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Office Phone: 0064212802447
Mobile Phone: 0212802447
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
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Available Hours: 9am - 6pm
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Address: 88, Rippingale Road, Hanmer Springs, Canterbury, 7334, New Zealand.


Mary Jo Halligan

Vibrant Living

Co-creative Director

~ Member Since 2013

My husband Steve & I have been running our soulful  dreamy vision called Vibrant Living Retreat & Day Spa in Hanmer Springs for the last 9 years on a 2 acre property.

At the end of 2023 I am currently in transition from my dreamy Vibrant Living Retreat and Mountain View Massage Day Spa business. I am venturing into a new nomadic travels and adventures  with my hubby in 2024. We are currently travelling and house sitting around new zealand.

In 2020 post the lock downs in New Zealand I got the strong heart and soul message I was ready to move on from the location of Hanmer Springs and the retreat I had been running. It still took 3 years to fully be ready to make the transitions with full acceptance and surrender on all levels of my being.

In 2024 I am offering on-Line sessions mostly. As I am travelling around NZ I may also be able to do a in person session at your home or renting a room near by so please do enquire.

Allow 5 hrs and the investment cost is $777 New Zealand dollars. $555 USA.

My dedicated website for QHHT sessions is

My Holistic Intuitive Massage Training Academy

To arrange a QHHT session in person ~ Email : or What App Text or Call Mary Jo : 0064212802447 or Dm me via my personal Facebook page.


Advanced Yoga Teacher Trained. I started my 1st offical yoga trainings in 2004 / Numerous Body Work Modalities since 2006 / Angelic Reiki & Other healing modalities / Past Life Healing / Qhht 2013 & 2014 / Introspective Hypnosis 2019 / Wellness Retreat Facilitator & run my own retreat centre with my husband 7 Years in Hanmer Springs, New Zealand called www.Vibrant . I started my own Holistic Day Spa in 2010 and Holistic Intuitive Massage Training Academy in 2017.


Lots from the university of life !!! In Feb 2017 I was guided and inspired to set my own new paradigm Holistic Intuitive Massage & Modalities Training Academy. The name is Vibrant Wellness Academy . co . nz



Kimberley Jade Rose

April 2022

When I had a healing with Mary-Jo it was so profound! It was my first Quantum Healing session and what came up was truely in my subconscious that I had no idea about! Mary-Jo got straight to the core of the issue and we subsequently brought it up to the surface to be cleared and then new belief systems and perspectives created! I highly recommend Mary-Jo as a compassionate, gentle, kind and powerful healer.



December 2021

Although I didn't manage to get to Hanmer Springs as planned, I was surprised that doing the session online took nothing away from the experience, in fact it had some other benefits as I was comfortable in my own home and more able to soak it all in afterwards. The session, in which Mary Jo interlaced her background experience of QHHT facilitation, was amazing, it has really taught me to trust those inner voices - or in other words, to trust myself. I would highly recommend Mary Jo, her facilitation was skillful, patient and thoughtful.


Mary C.

August 2021

I visited Mary Jo for this treatment about 10 weeks ago and the experience has and is continuing to change me in a very deep way. It is very subtle but very powerful.
I found Mary Jo is a very skilled therapist and I would recommend this experience at the Vibrant Living Retreat to anyone who wants to shift their life to the next level.


Abby Lund

December 2020

Hi I’m Abby and I had the privilege of meeting and working with the amazing Mary Jo Halligan in the September of 2019. I was in a pretty dark place and my experience at her retreat truly changed my life! The biggest shift occurred during our Quantum healing session. I say ‘our’ and not ‘my’ because Mary Jo brings so much of herself to her sessions that is really us a shared experience which means I felt completely safe and held during the entire session. The initial talk was huge in itself and Mary Jo instinctively knew when to ask questions, when to hold space and was so compassionate and comforting throughout. Then it was on to the quantum and wow, wow, wow, it went to the cosmos and beyond. It’s so hard to describe in words but during my session I experienced the death of ego, confronted and moved through my fear of death, received a lot of answers and guidance and remembered my connection to source by feeling it in my body. My experience was extremely physical and Mary Jo mentioned that she wished we had filmed the session. We laughed, we cried, I flew around the room and came back to land as a much lighter l, enlightened being. After leaving Vibrant living I realised that What I had infact experienced was an awakening and since that day life has changed forever. Although I still encounter struggles, underneath it all I know why I’m here, where I’m going when my time is done and am
now following my souls true path and a healer myself. I can’t recommend Mary Jo’s Quantum healing hypnosis sessions highly enough. My entire time with her and her wonderful hubby Steve at Vibrant Living literally changed my life and I am forever grateful that my soul led my human there for some much needed healing and answers. It was always there inside of me, I just needed help to unlock it all and Nary Jo is the one who turned the key. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary Jo for being so open and brave, for being the change you want to see I’m the world ✌????❤️ &????



June 2020

I went for a QHHT session with Mary Jo more than a year ago and my life has changed a lot since. We decided to move back to Europe just weeks after the session and my partner and I both feel like we are in a much better space now.
Listening to the recording again recently it really struck me that Mary Jo asked the right questions at the right time and was so very patient and allowed things to happen in their own time. In the interview I felt safe to discuss anything with her and she intuitively guided me through the hypnosis to get the answers I was looking for.
Thank you so much!


Shari Cylkowski

November 2019

Sometimes life places you to be in the right place at the right time, to meet the perfectly ‘right’ healer for you, so I feel I should share this with you ...

I was most fortunate to get an Introspective Hypnosis session with Mary Jo. She is most extraordinary with her ability to calmly guide you through the session, with extreme accuracy to details, maintaining the dignity and respect of all involved in the process, whilst aiming to heal through love and forgiveness, no matter what was accessed.

I have been incredibly lucky to have previously attended a session with Alba Weinman, as well as to have studied Introspective Hypnosis with Mary Jo at Antonio Sangio’s Introspective Hypnosis course.
I know Mary Jo studied QHHT level 2 with Alba & Antonio, with Dolores Cannon, in 2014 shortly prior to Dolores’s death.
In my honest and fair opinion I’d like to say that Mary Jo is right up there with these other two great hypnotherapists.

Mary Jo’s technique is ‘on-point’, timely and very effective. At no point did I feel unsafe, while some aspects of our past memories might be painful to revisit, she led me through with her highly-mastered, guided techniques that can only come from her blending of both modalities so well.

Mary Jo has this amazing vibrant energy, so it’s little wonder they have named their healing retreat centre ‘Vibrant Living’. She literally lives her life by, “talking the talk and walking the walk!”
She works from her heart and has many great healing qualities.

For anyone wishing to make changes in their life or to find healing for whatever ‘dis-ease’ or disharmony is present in their lives, I highly recommend you go see Mary Jo at Vibrant Living for an Introspective Hypnosis session.


Valetta Brenzon

October 2019

I am so delighted to recommend Mary Jo and the QHHT session I had with her. I would rather call it a journey than a session actually, as it really took me to many (unexpected) places, and it also took half the day, which I wasn't aware of as time became timeless during the work we did! I first sought a QHHT practitioner as I was desperate to heal/shift an anxiety condition that had been present for as long as I could remember. I had tried many things, and then a wonderful channeler I know (Tabaash - also highly recommended!) recommended QHHT to me. I sought out practitioners by using the database of trained therapists in NZ. At first, whilst looking, I was a bit dismayed about the cost of it (another 'issue' I worked on in my session was a blockage in allowing financial abundance!), but I can say with definite clarity, it is SO SO worth it! The healing I received with Mary Jo and my 'higher self' was priceless and if anyone is hesitating due to costs, please, just make the investment it is worth every cent! I won't give too many details of what my session entailed, as clearly each one is different and I wouldn't want anyone to go in with expectations after hearing of mine - what helped a lot was that I went in with no expectations at all and a very open mind. I had also done a google search 'how to prepare for your qhht session' and read Mary Jo's guidelines on her website, so I had done a few practices to relax my mind and be really ok with letting images flow. This helped a lot.
The messages and healing are still unfolding for me now, two days after my treatment. I am listening to the recording whilst going to sleep (as recommended by my higher self during the session) and I receive much more healing this way. I was amazed at what came up during the hypnosis. Already several issues that had been very difficult for me have fallen away, some vanished immediately!
Mary Jo has such a lovely, gentle, warm and humorous energy and she allows you to relax and also really empowers you. The healing comes from the self, but it wouldn't be possible in that way without the beautiful guidance from Mary Jo, who holds space so powerfully and gracefully and guides one through the session with impeccable timing. Her lovely melodious Irish voice also really assists one to reach deeper levels of relaxation! She really takes the time to care, to make sure the best possible outcome is received from the session without rushing the healing.
I will definitely go back to her again should anything in the future arise for me physically or emotionally that I need to work through. I couldn't recommend her more, and I want to share this beautiful healing technique with as many people as possible! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Mary Jo, from my heart and soul; You are a Blessing and a Gift to us. xxx



June 2019

I had an amazing QHHT session with Mary Jo in Dec/18. Profound info that brought so much clarity and understanding in many different aspects of my life, shift in energy and instant healing came through my Higher Self and Mary Jo guided me with so much loved kindness and wisdom. Some of the healing was done instantly such as months of back pain and 10 years of cronic wrist pain have been gone since. My 3 years of constant facial breakouts and intense period pain needed some work from me and I am pleased to say that after following the guidance from my Higher Self I've been having pain-free periods (without taking any supplements) and my skin is back to normal for over 3 months now. WOW! It's amazing how much you can address in only one session. Life changing indeed. Thank you Mary Jo for facilitating this beautiful work. Infinite love and gratitude.



May 2019

My QHHT session with Mary Jo was magical! It took some time to get the mind to drop off and let the show begin, but when that actually happened I was able to experience such deep states and receive messages simple but complex in their meaning, that continue to evolve...


Roisin Brady

February 2019

When I heard MaryJo was training as a QHHT facilitator I simply knew I had to have a session. That doesn't happen to me often. In the bigger picture of where I am now, I actually have had relatively very few sessions with facilitators and when I get the big YES, I act!
During my session I dropped deeper than I ever had before, faced a fear that had plagued me for years and afterwards, literally never experienced that fear again. It was gone!
I also realised some mega insights around close family relationships and the session set the foundation for a complete dis-entangling of my energy from the old ways.
Literally, the session, the experience and the results catipulted me, in ways I didn't at the time comprehend, into the next level of myself.
Without the loving, open and grounded presence of MaryJo, I would not have felt the security to go so deep and face my fears head on.
Highly recommend. It is an experience that will be with you for life and results that are clear!



February 2019

Mary Jo is not your everyday lady.
I was guided to her qhht healing by my guides in beautifully and energetically charged New Zealand after a defeating loss in my life, and a voice in my aura just said ‘just write to her and everything will fall into place.
Time flew and time was still throughout my whole session with her, and she was more than generous with her time and teaching. For me it was not just about the hypnosis session itself and all those wisdom I was presented by my higher self and all my guides throughout the whole session, but Mary Jo’s sharing of her own journey of becoming a healer. I believe a healer is a healer because she walks her path of pain and sorrow, and a healer stays a healer because it is a journey but not a destination. She is the manifestation of both, and one feels safe and carried in her energy and humbleness.
I thank all my angels for connecting to this angel. I thank this angel for the wisdom and strength she has unlocked inside of me.



January 2019

While living in New Zealand, I was blessed to work at this lovely slice of heaven located in Hanmer Springs, run by the dynamic couple, Mary Jo and Steve Halligan. The final week of my stay, I decided to take plunge and partake in a quantum healing session. I had done other healings before, but quantum healing was something different. The biggest thing for me was how easy it was to drop in and how normal it seemed to connect with my higher self. It was such an affirmation that my guides had my back and have continued to be so since. It made me feel less crazy in regards to my gifts and has been a place I'll revert back to when I need to reconnect or begin to loose hope. Very grateful I had that experience and would highly recommend booking a session with Mary Jo ❤️ life is not meant to be that difficult, and this is one of those pieces that can help people truly see the bigger picture and get a clearer understanding to this crazy little thing we call life.


A feel & over view of My Retreat & Day Spa Centre / Luxury B&B in Hanmer Springs Village.

Vibrant Living Retreat Centre QHHT sessions with Mary jo and Quantum Wellness Retreats Quantum Training Academy

QHHT session December 2021 livestreamed on Youtube.

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