Mary Catherine McNena

Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: or facebook: @marycatherinecoach
Languages: English

Address: 6, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Paris, √éle-de-France, 75004, France.


Mary Catherine McNena

Hello beautiful souls,

I use my deep soul listening, intuition & coaching skills to help guide my clients into more alignment in their relationships (with themselves & others), their career, love life & life purpose. One of my passions is Self-Love Coaching as I feel we ALL need more Self-Love. When we learn to love ourselves more, our masks fall away & our resistance to our authentic truth & purpose.

You know how we all have the answers within us, and we all know what we really want deep down inside, but we've been conditioned to ignore that inner voice, our ‘little me's'? My superpower is helping people shift their ‘stuckness', connect to their ‘Little Me's', develop their intuition and their own spiritual superpowers, so they can shake off the shackles that have been holding them back, and go after their dream life!

Whether you are feeling stuck or disconnected, or maybe not your authentic self, I guide you to achieve full embodiment, transformational healing and a life of freedom, to become the most authentic person you know. I believe in Self- Empowerment. I'm not here to be a ‘Guru' to anyone but to show you that you are your own Guru!

When you shine brightly, you give others permission to do the same. This is the journey I am on – I want to live MY most Authentic Life as the most authentic ME! I want to facilitate your discovery of your Voice, your Truth, the essence of that which is YOU, to re-discover your body, your gifts and unique soul abilities.

I use my skills as a Transformational Life and Self Love Coach to do that and experience as a Soul reader to help you gain that clarity and get those shifts.

Furthermore, my experience with Past Life Regression, BQH & Future Life Progression allows me to guide you to your answers within.

Send me a email if you’d like to know more 🙂

With love,

Mary C


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