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Marla Kelly



~ Member Since 2019

I am a sacred union and ascension guide. I combine my intuitive skills with astrology, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing and Introspective Hypnosis, as well as being a Reiki Master, to assist others in healing multidimensionally. My work assists others in remembering who they are on a soul level, as well as identifying core wounds and patterns that are limiting them from living their fullest life, whether these wounds have their origin in the present life or past lives. In 2015, I started my Youtube channel and blog Twinstrology, where I share energy and astrology updates for twin flames, soul mates and all light workers navigating the ascension process.

I am available for QHHT, BQH, Introspective Hypnosis, astrology charts, intuitive tarot readings and reiki/energy healing sessions in person and online. Please email me or visit my website for more information. Thank you!




January 2021

I had an amazing BHQ healing session with Marla. I have come to a point on my souls healing and evolutionary journey where I am ready to go to the next leve. I was having trouble with feeling stuck without knowing what it was. I was guided to book a session with Marla to look into my Akasha.
Marla took the time to get to know me before we started which I really appreciated. When we started the Quantum healing we went back to some pretty heavy past lives and throughout the session Marla's voice was there guiding me through. She was like the divine mother holding my hand throughout the session.
She is very competent and she knows how to guide you through the dark and back to the light. I've had deep healing sessions before, but never as deep as this one. For one I was ready to heal deeper, but also because my soul knew I had a competent guide.
I really recommend a BHQ session with Marla if you are ready to heal on a deep level.
Thank You Marla!
Namaste :)



April 2020

I wanted to experience a QHHT session to help me understand my soul's journey in this life on a deeper level. I followed Marla Kelly on her YouTube Channel Twinstrology for about five years and when I found out she was a QHHT practitioner I knew she was the therapist I would work with. She is caring and compassionate. I also felt I could trust her completely. My QHHT session with Marla was deeply profound and meaningful. It's been a few months since the session and the full import of it is still unfolding for me. Marla expertly guided me through the session and she has a finely tuned intuitive sense that made me feel safe. I highly recommend Marla. She's truly someone in her spiritual mission and she does it with the utmost integrity.



January 2020

Marla is very kind and spiritually gifted. I felt comfortable & safe during the session & felt that she understood me. She was able to help clear my energy & identify blocks that I hadn't been able to figure out on my own...genuine healing took place. She went above & beyond my expectations. I am very grateful to her and would highly recommend her.


Grounding and Clearing with the Violet Flame

In this exercise, we will ground our energy, use the violet flame to clear ourselves and Gaia, then bring in another person that you would like to clear energy with. This meditation can be done in parts if you are short on time. Through practice you will begin to channel your own meditations to fit your needs.Many people struggle with meditation and feel they are doing it wrong because it's hard to clear their mind. That is in fact perfectly normal and slowly will dissipate but there are still times that I struggle with intruding thoughts. Just continue to refocus your mind on your meditation. Practice makes perfect in this case.

QHHT Session Part 1

A QHHT session with much information on the ascension and twin flames.

QHHT Pt 2 Past life Regression

This is part 2 of Angie's at Twinfinity's QHHT session with Marla Kelly at Twinstrology; the past life regression where Angie experienced a life with her twin flame Rob. While it was not an easy life, there were so many wonderful lessons and much healing came from remembering and re-experiencing the life. The session is a great demonstration of: ~the previous lives we often have with our twin flame, ~the multidimensional love and connection we share with our TF, ~the healing and clearing required for union in this life, ~the effectiveness of regression therapy to assist in the healing process, ~the divine love we all come from and are connected to.

Fifty Point Cosmic Cleansing

This is a quick deep clearing on multiple levels meant to accelerate the ascension process.

Twin Flame QHHT Session

This is a joint twin flame session primarily from the divine masculine perspective.

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