Mariah is very warm and personable.  I was immediately comfortable and at ease through the whole process.  She listened intently during the interview portion and her voice was very calming.  What I received from the session has truly been immeasurable.  I have more clarity now that I know how ancestral relationships were affecting my day to day interactions.  The answers that came through have helped other members of my family as I shared with them.  To anyone that is considering booking:  I highly recommend doing a BQH session with Mariah!  Her guidance before, during and after our session helped me to improve my understanding of the root causes of issues (physical, emotional and spiritual) so that we can finally heal them.  I am truly grateful to have found Mariah!


Jed Wagner

"I found that I gained a lot of insight and healing in the previous week setting my intentions and focusing on my goals for the session with Mariah. I felt she shared just the right amount of information for my BQH session so I was prepared but was open to the experience without to many expectations. So it was quite a surprise the level of profoundness I found in diving into the depths of the inner realms and getting messages from the heart center. Mariah helped make it comfortable to adjust to these new energies. She took the time to connect and discuss beforehand which really helped me open up and move into the healing journey with ease. It was quite a transformative experience for me and I continue to gain insights and understandings from the session."


Codie Karsten

I have had the opportunity to enlist Mariah in several of my spiritual healing needs. She has by far exceeded my expectations of a spiritual healer. Mariah is always genuinely happy to guide my spiritual healing weather it be great times of joy or sorrow. When she does a card reading for me I’m always so excited and speechless. I get wonderful messages that speak so clearly and directly to my heart! Mariah has done Reiki and Sound Bowls on me as well. Reiki is a healing that speaks dear to my heart. This was my first time incorporating the sound bowls with reiki. This experience is one I won’t forget. On top of having an immense feeling of relaxation. I could literally feel my chakras and energy body align into place! Even though I have had great healing with all of the healing modalities Mariah and I have done, my BQH session is my absolute FAVORITE! This session is even hard to put into words. Jesus visited me in this session which was absolutely overwhelming with love and joy. I cried my eyes out for quite some time. Mariahs voice and the way she handled this experience with me was so powerful!! The messages I got in this session has helped me to this day. I also got to visit a few past lives that we’re pretty profound. Mariah wonderfully helped guid me through those. I am looking forward to having another BQH session with Mariah. She always makes me feel safe! Mariah is such a well balanced, confident, and creative beautiful soul that I would recommend to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much Mariah! So much love and success to you!!



My session with Mariah was a wonderful experience! We talked the day before with a video chat and our conversation was like chatting with a close friend. The session was done online with Zoom which worked well. I have done past life regressions before, but my session with Julianne was much deeper. Mariahs warm voice ist so wonderful to follow, so calming, deepening and giving a feeling of basic trust, this voice is a trance induction talent in and on itself. I went back through two lifetimes and learned more about my alien abduction history. There was a big orb aka a big light bubble that carried me through the experiences so to not feel and suffer but only know what happened, and afterwards letting it be healed by my Higher Self. It was a great experience and much more in it and gave me profound insights in why I defused to be interested in abduction at all in this life. Also what my talents are concerning this form of gruelty. I highly recommend her if you are interested in a session!



My BQH session with Mariah was empowering, healing, and transformative -truly everything I was hoping for and more. Not only was I able to work through emotional trauma I've not been able to release, but I was also able to break through mental patterns that have held me back from personal power & success. It truly felt like I healed lifetimes in just this one session. An extra bonus was that within days of experience, certain life-changing opportunities I've been hoping to align with finally happened and I feel so liberated now to pursue them in my fullest power. I'm beyond grateful for Mariah's work and will always recommend it over and over again! Thank you, Mariah!



I have had several incredible sessions with Mariah utilizing two of the several different modalities that she offers.

I first experienced two separate Sound Medicine sessions which I found to be incredibly healing and supremely peaceful. The vibratory energy created by the sound bowls flowed throughout my body and felt wonderfully transcendent. These two experiences were extraordinary in that the areas in my body that I felt were most in need of attention were in fact where the vibration of sound and energy were the most intensified. It’s difficult to explain in words the shift that I felt take place, but it felt powerful and lasting. Mariahs acute intuition coupled with her knowledge and skill resulted in an exceptionally profound healing experience for me and in addition transported me to a sublime state of inner peace. I felt myself floating free of time and space.
I look forward to many more of these sessions with her.

The third session I had with Mariah was a BQH session. BQH was something I had long been interested in but I had convinced myself that I couldn’t be hypnotized and that it probably wouldn’t work for me. However, after talking with Mariah and receiving her explanation of exactly what BQH is and listening to her describe her process I decided to book a session. I am very grateful that I did. Mariah has an incredibly calming and reassuring presence and the atmosphere was warm and peaceful. I felt very comfortable in taking all the time I needed and never felt rushed. I could just feel her loving presence patiently holding space for me the entire time. This allowed me to be very relaxed and open and I believe is what resulted in a session that was beyond anything I could have imagined. There were many long held questions answered and much clarification on several spiritual and life path issues. I was also able to clear some long held beliefs that I was able to realize were not MY truth. This session was such a surprise to me and I was elated that it was not only successful but incredibly healing and empowering. Now, after time to reflect on the session and do more meditation around the information I received I will be booking another BQH session with her.

I am now looking forward to experiencing some of her other offerings.



Mariah has a gift. Working with her has opened new doorways and increased my spiritual consciousness.
My experience of sound bowls was healing and reenergizing. I felt like the sounds unblocked chakras, helped with the flow of energy in my body, and harmonized physical, emotional, and spiritual body.
My oracle card readings were enlightening and powerful experience. They helped me see situations from different perspectives and understanding myself with deeper awareness.


Jason Palmer

My sound therapy session with Mariah was one of the most invigorating, cleansing experiences that I've been lucky to have in my life! Having a career in music for the past 20 years has taught me to appreciate sound in all of it's forms, and to have the use of these ancient bowls as a source of healing and replenishment in the hands of Mariah opened up what I believe to be closed doors within my soul, which in turn, allowed me contact wth my ancestors! If you ever have chance to work with Mariah for a session, run, don't walk, to get there!!! - Jason Palmer, award winning trumpeter/composer/educator



Mariah is magical. She puts so much thought and consideration into her sessions. She spends hours preparing for the session to ensure it meets your every need. She has an amazing intuition that allows her to cater her talents to meet needs you did not even realize you had. I always leave a session feeling like I got exactly what I needed. Her knowledge of so many different modalities to help treat the whole person is incredible. I'm always amazed by not only the healing I receive, but also the knowledge I gain.

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